Volume 14, Issue 38 ~ September 21 - September 27, 2006

Letters to the Editor

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See Players One Last Time in 2006

Dear Bay Weekly:

As Twin Beach Players wrap up our 2005-’06 season, I am writing to express our gratitude for the support of lovers of all the arts here in Calvert County and neighboring counties, particularly the media, with talented staff helping to convey what we have to offer our audiences. Along with that, we want to tell your readers about a unique performance of The Siren: A Night of Cabaret with Clare O’Shea at 8pm September 23.

Twin Beach Players is building a theatre group with a vast array of talent, trying new and exciting programs such as cabaret and the Kids’ Playwriting Festival. We are wrapping up this season with a special performance by an incredibly gifted and talented woman, Clare O’Shea. She is an Equity/Screen Actors Guild actor and has been seen on such television shows as Murphy Brown and Falcon Crest and in movies with Steven Seagal in Above the Law and Michael J. Fox in Teen Wolf.

Earlier this year we sponsored Clare O’Shea’s sell-out one-woman show called Wull, Tha’s Diff’ernt! showcasing her impressive talents as a writer and actor. Last weekend, Clare performed original stories of loves, joys and sorrows polished with wit and comedy and salutes to the songwriting styles of Stephen Sondheim and Andrew Lloyd Weber to a very appreciative crowd. We hope your readers experience her incredible performance.

Tickets — only $12 for adults and $10 for seniors, students and members, including a social hour after the show — are available at the door at the Black Box Theatre, Union Church Education Building, North Beach: 443-624-1451; www.twinbeachplayers.org; [email protected].

—Janine Naus: Secretary, Twin Beach Players

Vote for Environmental Bulldogs

Dear Bay Weekly:

Please let Bill Burton know he’s right on in his September 7 column [Vote for Planet Earth; Elect Environmental Bulldogs: Vol. xiv, No. 32]. When I had the chance (not an automated call), the question I asked the candidates was what were they going to do about climate change. Some sent me information, indicating they had thought about it.

P.S. I’m also a catbird feeder.

—Judy Graham, Annapolis

Dear Bay Weekly:

Thanks to Bill Burton for pushing voters to elect environmental bulldogs. This is true nationally, but especially in Maryland where we have as much coastline with the Chesapeake as one-third of the whole East Coast. The Bay keeps getting less and less healthy, and no serious effort is taken to save it. And, climate change will have a more dramatic impact on Maryland than most states because of our shoreline. Urgency should be the watchword when it comes to the environment. For me, the environment is central to a 21st century economy: This should be the Environmental Century.

—Kevin Zeese: Green Party Canddiate for U.S. Senate

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