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Vol. 9, No. 41
October 11-17, 2001
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Fright-Fest Quiz
How much do you really know about your Halloween and all things spooky? Test your knowledge by taking the quiz below. Print out this page then circle the answers that you think are correct.

1.Legend has it that on
Halloween _____.
a. The moon is full
b. The dead come alive again
c. People turn into ghosts
d. Time stands still

2. Halloween was once called ____.
a. All Ghouls Eve
b. Autumn Eve
c. All Hallows Eve
d. Eve of Haunting

3.This creature can be killed with a silver bullet. _____
a. Vampire
b. Ghost
c. Werewolf
d. All of the above

4.A _____ can be repelled by garlic.
a. Mummy
b. Vampire
d. Goblin
e. Dragon

5.Which Greek legend had snakes for hair?
a. Minotaur
b. Medusa
c. Cyclops
d. Pegasus

6.What bird was the main star in a famous poem by Edgar Allen Poe?
a. Raven
b. Sparrow
c. Vulture
d. Owl

7.It is believed that a ghost will have no _____.
a. Arms
b. Teeth
c. Hair
d. Reflection

8.A witch stirs her brew in a _____.
a. Blender
b. Pot
c. Cauldron
d. Basin

9. A bat uses _____ to know in which direction to fly.
a. Radar
b. Sonar
c. Sight
d. Smell

10.You must drive a stake through a Vampire’s _____ to vanquish him.
a. Heart
b. Lung
c. Stomach
d. Liver

11. This nasty dog trapped a mother and her son in a car in a Stephen King flick _____.
a. Cubo
b. Cuvo
c. Cujo
d. Cuno

Click here for the answer key!

Have you seen Chessie the Manatee?
It’s true! Chessie has come back to Chesapeake Country! Send us proof (like a photo or detailed story) of your encounter with Chessie, and we’ll publish your story and pictures and send you a manatee reward! Send your name, age, address and phone and mail to:

Bay Weekly Manatee, PO Box 358, Deale MD 20751.

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