Volume 13, Issue 42 ~ October 20 - 26, 2005

Letters to the Editor

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Twain or Holmes?

Dear Bay Weekly:
I like Carrie Steele’s work and have enjoyed reading her articles. In “Oases in the City” [Vol. xiii, No 27, July 7], Carrie cited Mark Twain as the author of the following phrase. Who is right?

To reach the port of Heaven, we must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it. But we must sail and not drift or lie at anchor.

—Oliver Wendell Holmes

Keep writing.

— Ned Schreier, Edgewater

Editor’s reply: In the pocket park behind Annapolis City Hall, the quote is attributed to Mark Twain. Our search after reading Mr. Schreier’s letter, however, did indeed atttribute those words to Oliver Wendell Holmes.
Wishing You Were Here

Dear Bay Weekly:
I have sorely missed Bay Weekly since moving to the Eastern Shore this summer and wonder when your distribution will include the morning side of the Bay. My naive thinking led me to believe that the name Bay Weekly meant the whole Bay area, not just the northwestern quarter. I think you would have a ready and eagerly waiting market just across the bridges — and much closer than some of your present distribution. Any chance of this becoming a reality, and if so, when?

—Dave Gauntt, Chestertown

Editor’s reply: It’s true that people who live in Anne Arundel and Calvert County or visit regularly have an advantage, for they can pick up and read Bay Weekly in newsprint. The rest of the world — and we have readers in amazingly far away places — must either subscribe or make do with our on-line edition: www.bayweekly.com.

Find Your Oysters in Bay Weekly

Dear Bay Weekly:
I travel to your area frequently. Are there any Bull and Oyster Roasts scheduled in your area for this weekend or any other time for that matter?

—Bob Drabek, via e-mail

Editor’s reply: Many weekends this time of year feature oysters with a variety of complements. Mr. Drabek was in luck; he had several big festivals the weekend of Oct. 15-16. Distance readers like him can seek them in our on-line edition at www.bayweekly.com. Look in 8 Days a Week and M.L. Faunce’s Bay Bounty column.

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