Volume 13, Issue 40 ~ October 6 - 12, 2005

Letters to the Editor

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First-rate Journalism Is a Public Service

Dear Bay Weekly:
What a great article Carrie Steele wrote on the Hurricane Isabel forum [Hurricane School’s In Session: Vol. xiii, No. 39: September 29]. Instead of a brief report on a meeting, I found a comprehensive, well-written article that captured the information beautifully and also provided ancillary facts and advice. Well done.

With this and Kat Bennett’s other full-length piece on the dynamics underlying hurricanes and their effects [When Will the Bay Flood Again? Vol. xiii, No. 36: Sept. 8], Bay Weekly is really providing a public service — and in the process turning out some first-rate journalism! Congratulations.

—Jack Greer, Maryland Sea Grant College

Rescoring Bill Burton’s Energy Exam

Dear Bay Weekly:
I always enjoy Bill Burton’s fine articles. His article in the Sept. 29 edition [We’ve Failed Our Energy Exam: Vol. xiii, No. 39], however, was not one of his best. Besides using his column space to put forth some of his political views, he exhibits a degree of prejudice in determining what constitutes essential and frivolous use of our petroleum resources for transportation purposes.

According to Bill, SUVs don’t make the cut because they are often big, oversized barges. But he forgets that many of them are used to perform a variety of essential family chores such as transporting kids, hauling sports gear, groceries and anything else needed to run a household, as well as performing a variety of other utility services, including small business ownership, etc.

On the other hand, towing (and by ready extension operating) boats and RVs he considers “legitimate needs.”

Go figure.

—Mike Cecere, Edgewater

Bay Weekly Helps Keep Boating Safe

Dear Bay Weekly,
The Friends of Anne Arundel County Trails thank you for publishing our seven Maryland safe boating courses this year for our classes at the Earleigh Heights Fire Hall and Woods Memorial Church. Two hundred thirty-five boater students registered, and $4,660 was raised from the $20 registration fee to be spent on improvements to the county trails.

—Edgar Parker, Friends Boating Safety Coordinator

Bravo from Londontowne Symphony Orchestra

Dear Bay Weekly:
When Londontowne Symphony Orchestra players saw Carrie Steele’s article [Passion and Pianissimo: Vol. xiii, No. 36: Sept. 8] they clapped and cheered. We have been getting subscriptions since your article ran. We really needed moral support. Thanks so much for your article.

—Kathy Solano, Severna Park

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