Letters to the Editor
Vol. 9, No.36
September 6 - 12, 2001
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Bay Weekly for Fun and Profit
Dear Bay Weekly:
Just wanted to say thanks to Bay Weekly for being a very informative, attractive and fun publication. I recently placed an ad for my business, A Purrfect Way Pet Sitting Service. It ran for 12 weeks, and I got six customers - six times more than the customers I received from ads in the Independent and the Recorder. Thank you for offering a cost-effective, professional way for me to get the word out about pet sitting.

- Fran Stump, Lusby

Except to Fish, Osprey Make Lively Neighbors
Dear Bay Weekly:
For the past three years a pair of osprey has taken residence at the top of an 80-foot oak tree alongside my house on Carrs Creek. I’m happy they’ve chosen my tree although I’ve found them to be somewhat untidy creatures and am frequently picking up nesting materials and half-eaten fish from my driveway.

Martha Blume’s excellent article on ospreys [“Home, Home on the Bay”: Vol. IX. No. 34, August 23-29] confirmed my finding that the ospreys eat the head of the fish first, since the discards I’ve picked up have invariably been tails. That is, until a few days ago when a whole fish came crashing through the branches and landed at my feet. It was flopping around and very much alive, so I quickly tossed it into the creek. As I did so, I couldn’t help but think how great it would be if fish could talk to each other. What a story this one could have told!

- Charles A. Gill, Deale

The Hearts of Dog Lovers Are Tender
Dear Bay Weekly:
Kudos to Sandra Martin for having the courage to share her wonderful memories of Max [Appreciation: Vol. IX. No. 33, August 16-22]. Her tale of a life of loyalty and unconditional goodness paid tribute to everyone who has ever loved a dog or cat.

When I started reading about Max, my first reaction was to turn away, as I have recently lost a canine friend, and it was painful to re-visit his loss. But as I continued reading Martin’s loving testimonial, I found peace where there had been hurt, and hope where there had been despair. I know the tears she must have shed as she wrote those words, missing him so. Please let her know that her sacrifice honored him and uplifted many of us.

With warm regards in fellowship,

- Dan Powers for Murphy, Annapolis

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