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October 2010

Harvard alums battle for ownership of a legacy in this smart Silicon Valley pastiche.

Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg: Zombieland) is a socially stunted Harvard sophomore. Just dumped by his girlfriend, he gets drunk, lashes out in a blog, hacks for photos of Ivy League co-eds and creates a hotness rating website that crashes Harvard’s network. The misadventure stirs up trouble but also catches the attention of alpha twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss (both Armie Hammer: Spring Breakdown), who recruit him into developing their own dating website.
  Dear Bay Weekly: In Running into Trouble [Sept. 16:] Katie Dodd did a stellar article capturing the agony and ecstasy of running the Annapolis 10-miler. I’m a writer, but I felt like a runner when I read her story –Carol Bennett, Edgewater
  Dear Bay Weekly: Thanks again for another excellent story on oysters [Playing the Shell Game, Sept. 23: articles/news/article/playing-shell-game]. I like the way author Sandy Anderson mixes science into her piece to give the content more credibility.
  Dear Bay Weekly: Crossing the languid Patuxent River south on Hill’s Bridge has always meant trading the frenzied world of the metro area for farm and forest. Rolling through southern Anne Arundel into Calvert County brings an involuntary sigh of relief as clouds give way to sunsets under tranquil skies.

Telling the stories of a city at work

  “Oh my Lord, thank you. I never thought I’d live to see this day,” gushed Mrs. Beatrice P. Smith, 89, of Annapolis, after throwing her arms around former President Jimmy Carter on Pleasant Street, just around the corner from — but out of sight of — downtown Annapolis.

AAA finds that careful driving has gone to the dogs

  It’s now illegal for Marylanders to drive with their hands on their phone, but according to a AAA study, we’re still likely to fall victim to another driving distraction: our animal companions. The study — a joint effort between AAA and Kurgo Pet Dog Products — polled 1,000 dog owners who have driven with their dogs over the past year. Fifty-nine percent of pet owners admit that travel with their pets distracts them from the job at hand. The trouble arises because most drivers surveyed didn’t see the danger in their own behavior.

You’ll love persimmons — once you learn the to eat them

Now that I have returned to the Deale Farmers’ Market Thursdays from 3 to 6pm with persimmons, I get lots of questions: What do you do with persimmons? What do they taste like? The persimmons I grow and sell are the Asian type, almost as large as tomatoes and with very few seeds, if any, depending on seasonal conditions. This year, persimmons have more seeds than usual.

There’s a lot of life in those old sails yet

The Haughwouth sisters’ parents had passed away, and the boat was long gone, but when their childhood sail resurfaced, Penny and Pixie couldn’t bear throwing it away. Instead they turned it into two jackets. Then they turned it into a business, Sea Fever Gear. Sailors don’t have many options for worn-out sails other than throwing them away. “So many hold onto them,” says Haughwouth, “because they carry an emotional tie. Who owned it before? Where has it been? What has it gone through? Each sail has a story of its own.”

Circling earth at more than 17,000 miles an hour, the International Space Station is a fleeting target


Reviewer turns actor in Mrs. California