Volume 12, Issue 18 ~ April 29-May 5, 2004
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Not Just for Kids

The Riddler
What Am I?
by Jean Oaks

Winter, spring, summer, fall,
Day and night, I see it all.
Cars and trucks, planes and boats;
I have seen it, if it floats.

I’m carefully painted, tall and strong.
My lanes are narrow, but I’m long.
My contributions have been great.
I connect two shores of our state.
I carry goods; I save time.
The view from me is sublime.

Once a year there’s a special day.
Folks old and young walk their way
From shore to shore. I am proud
Of what they say as they talk aloud.
Their compliments make me swell with pride
As I help them get to the other side.

What am I?

the Chesapeake Bay Bridge

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