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Wedding Memories

We asked, and you delivered, with great nuptial photos and wedding day memories.


Stacie ‘Jaya’ and Ivan Balaguer

Married April 9, 2011, in Punta Cana Dominican Republic

I would love to surprise my husband with our picture in the Bay Weekly Wedding Guide.  A special wedding memory is sharing two weddings and three receptions in a matter of a couple weeks … from Appomattox, Virginia, our official wedding/reception, to our beach wedding/reception in the Dominican Republic with family and friends, then a third reception in Puerto Rico with family.
    Another special memory is having our boy dog as the official Ring Bearer and our girl dog as the Flower Girl.

Aaron and Lauren Ochalek

Married August 23, 2008, at the U.S. Naval Academy Chapel, Annapolis

The day was magical from start to finish and our wedding reception, which was originally to last four hours, ended up lasting seven hours, with the wedding party retreating to O’Brien’s in Downtown Annapolis following the reception at Navy Marine Corps Memorial Stadium. This photo is meaningful because it was a quiet and private moment during what was a very hectic day. After the photo was taken, we noticed that we were sitting in bleacher number 23, significant because my husband was in the 23rd Company while a midshipman at the Academy.

Katie and Troy Graves-Abe

Married June 2, 2001, in New York City

When we got married we were students at Columbia University, and it was an all-vegetarian wedding.

Mike and Julia Brewer

Married September 18, 2010, at The River Plantation on the Wye River in Queenstown, Maryland

We were blessed to have a perfect day. There wasn’t one thing that we would have changed. Family, friends, wonderful venue, great food and fabulous weather.
    The most important part of looking for our venue was somewhere that our dog, Charlie, could be included in all of the activities. The River Plantation was perfect. He stayed in the manor house with us and our family for the weekend. The staff made sure he had lots of filet mignon and treated all of us very well. He wore his bow tie and walked me down the aisle.  He was the cutest dog you have ever seen!
    PS:  You may notice Charlie looks familiar. He is in all the Crunchies’ ads.

Earl John Graves and Jackie Maitland

Married August 2, 1977, in Flagstaff, Arizona

Our family came from all points to attend: My parents and sister drove from California with the family cat, a big black Persian named Baby Darling. The air-conditioning was broken on the car, so my mother put a 10-pound block of ice in the back for the cat to sit on. My brother flew in from New York. Earl’s father was on an inspection tour of South American embassies. He arrived in a three-piece suit. Earl’s mother drove across the country with Earl’s teenage brothers and six-year-old niece in a car with a malfunctioning air-conditioner, so the heat had to be on for the entire trip to keep the car from overheating. Remember, this was August 2.
    Our wedding was also vegetarian, and we made all of the food ourselves, including corn on the cob that we completely forgot about. Luckily, Earl’s boss turned up with 50 hoagie sandwiches!

Cal and Pam Shilling

Married October 3, 1998, at Herrington on the Bay, Rose Haven

Today, part of my job is event planning. Not so in 1998 when I struggled to pull a wedding together in only four months. But even now I wouldn’t have thought to check if boats for a regatta would be starting nearby during what I hoped would be a beautiful morning ceremony on the Chesapeake Bay.
    Very solemnly, with the Bay shining behind us, the reverend asked my husband if he would take me as his wife. He sweetly looked into my eyes and said, “I do” — followed immediately by cannon fire.
    We were all in hysterics. The jokes began to fly about not knowing it was a “shotgun wedding” and how “the game is officially on!”
    I couldn't have planned a funnier or more perfect start to our crazy, wonderful life together.

Janel and Reggie Young

Married September 19, 2010, at Herrington on the Bay, Rose Haven

A bagpiper played for our ceremony. Flowered leis were offered to guests and worn by the bridal party at the reception, where our centerpieces featured pineapples. Our wedding was beautiful and memorable — and probably unique! — as we brought our families together to start a new life.

Dominique Dupras and Joe Pascale

Married September 2, 2016, at Paca Gardens in Annapolis

We enjoyed a double rainbow the entire day!  And a cotton candy sky at sunset. It was absolutely magical to share with our family and closest of friends.

Shelby and Michael Tomaselli

Married July 23, 2016, at St. Mary’s Church in Annapolis

Although it was nearly 100 degrees that day, it was absolutely the perfect day because I was able to marry my very best friend.
    A special memory for us was celebrating the day with two of our dear relatives who passed away shortly after our wedding. Both my uncle and my husband’s grandmother had been sick for some time, but on that day they were there to celebrate with us. The best memories from our day started with watching Michael’s grandma coming down the aisle at the church and was completed when my uncle was able to deliver the blessing before our first meal as husband and wife. We couldn’t have asked for better memories to remember two people who we love and miss so very much.

Daniel and Brittany Bergendahl

Married November 2, 2007, at Herrington on the Bay, Rose Haven

We both worked at Herrington and met there. I was an event coordinator and he was a sous chef. We met there, fell in love and of course had to get married there! Such a beautiful venue.

Peggy Geisler and Tom Rundle

Married December 31, 2010, at Trinity Cathedral in Easton

It was a perfect night to close out the year, start a new year and a new life together. The Tidewater Inn did a wonderful job hosting the reception. My wife was radiant, and although I took a misstep during our first dance, she covered for me, and no one noticed.

Autumn Phillips-Lewis and Jeffrey Lewis

Married October 1, 2016, at Middleham Chapel in Lusby

One of our favorite parts of the day was arriving to the reception by boat. Just as we were pulling up, the sun came out after nearly a week of rain. The water was so high at the end of the pier we had to make a bridge with some scrap lumber to get to the shore. My now-husband, Jeffrey, then carried me all the way to the venue. The guests loved it!

Eric and Sara Ruby

Married April 22, 2017, at the U.S. Naval ­Academy Chapel, Annapolis

Eric made me cry when we did our bride and groom portrait photos by the Don't Give Up the Ship flag in Memorial Hall. “We’re not gonna give up, babe.” I love that he is committed to me in marriage and views his promise as a true covenant vow till death do us part.

Sam and Megan Newhouse

Married July 29, 2006, in Geneva, Switzerland

We rented three boats to get across the lake. One of the boat captains thought he had a tour boat and was heading up the lake. He had to be convinced to turn around.

Levi and Diana Potensky

Married April 30, 2017, in Kualoa Ranch, Hawaii

We had a beautiful view of Chinaman’s Hat on Oahu!

Herb and Jane Elkin

Married November 27, 1982, in Annapolis

It was the windiest wedding we ever saw.

Jeff and Joy Hutter

Married April 26, 2003, at St. Bernadette Parish in Severn

We had a friend sing the Ave Maria during our wedding mass. It was so beautiful. I remember looking around and seeing the faces of those who joined us on our ­wedding day soaking in her voice. It was gorgeous.

Carl and Tracy Contrino

Married Feburary 23, 2013, at Black Walnut Point Inn, Tilghman Island

It was an icy cold, wet, grey February day but our small, intimate ceremony at the Black Walnut Point Inn, which we planned in just six weeks time, went off without a hitch. We wrote our own vows that included all the elements of us — a sprinkling of humor, big dreams, love of our blended families and gratitude that we found each other. We kept the vows a surprise for each other until our wedding day, and it was worth the wait. 

Claude Gregory and Suzy Kennerly

Married October 6, 2016, in downtown Annapolis

We were married with the sailboat show going full steam as a backdrop. Having grown up in Annapolis, I could not think of a more perfect wedding day!
    After exchanging our vows we proudly walked through downtown Annapolis and over the Eastport Bridge to join our family for a celebration lunch, hand-in-hand enjoying the excitement of our day shared with all the festive boat show attendees — long dress and veil flowing — talk about feeling like a rock star!

Candace and David Pruett

Married May 28, 2016, in La Plata

Somehow, duck calls made it into the wedding reception. Every time we heard the duck calls, we kissed.
    A year later I hear him giving advice about marriage to someone saying, “You have to have zero doubts when you walk down the aisle. I knew from the beginning, she was the one, and I never had any doubts.”

Pablo and Julianne Yapur

Married May 7, 2016, in Somerset, Virginia

Pablo and I met in downtown Annapolis in December 2012 at Midnight Madness! Three and a half years later we were married. My best memory was leaving in the Bentley my mom surprised us with.

Marisa and Travis Roberts

Married August 30, 2008, at Historic St. Mary’s City

The bride’s name is pronounced mah-ree-sa. The officiant kept calling her mah-risa. Halfway through the ceremony, when he mispronounced her name for the third time, the groom yelled out, “It’s mah-ree-sa!”
    It did get a chuckle from the crowd.  And, the officiant didn’t make the mistake after that.