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Time to Remember Rachel Carson
     I read Are Our-CIDES Killing Mother Nature in Bay Weekly’s September 14 Our Say and thought of marine biologist, author and environmentalist Rachel Carson and her book Silent Spring, written while she lived in Maryland. It was published 55 years ago last month.
     The Chesapeake Biological Laboratory in Solomons is hosting the play A Sense of Wonder: Life and Works of Rachel Carson. Actress Kaiulani Lee lives in Arlington, VA, (often teaching at George Mason University) but has appeared recently in Emmy-winning A Handmaid’s Tale and movies like A Civil Action and The World According to Garp. She’s been on Broadway and has toured with the Rachel Carson play for 24 years all over the world.
     Proceeds from the play benefit graduate students and programs of Chesapeake Biological Laboratory, a part of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science. Our research ship is the R/V Carson, so it’s a nice fit.
     See A Sense of Wonder Saturday, November 4 at the Holiday Inn Solomons Conference Center. Tickets $30 and $40
–Jeane Wharton, Solomons