About Bay Weekly

CBM Bay Weekly is a digital weekly newsletter and website based in Annapolis, Maryland. We cover the people, places, and lifestyle that come with living on the Chesapeake Bay, with attention to Anne Arundel and Calvert counties, and points beyond. After almost 30 years of print, we have gone all digital, bringing our stories to the internet and a subscriber-only newsletter. It’s the same content and coverage our readers want, now on digital platforms that go wherever they do.

READERSHIP      Bay Weekly’s readers live on and around the Chesapeake Bay and care about its continued well-being. They are among the thousands of people in the fast-growing region we call Chesapeake Country. Many readers live on the Bay; others come on weekends. Some live off the Bay’s riches; others spend their riches on the Bay. They all trust Bay Weekly to reflect the area’s values and to reinforce its quality of life.

FREQUENCY      Bay Weekly’s digital newsletter is sent out every Thursday with the exception of Thanksgiving and the occasional major holiday that falls on a Thursday.

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