Volume 14, Issue 41 ~ October 12 - October 18, 2006

Letters to the Editor

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Help! I’m Surrounded by Television

Dear Bay Weekly:

Is it just me or are there TV sets playing everywhere? Just last week, I was in one of the newer fast food restaurants in Calvert (Cluck U Chicken) and there were no less than five televisions blaring out everything from sports to news to home improvement advice. I looked around the small eating area and noticed most all of the patrons transfixed on an ad for hair removal while they chowed on their chicken. Egad!

A recent trip to the dentist had me yearning for a magazine while the dental assistant offered a remote. I can’t even take my daughter for a haircut without having to hear the latest horrific news from the wall-mounted set.

And sadly, my favorite little breakfast place (the Breezy Store in Breezy Point) just added a brand new flat screen state-of-the-art television to their menu. I had to ask for them to turn it off as our weekly breakfast club couldn’t talk over the morning news and commercials. (We were the only ones eating.)

Where’s a girl to go to get a little peace and conversation without being interrupted by a newsflash or, worse yet, an awkward men’s ED product ad?

Before I get written off as an anti-TV freak, yes I have more than one in my home and watch daily.

What is happening with all the TV’s in public places and what can we do to stop it? 

—Jill Malcolm, Huntingtown

Brozena Rounds the Bases with Bay Wise

Dear Bay Weekly:

I enjoyed “Is Your Garden Bay Wise?” by Alex Brozena [Vol. xiv, No. 39: Sept. 28]. It was informative, humorous and touching, all at the same time.

—Alan Raflo: Virginia

Water Resources Research Center, Blacksburg

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