Oyster Odyssey

Vol. 8, No. 4
January 27 - February 2, 2000
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At this time of year, many of your family may be enjoying oysters at dinner.

But Jennifer Keats Curtis wants you to think of oysters in a different way.

Oysters spend their life cleaning the Bay. They drink the murky water and spit out clean water, keeping dirt inside their shells.

But, now, oysters are sad. It is impossible for them to clean the Bay themselves. They need help.

Curtis thinks you and your friends may be able to help. There are things that you can do to help save the Bay.

The first step is learn about the Bay and its creatures.

"Kids this young don't always get to learn about what is in their own backyard," Curtis says.

So she wrote Oshus & Shelly as a way to teach you about oysters.

Oshus & Shelly are brother and sister. One day, when they are playing a water game with friends, Oshus can no longer see his sister. Because of all the dirt floating in the Bay, the oysters can’t see much of anything. But they’re young, so they can move away.

They travel across the Bay in search of their friend, Captain Caleb. He tells them about oyster gardens. They are big pots or cages, where oysters can live and grow faster than normal. The bigger they grow, the better they can filter the Bay.

This is only one solution for the oysters. Read the book to find out more about oysters and ways to improve Chesapeake Bay.

Oysters have one foot.
Oysters attach themselves to one spot and never move.
Oysters filter the Bay all the time.

Marine Matching
Can you match these 3 drawings by Christie Sauer Fifer for Oshus & Shelly with names?

a. Sally Sunfish
b. Myrtle Mud Crab
c. Greta Gobie

Answers: 1.b 2.a 3.c

Multiple Choice
1. Oysters are related to all but one of these animals
a. snails b. dog c. octopus d. squid

2. The Chesapeake Bay touches all but which state
a. Maryland b. New York c. Pennsylvania d. California

3. Oysters are bivalves. This means they have ______ shells.
a. 0 b. 1 c. 2 d. 3

4. Baby oysters are called
a. spat b. tadpoles c. oysterettes d. babies

Answers: 1.b 2.d 3.c 4.a

Kids' Calendar

Calling All Listeners
Jan. 27-30 (2pm except 7pm Sa)-If you feel like hearing a good book, here's your chance. Thursday, kids 4-5 can listen to Harry Allard's Miss Nelson Is Missing and Friday 10+ can hear Sammy Keyes and the Hotel Thief by Wendelin Van Draanen. Those of you 6-7 year olds can enjoy The Haunted Hotel by Ron Roy on Saturday and Sunday, 8-9 year olds hear The Secret of Foghorn Island by Geoffrey Hayes. Zany Brainy, Harbour Center, Annapolis: 410/266-1447.

Potter Party
Thurs. Jan. 27 (7-8pm)-Make a wandor get a lightning scar painted on your forehead, just like Harry. Meet Moaning Myrtle and Nearly Headless Nick. Talk about Harry's hairy adventures. Those who know the Gryffindor password can enter a prize drawing. Munch on Hogwarts refreshments. Come to Harry Potter’s party in costume if you like. West Street Library, Annapolis: 410/222-1750.

Catch Cat in the Hat
Fri. Jan. 28 (10am)-Stop in for a chat with the Cat in the Hat. Listen to your favorite Dr. Seuss stories. Barnes & Noble, Harbour Center, Annapolis: 410/573-1115.

Fly with Birds
Sat. Jan. 29 (10:30-11:30am & 1-2pm)-Do you know much about birds? Discover how unique they are and how to help them survive. Ages 4-6. Patuxent Research Refuge, Rt. 198 btwn. BW Parkway & Rt. 32, Laurel: 301/497-5887.

Hear a Story
Sun. Jan. 30 (2pm)-Looking for something to do on a Sunday morning? Love hearing stories? Stop by the Calvert Marine Museum for a free storystelling in their lobby. Solomons: 410/326-2042.

Be a Dr. Doolittle
Mon. Jan. 31 (4-5pm)-Have you ever wished that you could talk to animals? You can start by learning how they talk to each other. Find out why animals communicate in different ways. Ages 8+. Patuxent Research Refuge, Rt. 198 btwn. BW Parkway & Rt. 32, Laurel: 301/497-5887.

Fly with Squirrels
Tues. Feb. 1 (10-11 & 2-3pm)-Take a leap and learn about squirrels. Then settle in for a flying story. Battle Creek Cypress Swamp, Port Republic: 410/535-5327.

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