Volume 12, Issue 13 ~ March 25-31, 2004

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Not Just for Kids

A Sense of Poetry
by Marnie Morris, Poetry by Zoe Black

We humans perceive our world through our five senses. On a daily basis our eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin create our world.

Blood Drawn
Walking into the doctors room
smelling odd aromas
hearing the doctors voice
seeing the sharp needle
poke into my arm
with blood trailing through the tube
and feeling the small tender pain
of the needle in my arm
Blood Drawn

We see, smell, hear, taste and feel our surroundings. What we sense becomes what we experience.

I hear the sounds and voices of my characters
See the vast places of their world
Smell the fragrant flowers and trees my characters see
Taste the sweet and tart wildberries they eat
Feel the thoughts that come into my head as I write

When we combine all that we’ve seen, heard, smelled, tasted and felt into one overall sense of experience we have insight or what some have called the sixth sense.


Sometimes I’m a band without a drummer,
Sometimes I’m a brain without a mind,
Sometimes I don’t know if I’m invisible or not,
And sometimes I’m just fine.

Sometimes we’re a voice without a heart,
Sometimes we don’t know where we came from,
Sometimes we don’t have a place to go,
Sometimes we got a home.

Sometimes we’re a heart without a choice,
And sometimes we have so many ways to go,
But sometimes you got to know you’re
perfect who you are.

Exploring your world through your senses, seeing all you see, hearing all you hear, smelling all you smell, tasting all you taste and feeling all you feel creates all that you are.

Fly, Eagle, Fly

Since I started
Elementary School
I’ve been a baby Eagle
That can’t fly.
Then as I got older,
I didn’t get stronger,

But I know I have to,
Spread my wings,
and fly out of my nest,

I just gotta,

Fly Eagle Fly,
Just spread your wings and,
Fly Eagle Fly,

I gotta get stronger,
And I will,
I gotta be braver,
And I will,

I gotta be me!

I gotta spread my wings,
I just gotta fly!

Did You Know?
The retinas inside your eyes are filled with 130 million light-sensitive cells?
That thousands of tiny hairs called cilia are what turn sound vibrations into nerve messages?
The human nose is capable of distinguishing between 4,000 and 10,000 smells?
That the 10,000 taste buds on your tongue know the difference between salty, sour, sweet and bitter?
That every minute 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells are sloughed from your body?

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Kids’ Calendar

Friday, March 26
Fly a Kite Day
Kids 3-5 design a kite and see how high it can fly. 10am @ Southern Community Center, Appeal Ln. (off Rt. 765), Lusby. $3; rsvp: 410-586-1101.

Saturday, March 27
Young Salts
Ages 4-6 learn about sharks, fossils, lighthouses and creatures in our semi-salty neighbor, Chesapeake Bay. 10am-noon @ Calvert Marine Museum, Solomons. $8 w/member discount; rsvp: 410-326-2042 x 45 • www.calvertmarinemuseum.com.

Magic Pots & Recycled Bottles
A wacky cleaning lady uses throw-aways and household objects to create a crew of puppets who need your help performing folk tales from around the world. Colorful hand puppet, costumes and sets by Kathleen Jacobs. Two shows: 2pm; 3:30pm @ College of Southern Maryland, Calvert Campus, E. Broomes Island Rd., off Rt. 2, Broomes Island. $3; rsvp: 410-535-0291.

Plan Ahead
Sundae w/the Easter Bunny
Register by April 1-Bring the kids to share an old-fashioned ice cream sundae with the Easter Bunny and prepare for the egg-hunting holiday. The Diane Herbert Dancers provide entertainment. 6:30pm April 7 @ Northeast Community Center, 4075 Gordon Stinnett Ave., Chesapeake Beach. $5; rsvp: 410-257-2554.

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