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Volume 13, Issue 52 ~ December 29, 2005 - January 4, 2006

Burton on the Bay

By Bill Burton

From Fond Remembrances to Sad Farewells,

It’s Been Quite a Year

Mired in Nostalgia, I’m Enjoying My Christmas Presents

Return with Me to the Golden Age of Radio

Listening to radio, we pictured in our minds what toppled from Fibber McGee’s closet; our imagination went to work.

–January 6

Recapturing Fort Smallwood

This long-derelict park could be Anne Arundel County’s crown jewel.

–January 13

The Regimented Life

Though only three, granddaughter Grumpy has started school. Henceforth she will be mired in a regimented life.

–January 20

Wear a Nutria; Save the Bay

Methinks fur, real fur, is coming back, and that might mean good news for our beleaguered Bay.

–January 27

In the Cold, Everybody’s Hunting

Even with all that insulating down, how comfy can waterfowl be when temperatures drop to single digits and the waters in which they swim turn to ice?

–February 3

At Super Bowl, Commercials are the Name of the Game

The only super thing about this Super Bowl was the play of the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles, which was played between commercials.

–February 10

Catching Diamond Jim

With the promotion of Maryland fishing taking a big budget hit, methinks DNR might revive a legend: the mid-1950s’ rockfish with a diamond in his mouth.

–February 17

Remember When…

… Telephone Operators Made All the Right Connections?

–February 24

There Ought to Be a Law…

So Anne Arundel hunters can target deer on Sunday.

–March 3

Farewell, Chuck Thompson

If you listened to the Colts and old Orioles — or if you drank National Boh — you knew Chuck.

–March 10

Reading: The Best Exercise for Healthy Minds

Imagination is an exercise of the mind, and the younger the reader the more imagination — thus the more exercise.

–March 17

Farewell Misty, of Assateague

No Longer

We are the intrusive aliens who in the name of progress have created the environmental quagmire that surrounds us.

–March 24

Farewell 2-E:

My Furry Companion Is Gone

Dogs have masters, but cats are masters.

–March 31

Crabcakes from China, Anyone?

What we’re eating, nobody knows

–April 7

Lois Nutwell’s A Ripple on the Wind Tours a Vanishing Way of Life

In old photographs and new and old words, Nutwell paints a vivid picture of Bay Country life before slow boats and slow living gave way to fast boats and fast living.

–April 14

As Goes Our Endangered Susquehanna, So Goes Chesapeake Bay

From the deck of a boat headed to waters off Chesapeake Beach for rockfish, I witnessed the remnants of Mother Nature’s flushing of the Susky.

–April 21

The Old School Clock Keeps Ticking

With schools, we’re virtually in the same crisis as with Bay restoration.

–April 28

Do Fish Fly?

It has long been said — and with merit — to catch a fish one must first catch a fish’s eye.

–May 5

A Million-Dollar Boost to America’s Greatest Sport

Who wants Who Wants to Be a Millionaire when we can accomplish the same by going fishing?

–May 12

Our Treadmill Times

Humankind has gone to great lengths to save time and effort. But where has it gotten us?

–May 29

Muddying the Waters of Lewis and Clark’s River West

Here’s a bonafide mystery: The reader of Big Muddy Blues quickly learns a crime has occurred. One knows who the culprits are and is anxious to learn whether the scalawags get caught with gun in hand.

–May 26

From Hot Type to Cold

An old timer remembers when newspapering was real work

If putting a newspaper together is tough nowadays, how did it ever get done before the computer age?

–June 2

Fast as a Pit Stop at Daytona

An old timer remembers when newspapers were hot off the presses

–June 9

Sly Foxes Make Bittersweet Neighbors

A newcomer on the shores of Stoney Creek has left a few clues.

–June 16

A Good Fish Deserves Respect

If perch are around and hungry, you will quickly know.

–June 23

The Disappearing Islands of the Chesapeake

Even the biggest measure their future in decades

–June 30

Surviving Snake Sightings

I’m afflicted with herpetophobia. If I had my druthers, no snake would ever cross my path again.

–July 7

There’s Room for All at Mother Nature’s Table

How long can a buzzard soar without a booster shot from its wings? I gave up counting at two hours and 23 minutes.

–July 14

A Bridge to Sprawl

A cautionary tale of how the Bay Bridges changed the Eastern Shore.

–July 21

The Biggest Jellyfish on the Bay

If I said you never see a moon jellyfish this time of year, I’d be wrong.

–July 28

Next Year, Let’s Fish for the Whole Million

For $Million Fishing Challenge 2006, let’s go back to the Diamond Jim days of the 1950s when, if you caught it, on the spot you won big money.

–August 4

Fort Smallwood Park Is Too Rich To Be Ignored

But only the stewardship of Gil Boisvert, a hockey player with the old Baltimore Clippers, makes Fort Smallwood Park a usable park today.

–August 11

Hardball Scores Where Words Evaporate

Until Greenpeace got involved, it was words more than action in the battle to save menhaden from the nets of factory fishermen.

–August 18

So Much Depends on Menhaden

Without a healthy menhaden stock there will be no jobs — and much less on many Bay fronts.

–August 25

Play It Again, Sam

But the same old tune’s a sad one: again this year, dead zones without enough dissolved oxygen to support aquatic life.

–September 1

Roughing It by Today’s Standards

Meet Alan Doelp and my son-in-law Jon Boughey whose camping creed is If it is moveable, take it with you.

–September 8

Chronic Wasting Disease Knocks

Overcrowding fosters the fatal disease, and in Maryland more than 250,000 deer roam, in numbers greater than they should be in many areas.

–September 15

A’fishing We Will Go

There comes a time in every man’s [women’s, child’s] life when he is either going to go fishing, or do something worse.

–September 22

We’ve Failed Our Energy Exam

Energy makes the wheels go ‘round, and not just the wheels on the family jalopy but also the wheels of our entire economy.

–September 29

Our Sun is Dimmed

Is a picture worth a thousand words when it steals a thousand words of bonafide news from readers?

–October 6

Bad Attitudes

Once the Indians were driven precariously close to extinction, few white men around had much meaningful regard for the environment.

–October 13

With Politicians, How Long is Too Long?

From the presidency to councilmen, many offices are term limited. In between, Congress is exempt.

–October 20

To Kill or Not to Kill

Are hunters murderers or wildlife managers?

Wildlife managers look to the future to visualize what things will be like unless we give nature a hand in curing its ills.

–October 27

Autumnal Responsibilities

I’d like to be squirreling away game, but here I am feathering the nest.

–November 3

In Memory of Those Who Served

Why was I a lucky one?

–November 11

Letters from the Past

Take a peek at history as recorded in packet of family letters written in the Great Depression.

–November 17

The Sorry State of Our Bay

Part 1: Faint Hopes

When I arrived here a half-century ago, a few were already suggesting the crown jewel of our natural resources might be in trouble.

–November 23

The Sorry State of Our Bay

Part 2: Naming the Losses

Chesapeake Bay Foundation scored the State of the Bay 27 of a possible 100. What’s your role in screwing up the mighty Chesapeake?

–December 1

Debating the Bear Hunt

Management of wildlife cannot be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

–December 8

Merry X-mas to All

Now that Christ is being taken out of Christmas, will the abbreviation X-mas become the norm?

–December 15

Give Me Christmas Just Right

With me, it’s seasons as seasons should be.

–December 22

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