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April 2011

Only the strongest of this year’s Lyrid meteors will pierce the glare

The waning gibbous moon rises around midnight at week’s end and shines bright through dawn, which puts a damper on the annual Lyrid meteor shower, peaking in the dark hours of Thursday/Friday and Friday/Saturday.

Good slasher fun is marred by lectures about the good old days.

Wes Craven (My Soul to Take) wants you damn kids to get off of his lawn. Also, the director wants the You Tube generation to show some respect for old-school slasher films.     In the reboot of the Scream franchise, the curmudgeon director sets out to prove that fusing old-school scares and new-school pop culture smarts are his forte. Craven’s got a point. When he focuses on the gore and the fun, he makes a smart, scary flick.
Dear Bay Weekly:     Our March 15 article on Friendship United Methodist Church Sunday schoolers raising enough money to buy two pregnant cows, through Heifer International, for impoverished Third World families, has gotten a lot of attention on the church bulletin board and in our Sunday bulletin. Pastor Byron Brought — who dressed up as a cow to celebrate the achievement — has mentioned it and the donation at least twice from the pulpit.
Dear Bay Weekly:     Join us in celebrating Earth Day on Friday, April 22, from 4 to 8pm. You’ll meet an oyster rancher, paddle a kayak, spin wool, listen to music and a nature reading and drink some slack wine.     At the 7:30pm closing ceremony at sunset, we’ll gather on a spot overlooking the St. Mary’s River, and I’ll read The Journey, a reflection that begins …     When the sun sets on my river, and the wings of gulls turn to white gold …
Dear Bay Weekly:     I want to congratulate both you and Margaret Tearman for her excellent article on Pepco’s Mid-Atlantic Power Pathway MAPP Project on April 7.     The article covered a complex topic in a very readable way and in a fair, balanced manner.     It is a public service when an article like Margaret’s informs the public accurately about a topic that generates a lot of fear and concern and that involves high stakes. –Susan Shaw, President: Calvert County Commissioners
Dear Bay Weekly:     Sadly I must tell you Mr. Oliver T. Owl passed away on the morning of April 17.     When I visited with Oliver at the Davidsonville Wildlife Sanctuary, rehabilitator Sandy Carr said he was doing well, eating the meat she was offering him. He seemed alert and checking everything out from his perch in an aquarium in her clinic. I had an opportunity to stroke his rear neck feathers — oh, so soft — and he didn’t seem to mind.

Now It's Your Turn!

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks. -John Muir  

The Rescue of Mr. Owl

God works in very mouseterious ways –from ChrisMouse: The Real Story of Silent Night, by Anon E. Mouse

Is it spring in the air — or just poetry month?

The world of famous poets is small. The past hundred years have produced a handful of poets whose names are immediately recognizable: Robert Frost, Dylan Thomas, ee cummings, Maya Angelou, with space here for your own favorite.

New website gives an eye-opening look at the effects of sea-level rise

Dobbins Island in the Magothy River is a summertime attraction for boaters. On a warm summer weekend, the sandy north-facing beach becomes crowded with enthusiasts dropping anchor and floating languidly in the gentle current. Sooner rather than later, though, Dobbins Island will be reduced to a skeleton by rising sea levels. Water will cover the sandy shores, and the beach will turn into an obstacle course of submerged trees.