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October 2013

Keep an eye out for these normally reclusive foragers

Driven by the frenzy of breeding season, deer are coming out of the woods.     From early fall into deep winter, bucks have two things on their minds: breeding and eating — the latter for energy to breed. Normally reclusive, whitetail bucks are out on the prowl. Searching for mates, they leave their thicket lairs and cross open meadows, lawns — and busy roads.     That’s where deer, humans and vehicles meet.

‘There is no need for forced lessons, ­lectures, assignments, tests, grades …’

Picture a generation of children losing their capacity to play. Picture a school system where recess and free time are disappearing. Imagine an educational mindset that tests its students with greater frequency even as students report growing anxiety and stress.     If your imagination fails, it may be because there was no room for imagination in your school day.     Peter Gray offers an alternative in his book Free to Learn and his speaking tour, which brings him to Chesapeake Country on October 5.

Who’d miss the greatest show in town?

Like carnivals and county fairs, the U.S. Boat Shows bring a welcome return of familiar pleasures.     So I’m not going to look back at old editor’s letters as I write this week because no doubt I’ve said the same things before.     That’s because I go to the Boat Shows for the same thrills every year.     I anticipate the makeover of Annapolis with the kind of profound appreciation of novelty and abundance Thomas Wolfe recalled in Circus at Dawn, one of my lifelong favorite short stories.

The new moon is right in front of us, but its absent light reveals plenty

Friday marks new moon. You might think that the new moon is lost behind the sun. But the moon is roughly 250,000 miles from earth, while the sun is more than 90 million miles away. So the moon can never be behind the sun. Rather, new moon is right in front of us, directly between earth and the sun, invisible in the blinding glare.     This makes for dark night skies much of the week, allowing you to spot more dim and distant celestial objects.

Water now to prevent winter damage

The drought we’re experiencing can cause significant bark injury to young trees with smooth bark if you don’t take immediate action and water them thoroughly. This is the time of year that trees have started to go dormant in preparation for winter. It is also their last opportunity to absorb the water they need to carry them through the winter.

Soft plastics have proved irresistible, with Bass Assassin the tastiest

This early morning I was prospecting for stripers beside a long bulkhead reinforced with large rock piled along the base. The water there was five or six feet deep, then dropped off gradually all the way to the 30-foot depths of the channel 100 yards away.

This rare romantic comedy is both funny and romantic

Massage therapist Eva (Julia Louis-Dreyfus: Veep) is a divorced mother with a comfortable routine. She treats her clients in their homes, deals with their quirks and comes home to her daughter. Facing an empty home when her daughter moves away to college, Eva decides to expand her social circle. She’s not looking for a man; she just doesn’t want to spend her nights alone stewing that her baby girl lives across the country.

Empty Bowls Fundraiser for the AACo Food Bank

Event Date:  November 20, 2013 - 6:00pm - 8:30pm The 2nd Annual Empty Bowls fundraiser for the Anne Arundel County Food Bank takes place on Weds, Nov 20th from 6-8:30pm in South River High School's cafeteria. This is an event where ten local restaurants have donated 100 bowls of soup each and local potters are donating ceramic bowls. Some of the restaurants include The Greene Turtle, Yellowfin, Chickfila, Chevys, and Chad's Chicken and BBQ. The empty ceramic bowl that you take home is to symbolize your participation in an event that raised money for all the Empty Bowls (hunger) in the community. Location South River High School 201 Central Ave East Edgewater, MD 21037 United States See map: Google Maps

Lawn & Garden Tractor Pull • free

Bring your tractor to pull or watch for good-time country fun at a tractor pull with 11 different classes, including 3 youth classes; wander thru a mini-car show; take your chance on a 50/50 raffle; win door prizes; buy burgers, hot dogs and BBQ to benefit John’s Hopkins Pediatric Oncology Unit. 11am-until at 230 Jewell Rd., Dunkirk:  301-221-0323.

Compass Rose’s The Sound of Music

See the beloved and remarkable story of the von Trapp family and their escape from the Nazi regime in Austria, told with the incomparable music of Rodgers and Hammerstein. Playing FSa 8pm, Su 2pm thru Nov. 10 at Compass Rose Theater, Annapolis. $35 w/discounts: