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October 2010

Autumn’s full moons help dispel the impending darkness

Sunset Friday the 22nd, at 6:17, reveals the full Hunter’s Moon rising in the east. Like all full moons, this one rises with sunset and sets with sunrise, around 7:25 this week. The full moon is always juxtaposed to the sun with earth right in the middle. As sunlight washes over the other side of the world, it spills around the planet, striking the face of the moon head-on. 

Saved by an old bait sporting a new name

It was extremely frustrating. There were rockfish working the rip in front of me, but they wouldn’t hit my lures. I could see their occasional feeding boils marking the surface, and it was obvious that they were eating — and at least a few of the feeders were good sized.
Dear Bay Weekly: Constellation Energy, the parent company of BGE, has indicated that because more taxpayer dollars were not offered in loan guarantees or rebates, it will quit the effort to build a third nuclear reactor at the current Calvert Cliffs generation site.
Dear Bay Weekly: Steve Carr wrote a great article on the United States Yacht Shows [Where We Live: Oct. 7]. To answer his question, technically, we are the oldest and largest in-water new sailboat show in the world. We are also the oldest in-water powerboat show.

Fall’s cool, western winds drive birds of prey our way

Fall is the time for raptor migration. For a few days after a cold front, when the wind comes from the west or north, hawks, eagles and falcons pass overhead in large numbers. It could be that cooler temperatures stimulate a response that makes the birds move. 

To help you vote, Shukoor Ahmed has an election app for your smart phone

With elections just days away, Shukoor Ahmed is working quickly to spread the word of his company’s latest smart phone application for Maryland voters. Ahmed combined his passion for politics with his entrepreneurial spirit to make a livelihood with voting tools.

Mast year creates a bounty of acorns, which should lead to a bounty of bushy tails next year

Which came first, the acorn or the squirrel?  Whichever you prefer, both will be doing exceptionally well this year as acorns fill the forest floor and squirrels’ stomachs. For both species, 2010 is a mast year.

Let the stalks yellow before cutting

A Bay Weekly reader called asking when to cut back asparagus tops. Not yet! To maximize next year’s crop and to get early production of sprouts, delay cutting back the tops of asparagus plants until after they have turned completely yellow. You want all the nitrogen in the stems and foliage to migrate back to the roots in the ground.

The title’s a metaphor; this play’s a triumph

We hear a lot these days about relationships. There’s the romantic kind, and then there are other kinds: husband/wife, brother/sister, parent/offspring as well as the illicit kind, among others, some of which migrate from one form to another. In Bay Theatre’s fine new production, Lips Together, Teeth Apart (we’ll discuss the title later; stick with me), we see relationships that are stretched to the breaking point. Two married couples are spending a holiday weekend at a beach house on Fire Island. Here’s a broad summary of the relationships in play:
Dear Bay Weekly: The September 30 issue of Bay Weekly had two articles that contradicted each other in a rather profound way. “Pulling Pennies from the Air” sung the praises of wind power. The very next article “The TALL Price of Power,” lamented the installation of 75-foot-tall utility poles in Huntingtown to maintain electric distribution stability.