Volume 13, Issue 38 ~ September 22 - September 28, 2005

Letters to the Editor

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Remembering the Stoneman Country-Western Dynasty

Dear Bay Weekly:
My husband and I live in North Carolina. He is Gene Stoneman’s nephew. The family keeps getting smaller and smaller. His mom (Gene’s sister) passed away a year ago.

We were on vacation when Uncle Gene passed away. When we arrived home, his cousin e-mailed us with the news of his passing and part of your article, “Last Son of a Country-Western Dynasty” [Vol. xiii, No. 33: Aug. 18]. It is one of the best tributes to the family that we have ever seen.

—Dianne Jewell, Carolina Shores, North Carolina

Help Annapolis Cares help Katrina Victims

Dear Bay Weekly:
Annapolis Cares is a local non-profit started just a few weeks ago. So far, we have sent 13 truckloads of relief supplies to the Gulf Coast. But donations have come in more slowly in the past few days.

We still need cash for truck rental and gas; waterproof tarps; cleaning supplies; basic tools; flashlights and batteries; work gloves; baby supplies, formula, diapers, clothes; new pillows, sheets, blankets, sleeping bags; personal toiletries for men and women plus feminine hygiene products; large pump bottles of body bath soap; large spray bottles of Lysol; hand disinfectant wipes; new clothes for men, women and children sorted by sex and age; unopened over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol, Advil and Imodium; first aid kits; non-perishable foods; school supplies; and frequent flyer miles.

Our drop-off location is at the Sam’s Club parking lot: 2100 Generals Highway, Annapolis.

— Chris Kulczycki, Annapolis Cares

Kudos to Kat Bennett on Hurricane Flooding

Dear Bay Weekly:
Congratulations on your in-depth piece by Kat Bennett, “When Will the Bay Flood Again?” [Vol. xiii, No. 36: Sept. 8]. You challenged your readers to follow some fairly technical explanations, but as the article promised the payoff was a much better understanding of exactly what happens when wind, tide and surge all join to drive water up the Chesapeake. The article provided a primer on understanding tides, eyewitness accounts from Isabel and good advice on where to go for information and assistance the next time a big storm threatens. Thanks for supplying us with some very worthwhile information, packaged in very good prose.

—Jack Greer,Maryland Sea Grant College

Department of Clarifications

James Turner served in the Air Force for four years before his 35-year career at the Department of Defense. His tenure was misstated in the Sept. 15 article “Primary Colors: Black Annapolitans strive to turn voting rights to political power” [vol. xiii, No. 37]. As well as Annapolis’ Annexation Review Committee, Turner sits on the Anne Arundel County Workforce Investment Board and has served on city and county commissions, including the city Charter Review Committee.

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