Volume XI, Issue 26 ~ June 26-July 2, 2003

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Not Just for Kids

Answer Key to BaseballSpeak

1. _E_ After the second baseman caught the ball, she put her foot on the bag.

A) A hit that lands between the infield and outfield

2. _J_ The center fielder heard a Bronx cheer when he let the fly ball fall out of his glove.

B) A homerun

3. _H_ The pitcher stepped off the hill and took a deep breath before pitching the ball to the batter.

C) A strikeout

4. _C_ Thanks to her break, the pitcher was able to get the punchout.

D) An easy catch

5. _B_ But the next batter hit a dinger.

E) A base (not home plate)

6. _A_ A Texas leaguer is one of the most exciting hits in a ball game.

F) Legs

7. _F_ The runner made it from second base all the way home to score because he really had his wheels turning.

G) A ball hit to the fielder during warm-ups

8. _I_ A good pitcher can always throw heat.

H) The pitcher’s mound

9. _G_ The shortstop loves fungo. It’s how she gets ready for every game.

I) A fastball

10. _D_ The pop fly was a can of corn for the first baseman.

J) The crowd booing

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