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Vol. 8, No. 31
Aug. 3-9, 2000
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Dear Bay Weekly:

In the previous list of Maryland authors [Summer Guide 2000: 101 Ways to Have Fun on the Chesapeake Bay], I thought Bay Weekly wanted to avoid any authors that might be considered light reading. Since your second list [Literate in Maryland, Vol. VIII, No. 27: July 6-12, 2000] included authors of Harlequin romances, that is obviously not the case. So why have you twice left out two of Maryland's most prolific authors?

Under the name of Elizabeth Peters, Barbara Mertz, who lives near Frederick, writes the humorous historical mysteries about Amelia Peabody. She also writes supernatural mysteries as Barbara Michaels. She has also written about archeology as Dr. Barbara Mertz. This award-winning author deserves to be on any list that includes authors who can write with clarity and skill.

Then there is Nora Roberts, from Western Maryland, who needs two columns to list all her titles. Her writing can show depth not often seen in other romantic suspense novels. No offense to the authors listed; I studied many of them as an English major. But too many of them are dead.

Thanks for listing reading as a summer activity.

P.S. Mertz/Peters/Michaels has a newsletter: MPM, Box 180, Libertytown, MD 21762. As a librarian, I need to be up on these things.

-Denise Pritchett, Bowie

Dear Bay Weekly:

(A) Like the new name!

(B) Kudos to you and Kim Cammarata for a fun run through literary Maryland.

You might be interested to note that rumor has it Barry Levinson has agreed to produce the motion picture adaptation of Leap into Darkness, and Helen Chappell has sold her Oysterback novel to Simon & Schuster.

-Gregg A. Wilhelm, Director, Woodholme House Publishers; President, MidAtlantic Publishers Assoc.

Editor's note: Woodholme House published both books, and both were on our Maryland literary alphabet.

Dear Bay Weekly:

I enjoyed the summary of book reviews about Maryland authors, but I was surprised that Gilbert Byron was not mentioned. He wrote many wonderful words about Bay Country that have faded into obscurity. I only wish his works were more accessible to the general public. He is the best of the lot.

-Audrey Y. Scharmen, Lusby

Editor's note: Scharmen is a longtime and award-winning contributor to Bay Weekly.

Dear Bay Weekly,

Regarding the Anne Tyler entry in "Literary Maryland," While Hurt and Turner burned up the screen (among other things) in Body Heat, Hurt and Geena Davis fell in love in Accidental Tourist.

P.S. I enjoy your paper

P.P.S. Try Sabbatical by John Barth

-Eric Peltosalo, Annapolis

Editor's note: We're collecting 'letters' for next summer's literary alphabet. Your suggestions will help us stretch from A to Z.

Department of Corrections

Janice Lynch Schuster wishes to amend the record, noting that her husband's sailboat [Reflection Vol. VIII Issue 30; July 27-Aug. 2] cost him $250, not $25.

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