Volume XI, Issue 33 ~ August 14-20, 2003

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Not Just for Kids

Not Just for dirty Hands
by Lauren ‘Clean Hand’ Silver

All over your body, you’re playing host to some of the messiest houseguests around. Billions and billions of them are living it up at your expense.

Meet E. Coli, Conjunctivitis, Influenza and Campylobacteriosis. These four and billions of their microscopic friends are the germs that make themselves comfortable on you — especially your hands. Do you really want things that are this difficult to pronounce living on you?

When you pick a boogie from your nose, scratch your chin or rub your eyes, these unwanted houseguests — bacteria and viruses — are hitchin’ a ride on your hands to where they can infect you and make you sick. Eew! The next time you toss your cookies or come down with a cold, the flu or pink eye; think of it as your ungrateful houseguests paying rent.

But have no fear, you can evict these dirty tenants by adopting a simple habit: Washing your hands. When you wash your hands properly, and with soap, you’ll send those germs packing. Here’s how:

Step 1:
Wet your hands with warm, running water.

Step 2: With your hands, work liquid or bar soap into a bubbly, frosty lather. Anti-bacterial soap is best.

Step 3: Keep rubbing your hands together until it sounds like you had too many beans at your last meal.

Step 4: Wash all over, including your palms, backs of hands, between fingers and under your fingernails.

Step 5: After about the amount of time it takes you to sing your ABCs, rinse well with running water. Don’t touch the sides of the sink unless you want new germ tenants moving in.

Step 6: Dry your hands completely and use the towel to turn off the sink.

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Always wash your hands after:

  • using the bathroom
  • coughing or sneezing into a tissue
  • touching cuts and sores
  • playing with pets

Always wash your hands before:

  • eating
  • touching food
  • brushing your teeth

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Hand Washing Quiz: True or False.

1. ________ All germs are bad.

2. ________ Rinsing your hands in water will kill germs just as well as using soap.

3. ________ Germs live almost everywhere.

4. ________ Germs spread no matter what; there’s no stopping them.

5. ________ If my hands aren’t covered with mud, then they’re clean enough.

6. ________ If I wash my hands with soap and water, I can wash off germs that might make me sick.

7. ________ Washing my hands often will help me stay healthy.

Click here for the answer key!

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Kids’ Stuff This Week

Saturday, August 16
Schooner School
Kids ages 8-12, come build your own model sailboat from a kit and race the vessel at the Naval Academy. 9:30am-noon and 1:30-4pm @ USNA Visitors Center, 52 King George St., Annapolis. $20; rsvp: 410/263-6933 x111.

Fishing Fun
Kids under 12 learn basic skills of fishing and identify the fish in Cattail pond with Ranger Jeff. An adult must attend with you and your fishing rod; bait supplied. 11am @ Kinder Farm Park, Kinder Farm Park Rd., Millersville. free; rsvp: 410/222-6115 • www.kinderfarmpark.org.

Sunday, August 17
The Big Bad Wolf
Kids ages 5-7 become friends with the endangered gray wolf by discovering all the hairy details about this mammal. 1-2pm @ Patuxent Research Refuge Visitors Center, Powder Mill Rd. off Baltimore-Washington Pkwy. and Rt. 197. free; rsvp: 301/497-5887 • patuxent.fws.gov.

Plan Ahead
Taste Fair
Thursday, August 21–Kids of all ages stick your hands in the cookie jar to taste all sorts of natural foods. 10am-4pm @ Whole Foods Market, Annapolis Harbour Center, Annapolis. free; rsvp: 410/573-1800.

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