Volume 14, Issue 41 ~ October 12 - October 18, 2006


In Chesapeake Country, Shopping Season for Boaters and Voters

Chesapeake Country boaters do their comparison shopping at the U.S. Boat Shows every October. Comparing and contrasting over the years, we’ve found our dreamboat. Now we only have to wait until our ship comes in to afford it.

Chesapeake Country voters are also doing their comparison shopping this October. Last month’s primary election narrowed the field. Next month’s general election determines the winners. In between, candidates eagerly seeking election for offices from Maryland’s orphaned Senate seat to orphans court judge are pretty near cloning themselves to meet each one of us two or three times.

You’ve had plenty of chances to meet the candidates, from announcement and endorsement ceremonies to office openings, political breakfasts, house and garden parties, bull roasts, crab and oyster feasts, picnic suppers, civic and interest group dinners. Political forums, where long lines of candidates introduce themselves and answer your questions, are so common that you could stop by a couple a week.

This election has been the easiest ever for studying your candidate’s values in black and white: almost everybody down to the county level has a webpage, as well as the traditional flyers and mailers. If you like your message short, maybe you’ve made your choice as you zoomed by signs along the road and in your neighbors’ yards.

Why, then, is Bay Weekly giving you still more political interviews and stories?

Because we believe comparison shopping is the way you get the best value.

We’re dedicating October to pairing candidates in some of the biggest and most interesting races. We’ve caught the candidates on the fly, sat across from them and asked them questions that illuminate who they are and how they would govern.

Last week, you saw how Gov. Robert Ehrlich and Mayor Martin O’Malley stack up, one on one. This week, we take you into Anne Arundel County — for paired interviews with county executive hopefuls John Leopold and George Johnson — and Calvert County — for a story on House of Delegate candidates Sue Kullen and David Hale.

In weeks ahead, we’ll keep it up, introducing you to the three candidates for U.S. Senate — Ben Cardin, Michael Steele and Kevin Zeese — plus more regional House and Senate candidates.

Then, on November 2, you’ll meet the candidates throughout the region in our comprehensive Electoral Educator.

Find your boat in Annapolis at the U.S. Boatshow. Find out how to cast your vote in Bay Weekly.

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