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Bye, Bye Bike Lane

Main Street experiment ends early

      Annapolis’s controversial Main Street bike lane was dismantled at Mayor Gavin Buckley’s request on Monday October 1.
      The experiment was set to last through October 19, exactly one month after its installation. But after significant pressure from Main Street business owners, Buckley decided to break down the bike lane to bring back the parking spaces before the Annapolis Boat Show crowd rolls in October 4.
      People all over Annapolis have been vocal, often with displeasure, since the lane was announced. The experiment also drew some unease from the City Council and the Historic Preservation Commission. 
      With no other way to measure the lane’s success, Annapolis might conclude that it’s leaning toward the side of failure. 
      The Main Street lane may be over, but the rest of the bike network is still in progress. Buckley and his team hope to help Annapolis stay connected with fewer cars.