Volume XI, Issue 33 ~ August 14-20, 2003

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Letters to the Editor

A Fine Martini Takes an Eyedropper

Dear Bay Weekly:
The solution to Bill Burton’s martini problem [Burton on the Bay: Vol. XI, No. 32: Aug. 7] is simple: Put an eyedropper and a shot glass next to the vermouth bottle. Pour a smidgeon of vermouth into the shot glass and use the eye dropper to add one drop of vermouth to the full glass of gin. Makes a fine martini.

— Tom Gill, Rose Haven

Talent Machine Says Thanks

Dear Bay Weekly:
Thank you for Theresa Troescher’s articles on The Talent Machine Company. [Not Just for Kids, Vol. XI, Nos. 29: July 17 and 32: Aug. 7]. I appreciate the commitment of both time and space you have given us. The actors and directors feel a sense of accomplishment when their talent and hard work is recognized.

— MaryLouise Wrabley,The Talent Machine Company

Cigarettes Are Weapons of Mass Destruction

Dear Bay Weekly:
While attending the World Conference on Smoking and Health in Helsinki, Finland, on Aug. 6, 2003, I read the European Wall Street Journal. I was surprised to read that our U.S. troops had found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. I was astonished to read that the Bush administration is spending U.S. taxpayer’s dollars to manufacture and distribute these WMDs to the rest of the world.

The WMDs to which I am referring are cigarettes. The U.S. government is paying the wages of the employees of the Iraq State Company for Tobacco and Cigarettes to continue their operations. The reason the administration gives is that these employees will be so happy about having a job they will not go off killing our troops.

Approximately 3,000 lives were lost to the terrorists on 9/11. The World Health Organization estimates that globally cigarettes will kill five million people this year. Approximately 500,000 of these victims will be Americans.

These facts clearly qualify tobacco as a WMD. The Bush administration is aware of these facts, yet it acts as if it is a fully owned subsidiary of the tobacco cartel. It appears to be hell-bent on rewarding the tobacco cartel for their massive political contributions.

Where is the national outrage to the administration’s actions in the tobacco control area? Why is the media so silent on this issue?

— John H. O’Hara, Bowie;
President: Maryland Group Against Smokers Pollution

Where’s the Beef?

Dear Bay Weekly:
Thank you for your article about “clean” cattle raisers in the Southern Maryland area [Where’s the Beef: Vol. XI, No. 29: July 17]. It’s great to know that local farmers are doing their part to create a more environmentally friendly and healthy environment for us and our children.

I am interested in purchasing clean beef for my family (as well as supporting our local community) and would greatly appreciate contact information on some of the cattle farms that Jessie Heller mentioned in the article.

I look forward to future articles that will help Marylanders make informed decisions affecting our environment.

— Crissy Godfrey, Sunderland

Editor’s note: To order clean, locally grown beef, try Danny Gibson in Huntingtown: 410/535-1562; Bryan Dowell in Prince Frederick: 410/257-5449; or Michael Heller in Upper Marlboro: 301/627-2549.

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