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Vol. 8, No. 19
May 11-17, 2000
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Baby Animals. Get to know THEIR moms.

‘Be kind to your webfooted friend,

‘cause a duck may be somebody’s mother.’ That’s right. Ducks are good mothers. The mother duck keeps the eggs warm and safe and when they hatch, she takes good care of them. Baby ducklings recognize their mother by her quack and will follow her all around the pond. Likewise, the mother duck knows the quacks of all her ducklings, and she can find them if they get lost. Keep an eye open this spring and you may see a long line of ducklings following their mom where ever she leads.

Book recommendation:
Make Way for Ducklings, by Robert McCloskey

Mom the Head Hunter …

The praying mantis carries her eggs with her. When she is ready to start a family, she sends out a scent to attract a male.

After they mate, the male must jump away or he may be eaten by the female. She starts by biting off his head … scary.

After she is finished with her lunch, she forms several cocoons each with 100 to 300 eggs. You may think she’ll be busy with all these kids to take care of, but she will never raise her young or even see them. Her job as a mom is done.

Book recommendation:
Praying Mantises, by Larry Dane Brimner

Slippery salamanders.

These moms have a pretty easy time. After mating in early spring, they lay their eggs in ponds and lakes. That’s it. Once the eggs hatch, the babies are on their own. Mom has already headed back home to her favorite log.

Horse Kisses

Pushy and interfering: Does this sound like a great mom? You’d better believe it.

Horses are very sensitive and horse mothers, also known as mares, are loving and attentive.

A baby horse can stand and walk shortly after it is born, but it still needs a lot of care and guidance. The mare ‘talks’ to her baby with loving nicker and kisses with a warm nuzzle. A mare will call out and trot over to see how things are going.

Her body language tells the foal what to think and how to behave. It’s great to have a loving mom to talk to.

You can read more about the lives of horses in these great books.

Misty of Chincoteaque, by Margarite Henry
Black Beauty, by Anna Sewell

Moms work at mothering all year long. Sometimes we forget all the wonderful things they do. On Mother’s Day, switch places with your mom and make her day extra special.

Check off these super mothering ideas as you try them.

  • Make her breakfast in bed.
  • Bring her a bouquet of fresh flowers.
  • Wash the dishes for her.
  • Wait on her. Let her put up her feet, read a book, and enjoy a cool drink.
  • Ask her what she would like to do.
  • Make dinner with a great dessert.
  • Best of all, give lots of big hugs & kisses.

Mother your Mom,
No tricks! Only treats for her this Mother’s Day.

A Bunch of Handy Tulips
Bright colorful tulips will always bring a smile. Surprise your Mom with a bunch this Mother’s Day.

You’ll need:
colorful paint • paper • soap & water

1. Cover the bottom of your hand with paint.

2. With fingers together make a print on your paper, presto, a tulip. Make as many tulips as you want.

3. Next, put the pinkie side of your hand in some green paint and make a print on the paper for the

stem and two more for the leaves.
4. Get ready for a SMILE.

Kids' Calendar

Dinosaur Picnic
Thurs. May 18, 12, 19 (11-12noon)-Bring your favorite dinosaur and join in crafts, games and a dinosaur egg hunt. Eat a snack and show off your dinosaur friend during show and tell. Ages 10-13. Dunkirk District Park, Dunkirk. $6: rsvp 410/257-6770 by May 12.

Celebrate Special Moms
Fri. May 12 (10am)-Listen to special stories for special Moms., including Mommies Are for Counting Stars and If I Were the Wind, then make a gift for Mom. Preschoolers. Barnes and Noble, Harbour Center Annapolis: 410/573-1115

Nature Sings at Night
Fri. May 12. (7:30-9:30pm)-Legends come alive as a whole new world wakes up with nightfall. Enjoy an exciting night hike to see and hear busy animals. Battle Creek Cypress Swamp, Lusby: rsvp 410/586-1477

Poppers and Flippers Gymnastic Fun
Sat. May 13 (3-5:30pm)-Try a free gymnastics class at the Gymtikes Gymnastics open house and enter the fun world of gymnastics.Ages 10mo.-9yr. Mt. Hope Community Center, Sunderland: 410/257-6770

Natures Colorful Beauties
Sat. May 13 (11am)-Butterflies and fun to watch. Discover more about these beautiful insects on a guided nature hike. Be prepared, bring field guides and binoculars. Ages 8+ with adult. Patuxent Wildlife refuge, Laurel: rsvp 301/497-5887

Magnificent Flying Machines
Sun. May 14. (2-3:30pm)-If birds can fly, then why can’t I? Find out the secret as you examine birds wings and make your own flying machines.Ages 6-10. Battle Creek Cypress Swamp, Lusby. $2: rsvp 410/535-5327

Spring Scavenger Hunt
Sun. May 14. (1pm)-Explore ponds woods and fields to find wildflowers, new leaves and maybe even some baby animals. Ages 7-11. Kinder Farm Park, Millersville. rsvp 410/222-6115

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