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Vol. 9, No. 36
September 6 - 12, 2001
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For this Babysitter, Three is Cool
by Junior Reporter, Ariel Brumbaugh

Megan, Madison and Buddy Driggers are fraternal triplets.

The sun was hot, the pool was warm and I was stuck babysitting. As the hours melted away, I reminded myself of that outfit I simply had to have and the money I could almost feel in my pocket.

Working in the middle of the day was not what I had in mind, but as I had to work, babysitting had its advantages. I couldn’t resist their pleading faces and puppy eyes - even though I could be hanging out with friends by the pool.

This year, instead of a pool, I dove into triplets.

Stone ‘Buddy,’ Megan and Madison

Driggers, all two-and-a-half years old, are all adorable, all innocent as can be and all going in different directions - with me fast after them this way and that.

They are old enough to open doors, throw rocks and climb stairs, yet not old enough to reason, negotiate or share. With constant cries of “push me Ariel [pronounced Ayel], higher, higher,” they never seem to tire of repetative games. But who can say no to these big brown eyes?

They are adorable, and I love watching them puzzle over my jewelry and their shoes (which they refuse any help with, as they are going through the I-can-do-it-all-by-myself stage.)

Babysitting by the threes makes my job three times more exciting

So the pool had to wait. And, I reminded myself one more time as they started drawing on the wall, at least there aren’t four.

We’d like to see more triplets! Send your pictures, including names and birthdates, likenesses and differences to:

Bay Weekly x 3, PO Box 358, Deale MD 20751

The Kehne triplets were born November 11, 1993. They are genetically identical, with slight differences: Helena (right) has a mole on her cheek; Theresa (left) is the largest and the youngest, and Larissa is the smallest and oldest.

But in other respects, they are very different kids with different interests and talents: Larissa enjoys exercise and is interested in meteorology. Helena loves music and is great with animals. Theresa likes to read and is a talented actress. They all love art, playing outdoors, swimming and climbing on their Uncle Mark.

Aimée and Rebecca Benedetto are identical twins, and Carlin (center) is fraternal. Last February 1, their 22nd birthday, Aimée and Rebecca traveled 270 miles to Radford University, where Carlin is a senior majoring in dance, so they could celebrate together. Aimee is a tax specialist with the Fairfax County (Va.) government. Rebecca is majoring in business at Northern Virginia Community College.

Triplet Trivia

Heaviest birth weight:
McDermott triplets, England: 24 lbs.

Lightest birth weight:
Virginia: 2 boys and 1 girl.
Total weight: 3 pounds

Most number of triplets:
15 sets to Maddalena Granata

Most frequent triplets:
2 sets in 10 months to Anna Steynevaait in South Africa

For more great trivia visit: .html

Kids Calander

Make Like Madeline - Sept. 7 & 8 (2pm)–Come make fantastic puppets of Madeline and her pals, then get ready for an adventure. Zany Brainy, Annapolis Harbour Center: 410/662-1447.

Wild Jelly - Sun. Sept. 9 (2-4pm)–Learn about canning fruits and native fruits that are used to make jelly. You’ll make our own jelly to take home so bring old clothes. Ages 6+ at Kings Landing Park, Huntingtown. $6 w/discounts, rsvp: 410/535-5327.

Stories in the Meadow - Tues. Sept 11 (10:30-noon)–Explore the meadow and learn about plants and animals that live there. Bring a picinic lunch with special treats. Ages 3-5 at Kings Landing Park, Huntingtown. $3 w/discounts: 410/535-5327.

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