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 Vol. 10, No. 39

September26- October 2, 2002

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Candidate Says Thank You

Dear Bay Weekly:
Would you be so kind as to publish my thanks regarding my campaign?

I would like to thank my family, friends, neighbors, residents and volunteers who supported me, and I would also like to thank all of the voters who voted for me on September 10, 2002, in the primary election. Your vote of confidence meant a lot to me.

— Patricia O’Brien Boarman, Edgewater

Thanks to Outgoing Commissioner Doug Parran

Dear Bay Weekly:
We want to thank Commissioner Doug Parran for his service to all the citizens of Calvert County. We are sad that he will not be on the upcoming Board of Commissioners.

Doug has repeatedly fought hard for not only what he values, but what other citizens value. His ongoing support for the children of Calvert County has given the children activities and places that will last for their lifetimes and their children’s. Without Doug’s support, there would not be a new Kellam Field in Chesapeake Beach.

He has never hesitated to state his position on important issues. Stating a position publicly not only gives people important information but also allows those less knowledgeable to attack. Doug’s letters to the editors of the county have often been instrumental in explaining many issues that our county faces. He has always been available and open to all comments and concerns of anyone, no matter party affiliation.

— Mike and Cheryl Emery, Owings

Local Butterflies Visit Battle Creek Cypress Swamp

Dear Bay Weekly:
It’s a great season for the Bay Reflection on butterflies (Vol. X, No. 37, Sept. 12).

Bay Weekly readers have a butterfly location close to home. The Nature Center at Battle Creek Cypress Swamp Sanctuary at Prince Frederick plants its gardens to attract butterflies.

Within 10 minutes, many varieties fly by, and they’re not camera shy.

Park naturalist Andy Brown can advise on planting your own garden to attract them.

— Diana Marta, Ellicott City

Editor’s note: Among artist Marta’s watercolor workshops at Battle Creek is a class on painting butterflies.

Saving the Flower

Dear Bay Weekly:
I really enjoyed “Dance on the Flowers” by Joan Bennett Clancy. I have also found that there is nothing like lantana to attract butterflies. My lantana also attracted a praying mantis, and I’m sure you can imagine what that meant for any other insect visiting the plant. Still, this plant is an amazing attracter of insect beauty.

I do have one question. Can you ask Joan to explain how in the world she has wintered a lantana for 15 years? Everyone is telling me that my big beautiful lantana will die over the winter and it won’t come back in the spring. Please tell me how I can avoid this outcome.

— Ethan Wilansky, Annapolis

Editor’s note: Clancy brings her lantana inside. Since its first summer in the earth, it has lived in progressively larger pots. “You can prune them severely and it will put out nice new growth,” she notes.

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