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Vol. 8, No. 39
Sept. 28-Oct. 4, 2000
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During the autumn months, school and fall sports can keep you pretty busy. You know you’re ready for something truly fun! How about a county fair?
by Ariel Brumbaugh

Our first stop is the animals. We meet some kids involved with an organization called 4-H. These kids work hard, taking good care of their animals all year long. Here they enter their animals to be judged for cleanliness, positions, beauty and more.

We would like to introduce to you Susannah and Sydney Henshal. These two girls are here with their family to show their prize-winning goats. They are getting ready for a goat show in about five minutes and are busy doing last-minute fix ups.

Susannah is cleaning her goat’s hooves and shaving him around the ankle. We watch as the show begins. It’s a great success. Both goats win first place blue ribbons. Hard work and lots of TLC sure pay off.

Our next stop is the horse show. Mara Gianninni, age 11, is preparing to enter the riding ring. Mara and her horse, Merrylegs, will be judged for form as they complete the necessary elements. Mara is also judged for positioning and correct posture while in the saddle.

Next we hike up to the main pavilion. Mara and her sisters Tessa and Neva are entered in a photography contest. Their pictures are on display along with many others. We browse through aisles of jellies, pickles, quilts and flowers. Blue ribbons are everywhere.

We make our way back out into the bright sunlight, gulp down some lunch and head down to the rides. We meet a lot of kids, like us, having a great time.

With our pockets empty and our smiles wide we leisurely walk back to the car, gradually leaving behind the smells, sites and sounds that had kept us fascinated all day. We can’t wait to go back next year.


Unscramble these things that you would see at a county fair.


In the Moooood for Something Delicious?

Dairy cows give us more than just milk. You can thank a cow for your cheese and yogurt, too.
Try this quick and easy snack the next time you’re looking for a yummy treat.

1 cup non-fat yogurt.
1 banana
1 handful of frozen strawberries
1/2 cup orange juice

Place all ingredients in a blender or food processer and blend until smooth.

Pour into a tall glass and ENJOY.

Kids' Calendar

Acrobatic Insects
Sept. 29 (5pm)-Grasshoppers, crickets and spiders show up in the most unusual places. Get a closer look at these jumpy creatures in this after-school adventure. Ages 6-12. Kinder Farm Park, Millersville. rsvp: 410/222-6115.

A is for Apple
Tues. Oct. 3 (10:30am-noon)- This is the time of year for Fall favorites, apples and pumpkins. Early Americans loved these treats, too. Get to know them inside and out and make a yummy snack to eat. Bring a bag lunch. $3. Ages 3-5. Kings Landing Park, Huntingtown: rsvp 410/535-5327.

Fun with a Rotten Log
Thur. Oct. 5 (10-10:30am)- Hold the squirmy creatures that live in dead wood. Find out what they are and what other animals live in and around a rotten log. Ages 2-3. $3. Battle Creek Cypress Swamp, Port Republic. rsvp: 410/535-5327.

Super Babysitters
Sat. Oct 7. (10-1:30pm)-Learn the ins and outs of babysitting and have fun at the same time. Explore child development, responsibilities and how to deal with difficult situations. Even learn how to market your new business. Bring a snack. Certificate awarded. Ages 13+. $25. YWCA Building, Arnold. rsvp: 410/626-7800.

Kids Help Moms
Sun. Oct. 8 (2-5:30pm)-If you like to play with kids, become a mother’s helper. Moms need some time for themselves, too. You can help. Explore what a helper does and how to be safe. Learn lots of new activities and games and have fun. Ages 9-12. $25. YWCA Building, Arnold. rsvp: 410/626-7800.

Meet Me at the Fair
Don’t miss...
The Calvert County Fair
Thru Oct.1, Barstow
Take a step back to the good ol’ days.

  • Homemade jams, jellies, cakes & pies
  • Homegrown vegetables
  • Handmade quilts and crafts
  • Prize winning farm animals
  • Elvis
  • Rides, food and lots of FUN

Information: 410-535-0026 SEE YA THERE!

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