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Second-hand animals can make first-class pets

      You’ve decided it is time to bring a four-legged family member into your home. Congratulations! It’s a great decision.       You probably know whether you are looking for a dog, cat or other companion animal. But you don’t know where to start. Maybe you visit a shelter or a rescue. Maybe you start looking on social media.      You see lots of little faces in need. How do you know which is right for you?

Canine athletes compete in Flying Disc Dogs Open and Ultimate Air Dock Diving

     The two swimming pools at Hog Dog Productions Farm in Millersville are the scene of intense canine competition.      The field was packed at last weekend’s canine dock diving and Frisbee event at the 33-acre farm. Forty-eight dogs leapt into dock diving in the competition pool and 65 pups into Frisbee competition.

Stories to warm your heart and tickle your funny bone

Meet Bay Weekly Delivery Dogs Amber and Mr. Kimble       Two new dogs joined the Bay Weekly family last summer, Amber and Mr. Kimble. They both came to live with drivers Jim Lyles and Peggy Traband in Deale from Collie Rescue in North Carolina. 

Local nonprofit lifts spirits while providing much-needed help

     Last September, Michelle Dashiells needed a little hope.      She had recently divorced her husband, leaving her a single mother raising two children, a 13-year-old boy with special needs and a six-year-old girl. The 41-year-old mother also struggled with a bone-degenerative disease — she has almost no cartilage in her bones and can’t lift things — as well as arbitrary seizures and a neurological disorder that causes memory loss.

Woman of many faces hops from one century to the next, bringing to life amazing women of history

Was that Amelia Earhart you bumped into at the grocery store?  Julia Child, Clara Barton, or even Sally Ride at the mall?     You are not seeing things. I change into and out of corsets, wigs, and hoop skirts several times each day to hop from one century to the next for my fascinating job. I’m Mary Ann Jung, an award-winning actress and Smithsonian scholar who’s lucky to make a wonderful living performing shows about amazing women in history.

After more than a century in the water, keeping Thomas Point alive is no easy task 


      As Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse loomed ever closer in the brackish waters of Chesapeake Bay, John Potvin placed one leg on the edge of Audacious, a pristine white deadrise.      The fishing boat’s engine roared and sputtered as it neared the historic landmark: a towering, red-and-white circular house squating on crisscrossed metal beams. 

We asked, and you delivered, with great nuptial photos and wedding day memories.


    Nick and Kellie Brown  Married September 9, 2017, at Holy Family Church, Davidsonville TThey began their new life in a lovely home in Edgewater with their beautiful border collie Noah. They continued building their story with a new little baby girl, Lucie.
Carl Harris Jr. and Elle Harris When I gave birth to Elle three years ago, the first thing I said when the doctor gave her to me was “OMG! She looks just like him.” These two are inseparable. They are twins who share priceless, unconditional love for each other. –Leslie Parker                

It will strengthen your memory and improve your meals

     “Rosemary is for remembrance, pray you love, remember,” says Juliet in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.      In the language of flowers, rosemary represents remembrance, fidelity, devotion, wisdom and strengthened memory. In the spirit of love, rosemary has been used in wedding crowns and bouquets, dipped in sweet waters or gilded and often tied with gold ribbons. It was presented to the groom as well as the bride and was one of the first bouquets to be thrown to bridesmaids.

Kelly Swanson keeps her fallen ­soldier son Christopher alive in spirit

      We think of Mother’s Day as a time set apart to recognize the uniqueness of a mother’s role in the family and to tangibly show appreciation for all she does. There are flowers, gifts, dinner out and a respite from the daily routine of making sure everyone else’s needs are met. It’s supposed to be a good thing.