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Your guide to Chesaeake Country's freshest produce and more!

January 2013

Some varieties want winter pruning

If your roses have grown tall and have been in the ground for less than a year, pruning them back to within 18 inches of the ground will minimize wind whipping, which loosens the roots in the soil.     Grafted roses also need pruning to avoid damage to the graft union. You can identify grafted roses by the enlarged stem near the ground where the hybrid rose was joined to rootstock. Prune those tall stems back to about 18 inches from the ground.

And a few tips on tying it

Look up the word ubiquitous in any saltwater fly-fishing dictionary and you’ll see a picture of a Clouser Deep Minnow streamer fly. Look up the word quintessential and pictured will be that fly in a chartreuse-over-white pattern.     The Clouser is the world’s most popular saltwater fly. It has caught every species of saltwater fish that can be caught on a fly and arguably does it better than any streamer ever invented. The chartreuse-over-white pattern is its most deadly variation, especially in the Chesapeake.

Asbury Sale

  Betty’s Closet sells new and gently used clothing, accessories and jewelry; the Asbury library brings books; and Grannie’s Treasures sells housewares, furniture and miscellany, all to raise money for the Asbury Solomons Retirement Community Benevolent Care Fund. 9am-3pm in the Asbury Solomons auditorium, Solomons: 410-394-3483;

Paint Paca House Light

  Watercolorist Jean Brinton Jaecks teaches composition, perspective and how to paint interior light atmosphere. Students paint the William Paca House dining room, kitchen, parlor or winter garden, with instruction and critique. 9am-1pm at 186 Prince George St., Annapolis. $75 w/discounts. 410-267-7619; 

e-Waste Recycling • free

  Recycle your electronics instead of dumping them. Drop off old electronics at the Anne Arundel Medical Community Center’s e-cycling pick up. 8am-noon at the Annapolis Exchange parking lot, off of Jennifer Rd., across from the medical center: 443-481-5555;

Daddy’s Dyin’ … Who’s Got the Will

  The Turnover family’s greedy siblings seek their father’s will in a hunt that initially tears the family apart but ultimately glues them together again. Showing thru Jan. 26. FSa 8pm; Su 2pm at Bowie Playhouse, 16500 White Marsh Park Dr., Bowie. $17 w/discounts; rsvp: 301-805-0291;

Children’s Theatre of Annapolis Legally Blonde: The Musical

  OMG, did you hear? Elle Woods brings Harvard to the Children’s Theatre of Annapolis in Legally Blonde: The Musical. See how sorority-girl Woods takes on Harvard and defends a fitness maven in a sensationalized murder trial. Playing thru Jan. 21. F 7:30pm; Sa 2pm & 7:30pm; Su 2pm at the theatre, 1661 Bay Head Rd., Annapolis. $15 w/age discounts; rsvp: 410-757-2281; 

Get Heady at St. John’s • free

  Harvard professor James Wood talks about arguments between believers and atheists and how modern novels represent both. All welcome. 8pm at St. John’s College Key Auditorium: 410-626-2539;

Obesity Documentary • free

  Watch HBO's The Weight of the Nation, a documentary series addressing the national obesity epidemic, and discuss how to manage a healthy lifestyle at the Annapolis Community Health Initiative's movie screening. Azure, b.b. Bistro and Metropolitan Kitchen and Lounge compete for the healthiest dish and give healthy eating options. 6-8:30pm at Pip Moyer Community Recreation Center, 273 Hilltop Ln., Annapolis. rsvp: 410-263-7958; 

Art Reception at MD Hall • free

  Maryland Hall artists-in-residence show their artwork at the Chaney Gallery’s exhibit, In House. Channing Houston shows his vibrant paintings in the Martino Gallery. Today is the In House artists’ opening reception (5:30-7pm). Both exhibits continue thru Feb. 24. M-Sa 10am-5pm at Maryland Hall, 801 Chase St., Annapolis: 410-263-5544;