Volume 14, Issue 44 ~ November 2 - November 8, 2006

Bay Weekly’s Voters’ Guide

The candidates speak for themselves on our Bay and communities

by Sandra Olivetti Martin, Bay Weekly editor, and Aubree Stafford, editorial assistant

Tuesday, November 7, will resolve a real-life story as compelling as any you’ll find serialized on television. These stories were conceived in hope and ambition, nurtured by fortunes, animated by conflict, blasted by disappointment, wrung by mortality, prickled by unpredictability and sustained by suspense.

As if drama weren’t enough, it’s a saga that touches home. The stakes are neither imaginary — as in fiction — nor vicarious — as in the World Series. At stake is the quality of our lives and the future we bequeath to our children.

To help you make choices that are in your best interest when you vote, we’ve asked the candidates to speak to you directly, limiting their answers to a total of 300 words. You’ll find candidates running for offices big and small, from governor, senator and comptroller through state to county seats in the many Anne Arundel and Calvert districts within Bay Weekly’s range.

Sandra Olivetti Martin,

Bay Weekly Publisher and Editor

The Questions

1. What do you do to keep in touch with the Chesapeake Bay?

2. What will you do to improve the quality of life for Marylanders and our communities and state?

3. What specifically will you do to restore the Chesapeake Bay and treat our air, land and water sustainably?

U.S. Senate

vote for one of three

Michael Steele, Republican


48-year-old resident of Prince George’s County. Elected lieutenant governor as Robert Ehrlich’s running mate in 2002, becoming the first African American to win Maryland statewide office; received Bethune-DuBois Institute 2005 Award for support of quality education.

Studied for the Roman Catholic priesthood, after earning a bachelor’s in international relations from Johns Hopkins University in 1981 and before his law degree from Georgetown University in 1991.

Worked as a prep school teacher, corporate securities attorney and in financial investments. Maryland State Republican Man of the Year, 1995. Chaired the Prince George’s County Republican Central Committee (1994-2000) and Republican Party State Central Committee (2000-2002) before joining the Ehrlich ticket. At the 2004 national political conventions, Steele gave the Republican counterpoint speech to the Democrats’ Barack Obama.

Endorsed by Russell Simmons, hip-hop mogul and founder of Def Jam Records; former brother-in-law and heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson; and boxing promoter Don King.

1. I love fishing and sailing, though I don’t get to do too much of that. I do get to go fishing, typically out of Deale or Ocean City.

You can recreate and love getting blue crabs, but serious issues are impacting the ecosystem. This is not an ordinary estuary. It’s a national landmark and part of the nation’s trust. Leadership needs to focus on that as well.

2. I’ll try to marry up federal resources and initiatives with what we’re doing in Maryland. At the same time, I’ll focus on empowerment-related areas, education, health care and putting in place tools to lessen the burden on families educating kids, augmenting resources like Pell grants and our historically black colleges.

3. Part of what our Ehrlich-Steele administration started with the Bay Restoration fund — and that was a good first step — was to identify sources of pollution. How we work with the land and clean water and a number of other related issues becomes critically important, so building wastewater treatment facilities and how we upgrade those facilities is going to be very important as well.

The federal government has a role to play, and I’d like to see us take advantage of various existing programs and resources. I don’t believe in leaving money on the table.

It also isn’t just about the Bay. It’s a matter of being more expansive in our view than today. Other tributaries and waterways in our state are neglected. Identify those waterways, whether big or small, and what on land is feeding them pollutants by accident or deliberately; identify those sources and begin to clean the problems up.

Ben Cardin, Democrat


63-year-old resident of Baltimore, holding elected office in Maryland since a 23-year-old law student at the University of Maryland School of Law, where he graduated first in his class. Elected first in the Maryland House (1967-1986), where he was speaker from 1979 through 1986; then in Congress (Third Congressional District since 1987).

In Congress, he is the senior member of the House Ways & Means Committee and ranking member of the Trade Subcommittee and the Helsinki Commission.

Rated 100 percent and endorsed by the League of Conservation Voters.

1. I have enjoyed many experiences on the Bay, from kayaking with the South River Federation, to hands-on experiences with school groups through the Bay Foundation or Living Classrooms, to playing along its shores with my family.

As well, knowing of my constituents’ deep concern for the future of the Chesapeake, working to protect it has been a priority for me as an elected official.

2. I have several priorities for serving Marylanders in the United States Senate: access to affordable, quality healthcare for all; assuring every child the opportunity for a first class education; protecting and restoring our environment for future generations; improving our state’s road- and mass-transit systems; breaking our nation’s dependence on foreign oil; and preserving living wage jobs and secure retirements for American workers, among others.

3. As speaker of the Maryland House of Delegates, I helped shape and enable the first Chesapeake Bay Agreement. In Congress, I have worked to create, strengthen and increase funding for varying federal Chesapeake Bay restoration programs. The federal government is an essential partner in efforts to save the Bay. I will continue to work to ensure that role continues and grows, through the EPA, NOAA, the US Forest Service, agricultural conservation programs and others. Broadly, I am committed to the federal government making the restoration of the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem a national initiative, similar to the restoration of the Everglades.

I have also been a strong supporter of efforts to strengthen and protect key federal environmental laws, from the Clean Air and Water Acts, to federal jurisdiction over wetlands protection, to Endangered Species Act, to the Superfund program. As well, I have worked to protect federal lands and resources across the nation for future generations.

Kevin Zeese, Green, People’s and Libertarian parties


51-year-old resident of Takoma Park Zeese redefines what it means to be a third-party candidate; he is the nominee of three third parties, a historic first. On leave from national anti-war group DemocracyRising.US, where he is the founding director. Founding member of the Montgomery County Coalition for Alternatives to War in Maryland, and a co-founder of VotersForPeace.US. Co-founder of True Vote Maryland, the largest citizens group in the country focusing on a paper trail for electronic voting machines.

Zeese was Ralph Nadir’s press secretary in the 2004 presidential campaign.

1. One of my favorite breaks is a trip to the Eastern Shore. Just seeing the Chesapeake — the water, birds, and boats — is soothing to my spirit. Then, of course, there is the food that comes out of the Bay, a reminder of its importance to our nourishment and our economy. When I am lucky enough to get out on the Bay on a boat, I appreciate its size and power. It provides an incredible spirit for me.

2. The key is letting people be empowered to improve their own quality of life. We need to invest in America first and let working families keep as much of the money they earn as possible. My tax plan provides for the first $100,000 of income being federal income tax free. That is a 22 percent raise for Americans who earn under $100,000. We need to end our fossil-fuel economy, invest in our failing infrastructure, which is in serious trouble, and make post-high school education free so we can compete internationally.

3. The Bay must be approached in a broad context. Focusing primarily on sewage treatment avoids the more difficult challenge of farm-related pollution and runoff from uncontrolled development.

First, development needs to be controlled so that vegetation is left in place to absorb nutrients before they reach the Bay.

Second, farmers need resources that allow them to conduct less polluting agriculture, cutting their use of oil-based and nitrogen-filled fertilizers and reducing livestock waste; while turning to organic farming and expanding forested buffer zones along shores. Healthy farms will result in a healthy Bay.

Third, remaking transit with hybrid plug-in vehicles that run their first 100 miles on battery power will greatly minimize auto runoff.

U.S. Congress: District 1

vote for one of two

Wayne Gilchrest, Republican


60-year-old resident of Kent County; congressman for the 1st District, reelected seven times since 1991. Chairman, House Subcommittee on Fisheries and Oceans; Chesapeake Bay Watershed Task Force; senior member, House Resources Committee and the House Transportation Committee; member of the House Science Committee.

Former high-school teacher and house painter. Decorated with the Purple Heart, Bronze Star and Navy Commendation Medal for his service as a platoon leader in Vietnam. Endorsed by U.S. Chamber of Commerce and League of Conservation Voters.

1. I spend most of my free time canoeing in the tributaries of the Bay. I talk to people who know more than I do, like watermen, fishermen and scientists. I’ve brought my subcommittee to the district for field hearings about Chesapeake Bay and brought in every expert we could think of to share with us their insights.

2. My goal has been to advocate for policies that provide for cleaner water, cleaner air, more open space, sustainable agriculture and community character. I also have fought for wisely allocating our precious natural resources. I will continue to draft and promote policy for greater energy efficiency and alternative energy sources to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

3. To help bring the Bay as close to our restoration goals as possible by 2010, I will continue to do all I can to increase annual funding levels for the Bay. I will continue to support farmers and farming practices that support Bay restoration, including forest buffers, wetland restoration, cover crops and soil and water conservation. And I will work to strengthen the role of local governments and communities in Bay restoration, as I have done in my bill, the Chesapeake Bay Restoration Enhancement Act (HR 4126). As the lead in congressional caucuses for the Bay and for climate-change policy, I will continue to fight for improvements to clean water and clean air laws, energy efficiency and alternative fuels. 

Jim Corwin, Democrat


49-year-old family physician from Severna Park; seeks political office for the first time. Medical director of two Baltimore community health centers. Former medical director, Choptank Community Health System. Named Clinical Director of the Year by the Mid-Atlantic Association of Community Health Centers; nominated for Maryland Family Physician of the Year.

1. I enjoy canoeing in numerous rivers that flow into the Bay, from the Corsica to the Severn, from the Chester to the Wye. From time to time, I go fishing, sailing and water skiing. I have met with scientists from Horn Point Labs in Cambridge, visited environmental education facilities such as Arlington Echo in Crownsville and North Bay in Cecil County and attended numerous symposia on the Bay’s health.

2. Improve national security by refocusing efforts onto intelligence, interdiction and prosecution of terrorists. Commit to development of a safe, clean, renewable alternative to fossil fuels to protect our ecosystem; stop sending petrodollars to terrorists; and make the U.S. an export nation again with good jobs and retirement security. Fight for finance reform, so all Americans can have no-worry access to quality health care. Enhanced federal support for education from early childhood, through K-12, and vocational/higher educational opportunities. Efficient growth and better public transit systems.

3. Restore and protect water quality and living species in the Chesapeake Bay by taking a regional approach such as creating a House Caucus of Watershed Communities. This will allow broader national support for saving North America’s largest estuary, along with other important estuaries in the U.S. Specific efforts will target nutrient reduction starting with agricultural practices (tax credits and grants for buffer zones, cover crops, etc.), atmospheric deposition (i.e. reducing auto emissions) and critical-area protection.

U.S. Congress: District 3

vote for one of three

John White, Republican

36-year-old resident of Eastport; founder and CEO of Compass Marketing Inc. Named a Future 50 CEO for the region by Smart CEO magazine in 2005. Holds two business degrees, a master’s from the University of Baltimore and a bachelor’s from Towson State University. Board member, The Sharing Foundation, a nonprofit organization that assists special-situation and needy families in Anne Arundel County.

1. Since I live on it (in Eastport) and own a business on it, I will not have to do much to keep in touch with it.

2. I will first work to secure our borders. Our broken healthcare and education systems are being severely bombarded with millions of illegal aliens coming into the United States each and every year. Not only are they using the free services of hospitals and schools, but they are not paying into the tax base that funds them. This is a double whammy. In addition, two million people sneaking across our borders represents a direct national security threat to the US. It only took 19 illegal immigrants to cause 9/11.

I will also work to make $4 prescription drugs available nationwide, so our seniors can have access to affordable life-saving drugs. We need states to allow for the largest purchasers like Wal-Mart and Target to take on the drug companies directly so our seniors can get the lowest prices for these drugs. It’s not fair that millions currently have to choose between the life-saving drugs or paying the rent.

3. Specifically I will work to secure once and for all, the estimated $10 billion needed to clean up the Bay. No more nonsense with small plans we have no funding for anyway. We need the funds, and we need someone that can secure them, period.

John Sarbanes, Democrat


44-year-old resident of Towson and son of retiring Maryland Sen. Paul Sarbanes. Lawyer and chairman of Health Care Practice at the law firm, Venable. For seven years also special assistant to the state superintendent of schools, serving as liaison to the Baltimore City Public Schools under the City-State Partnership. Former president (1994-1997) and board member (15 years) at the Public Justice Center, an advocacy improving the lives of working people in Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic region. Board member, Institute for Christian and Jewish Studies.

Blue Crab Candidate, endorsed by the League of Conservation Voters. Defeated seven other candidates in the Democratic primary.

1. Having spent summers on the Bay as I grew up, I have a deep commitment to the preservation of Maryland’s greatest treasure. I have done non-profit work dedicated to fighting for civil rights, including environmental justice. I have worked hand-in-hand with environmental leaders, including over 40 who attended an environmental town hall meeting I hosted in August. If I am elected, I will continue to work with these leaders, along with the environmental organizations that have endorsed me, such as the Blue Crab Project, the League of Conservation Voters and the Sierra Club, to stay abreast of Bay developments and make it a priority on the federal agenda.

2. It is a national shame that 47 million Americans do not have health insurance, and we all pay the price for the uninsured through higher premiums and higher medical costs. If elected, I will work to assure that all Americans are covered by basic health care insurance.

As to education, the No Child Left Behind Act comes up for reauthorization in the next Congress, and I will work to assure that schools receive full funding to achieve the goals of the Act and that schools are not unfairly punished if they do not live up to artificially inflated benchmarks.

I will also work to protect the environment, building energy independence and restoring integrity and accountability to Congress.

3. The greatest threat to the Bay is from nutrient pollution from agriculture and domestic sewage. The Department of Agriculture bill will come up for reauthorization in 2007, and I will work with others in Congress to fully fund programs to help farmers curtail agricultural runoff into the Bay. I will also seek full funding for programs to help secure open space in the Chesapeake Bay watershed to allow rainwater to be filtered before entering the Bay, and to upgrade sewage-treatment plants.

Charles McPeek, Libertarian

77-year-old semi-retired building contractor. Ran unsuccessfully for U.S. Congress in 1968, 1970, 2000, 2002 and 2004.

1. First of all, I’d have a general clean-up detail through the help of volunteers. We need to save money and the best way to do that is through volunteer efforts. My son is a fisherman and a boater, but I stopped killing things after Korea. I haven’t killed even an earthworm since then.

2. Firstly, I would abolish the payroll income tax so people can take all of their money home with them. People don’t have money, and they find any way they can to get it — including dealing drugs, prostitution and working under the table. People should be taxed when they spend their money.

3. Clean-up should be the priority. We need to enforce fines when people litter. Right now, there is really no control of people when they’re near the Bay.

U.S. Congress: District 5

vote for one of two

Steny Hoyer, Democrat


67-year-old resident of Mechanicsville; 13-term congressman and House Democratic Whip, thus the second most powerful Democrat in Congress as well as the highest ranking member of Congress in Maryland history. Senior member; House Appropriations Committee. Elected to Maryland Senate in 1966, rising to Senate president in 1975.

1. As someone fortunate enough to live on the Patuxent River, I am constantly reminded of the magnificence of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries and the critical importance of preserving these natural resources for future generations. As a senior member of the Appropriations Committee, I have worked hard to secure millions of federal dollars to clean up the Bay, replenish the oyster population and ensure the future health of all of our waterways.

2. I will continue to work to bolster the many federal facilities located in the 5th Congressional District, which directly and indirectly provide work for thousands of local citizens. I am also working hard to improve local transportation infrastructure, which will reduce congestion, improve traffic flow and make roads safer for all commuters and their families. I will also continue to help make our neighborhoods safer by putting more police on the street and empowering our firefighters and other first responders.

3. I will continue to fight to secure reauthorization and increased funding for the Environmental Protection Agency’s Chesapeake Bay Program Office to address a variety of restoration and water quality issues impacting the region. Furthermore, I will continue to oppose the president’s attempts to underfund a host of programs instituted to ensure clean and drinkable water, continued preservation and conservation of open space and the ability of our family farmers to protect and enhance natural resources.

Steve Warner, Green Party


41-year-old resident of St. Mary’s County; member of a small development firm. Joined the Navy as a Seabee after high school; specialized in bridge construction in his family’s general contracting firm. Earned a bachelor’s degree in construction management and engineering from Arizona State; then opened a concrete restoration company.

1. There are several different ways I keep in touch with the Bay or, in my case, the mouth of the Patuxent River. When possible, I like to slip away with my son and daughter, put out into the river and cast out their lines. They have a knack for catching snags, crabs and toadfish, and I catch irreplaceable family time. Or if the wind is right, we might take an afternoon and hoist the sails on our old blow boat, leaving the world behind for a few hours.

2. Since I am running for a federal seat, most of the issues I will be dealing with are Big Picture items. I firmly believe we need to implement a Single-Payer Universal Health Care System. This system will provide higher quality care at half the cost for everyone, regardless of economic status, while putting your health care back in the control of medical professionals instead of insurance providers.

I will also be pushing very hard to be foreign-fossil-fuel independent within the next five years. We have the technologies but have failed to implement them due to corporate influence in our Congress. Gaining our energy independence through sustainable means will I prove everyone’s quality of life.

3. We don’t have a pollution problem. We know the sources of the pollution, and we know how to change the sources or how to remedy their effects. Therefore, what we have is a political problem. We need to take action now. Investment in sustainable energy sources like wind, solar and ocean-thermal energy transference for our electrical power, and setting mandates for electric/hybrid vehicles and full implementation of E-85 cellulose-based ethanol will substantially clean our water and air. I will diligently push for energy legislation and environmental education for our children.

Maryland Governor

vote for one of two

Robert Ehrlich, Republican


49-year-old resident of the Governor’s Mansion (since 2002); originally from Arbutus. Graduated from Princeton university (1979) where he co-captained the Tiger’s football team; named All-State and All-American; worked as a graduate assistant football coach while attending the Wake Forest University School of Law. Elected to the Maryland House of Delegates in 1986 and the U.S. House of Representatives in 1994. Practiced law at the Baltimore law firm of Ober, Kaler, Grimes, and Shriver for more than a decade.

1. The Chesapeake Bay is a national treasure, and my administration has led the way by: upgrading wastewater treatment plants to remove seven million pounds of pollution each year to clean the Chesapeake Bay; fixing our dirtiest coal-fired power plants to remove millions of pounds of pollution from the air so it is healthier to breathe; assisting farmers in their efforts to reduce pollution runoff from their farms; and preserving over 70,000 acres of open space to ensure future generations will enjoy our parks and forests. The Chesapeake Bay Foundation called my Bay Restoration Fund “a huge victory for the Bay [and] the most significant environmental advance in Maryland in nearly 20 years.”

2. I will empower Marylanders by continuing to invest in key programs including education, health care, disability and senior initiatives. I have focused on investing in programs that show positive results for Marylanders seeking to grow and improve their lives. Through fiscal prudence and improved management of the state, my administration has been able to meet our key needs and expand services in each of these areas without the need to raise income or sales taxes. I plan to continue to invest in programs that empower people with opportunities in life to succeed and contribute to Maryland.

3. My departments of Agriculture, Environment, Natural Resources and I will continue our efforts of cleaning Maryland’s land, air and water in my second term. If the scientists and other experts at these departments inform me tighter restrictions are necessary, I will rely on their scientific opinions, and not politics, to make my decision. We have taken major steps forward in the last three years by placing stricter controls on power plants and wastewater treatment plants. I will continue to demonstrate my commitment to preserving Maryland’s environment for my children and their children. 

Martin O’Malley, Democrat


43-year-old mayor of Baltimore, elected to second term in 2004. Chairman, U.S. Conference of Mayors’ Homeland Security Task Force (since 2003). Elected to City Council in Baltimore’s 3rd District in 1991 after failing to win election to Maryland State Senate in 1990. Former assistant state’s attorney of Baltimore City and state field director for Barbara Mikulski’s successful Senate campaign.

1. All my life, I have been connected to the Bay. Katie and I took our honeymoon on the Eastern Shore, and I have spent many happy summers, both with my parents, and now with my own children, enjoying the Bay and its rich environment. Some of my fondest memories of my childhood are fishing with my father on the Bay, and I will work to protect the Bay so future generations can share my experiences on the water.

2. As I have traveled our state, I have talked to thousands of Marylanders that want a governor who will stand with our families, not with special interests. I have detailed plans to improve public safety and public education in every part of the state, expand opportunities for middle-class families, make health care more affordable through a pooling plan to keep prescription drugs affordable. I will run a professional Department of Parole and Probation, and end the release of violent criminals into our communities. And I have been endorsed by the Maryland State Teachers Association because of my commitment to fully fund the Thornton education plan and keep class sizes down.

3. As mayor of Baltimore, I have supported the Healthy Air Act. And when Bob Ehrlich refused to challenge the Bush administration, I joined 12 other states and sued the EPA to enforce federal air quality standards. I have fought against reckless sprawl and development, and have a detailed plan to manage the growth coming to our state. Rather than diverting millions of dollars from Program Open Space, I will use those funds to preserve our lands and natural treasures, like Blackwater. Because of my commitment to the environment, I have received the endorsements of the Sierra Club and the League of Conservation Voters, and I will continue to protect the Bay, by bringing the same level of accountability that won my administration praise from Harvard University, through our BayStat program. To read more about BayStat, visit www.martinomalley.com.

We are all blessed to live in Maryland and benefit from a tremendous quality of life because of the natural treasures like the Chesapeake Bay. It is the responsibility of all us to protect and preserve our natural resources.

Maryland Comptroller

vote for one of two

Anne McCarthy, Republican


48-year-old resident of Baltimore; former dean of the Merrick School of Business at the University of Baltimore. Founder, Center for Entrepreneurial and Family Enterprises at Colorado State University. Board member on Dunbar Armored Car [courier] and the American Diabetes Association of Central Maryland.

No response.

Peter Franchot, Democrat


59-year-old resident of Takoma Park; 20-year delegate representing the 20th Legislative District. Chairman, Transportation and Environment Subcommittee; member, Appropriations Committee. Lawyer, working as business development consultant in health-care reforms.

Former staff director for U.S. Rep. Edward J. Markey (1980-1986); and staffer, Union of Concerned Scientists. Served in the U. S. Army, 1968 to 1970.

Defeated political icon William Donald Schaefer and Anne Arundel County executive Janet Owens in Democratic primary for comptroller.

1. As chairman of the Transportation and the Environment subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee, I have been a leader in pursuing policies that preserve our parkland and open space, promote smart growth and reduce runoff and air pollution, which have made one-third of the Bay a dead-zone. I also co-authored legislation that will appear on the ballot this November to require the governor to receive legislative approval before the sale of any state owned park land and open space, preventing sprawl growth and increased runoff into the Bay.

2. With every vote I cast on the Board of Public Works, I will ask the question: Does this make Maryland a more educated, healthier, cleaner and safer state? As comptroller, I will be an independent voice advocating fiscal and revenue policies that improve the quality of life for working families across our state.

3 If we are to restore the health of the Chesapeake Bay, we must develop a comprehensive strategy to address pollution by air, land and water. I will vote on the Board of Public Works for contracts and policies that serve to protect our open space and promote, smart growth. I was proud to be endorsed in the primary campaign by the Maryland League of Conservation Voters and the Sierra Club, which speaks to my commitment to the environment and health of the Chesapeake Bay.

State Senate: District 27

vote for one of two

Ron Miller, Republican


47-year-old resident of Huntingtown. Senior principal, SRA International Inc. Served in Air Force intelligence for nine years; three years as the chief information officer at the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Two-time recipient of Federal Computer Week’s Federal 100 award, awarded annually to 100 information technology leaders for contributions to the federal IT community. Member, Council for Excellence in Government.

Entered the 2006 campaign as a candidate for Congress in the fifth district; then switched to state Senate.

1. There are days when the salt breezes carry the spirit of the Chesapeake into my neighborhood. But I have to say this election is not about my relationship with the Bay. I am running in a district that touches the Bay at many points. Of the 64,000 miles of tidal shoreline in Maryland, a major portion surrounds my district. I keep in touch with the Bay through personal relationships with the people who love it, swim in it, earn a living from it and take inspiration from its vistas while also respecting its awesome power to both charm and harm.

2. Our quality of life is tied to the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. I am not proud of its current health. I will work to ensure:

• The dedicated fund for upgrading the 66 largest wastewater plants succeeds.

• The Healthy Air Act effectively reduces nitrogen emissions from our worst offending coal-fired power plants.

• The Department of the Environment enforces our environmental laws and educates the public on prevention and clean-up of pollution sources.

• Planning guidelines and the Critical Area Commission remain strong and effective to guide prudent development, while protecting our wetlands and adjacent areas.

3. Treasure the Chesapeake is an apt phrase that I accept as direction. As senator I will commit to these steps:

• I will work to ensure state and federal laws are followed, funded and effective.

• I will support non-profit local-conservation movements, to provide agricultural stewardship and preserve open-space.

• I will support further initiatives opposing flows of despoiling pollutants, nutrients and sediments in all tributaries.

• I will seek a seat on the Senate Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee to promote this agenda and meet the goals of the Chesapeake 2000 Agreement with neighboring states.

Thomas V. ‘Mike’ Miller, Democrat


63-year-old resident of rural Chesapeake Beach and lawyer with family roots in Prince George’s County. Longest serving (25 years) president of the Maryland Senate. First elected to public office in 1971 as a delegate; to Senate in 1975. Chair, Judicial Proceedings Committee; co-chair, Legislative Policy Committee.

1. The Bay is one of our nation’s most valued natural resources, and we are blessed to have this treasure so close to home. My wife Patti and I enjoy walking along the Bay several times a week. I always participate in former Senator Bernie Fowler’s Patuxent River Wade-In, as well as other community events focused on Bay and river recreation and preservation.

2. My top priority every day of the year is making sure that my district continues to be a great place to live, work and raise a family. That means a quality education for our children, access to affordable healthcare for our families and small businesses and ensuring that our streets are safe and our air and waterways are clean.

3. I’m committed to ensuring we do all we can to protect Chesapeake Bay, our waterways, our open spaces and preserving the rural character of Southern Maryland.

Two years ago I formed the Agricultural Stewardship Commission, and this year we passed the Ag Stewardship Act, which will protect open space and farmland, and encourages the utilization of methods of farming that reduce pesticide and herbicide runoff into our watersheds and the Chesapeake Bay. The strength of this ongoing legislation is shown by the people who’ve come aboard to work together to protect the Patuxent and the Bay; farmers and environmentalists both see the importance of preserving the Chesapeake, and I look forward to continuing our work together.

This year in the General Assembly we passed the Healthy Air Act, a comprehensive law, establishing specific limits on the emissions of nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and mercury from coal-fired electric generating facilities in Maryland. This, combined with further requirements in the law, will go a long way towards reducing pollution in our air and water, thus helping to make our environment healthier for generations to come.

House of Delegates: District 27A

vote for two of four

Kenneth Brown, Republican

38-year-old resident of Clinton. Chair, Neighborhood Advisory Committee of the Summit Creek Neighborhood Association; member, Prince George’s County Republican Central Committee; founding member Prince George’s County Black Republican Caucus. Attorney. Member of the Board of Trustees Ebenezer AME Church.

1. I spend a considerable amount of time on the Chesapeake, talking to people, meeting with people and enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature on the water. I believe that each candidate should be entrenched in the life of the community where they serve. That’s why I will make it my business to stay connected to Chesapeake Bay and the communities that benefit most from it.

2. The most important aspect of the quality of life for any individual is a safe community, the opportunity for wealth, good health and, of course, education. Each of these are areas where I have a tremendous amount of knowledge. The first thing we must do is improve our economic base by attracting larger and better businesses. Currently, our community is filled with small businesses, which is great, but we need a greater mix.

This cannot be accomplished unless we have the best schools, which includes compensation increases for educators to attract and maintain the best and the brightest to our community. Despite income or employment status, we must do a better job of providing health care to all citizens. Finally, my goal is to build bridges across ethnic and political lines.

3. I will be a vigorous and aggressive defender of our natural resources by supporting the governor’s initiative in continuing to fund the Chesapeake Bay Restoration fund. Additionally, it’s imperative that we have a proactive approach by having strict penalties for polluting the Bay and closely monitoring runoffs into the Bay.

Antoinette ‘Toni’ Jarboe-Duley, Republican

No response.

James Proctor, Democrat

70-year old resident of Accokeek. Delegate since 1990; member Appropriations Committee; chairman, Subcommittee on Education and Economic Development. Calvert’s only person of color in General Assembly. Former principal, Prince George’s County Schools, for 17 years. 100 percenter, endorsed by Maryland League of Conservation Voters. Endorsed by Progressive Maryland.

1. I have been selected as a Sierra Club Environmentalist of the Year, so you know I keep in touch with environmental issues. I’m constantly in touch with the water, as my district includes both the Patuxent and Potomac Rivers.

2. I chair the Education Committee in the House Appropriations Committee. In this capacity, I work full-time to improve education in both Prince George’s and Calvert counties. Plus, I constantly do constitutent work. The speaker has recently appointed me to the newly formed committee to discuss, and remedy, the increasing cost of higher education.

3. I do constant things in my district to keep the Patuxent and Potomac Rivers protected.

I have a lot of farmers along the Patuxent side of my district whom I’ve worked a great deal with in regard to conservation, specifically runoff into the Bay’s tributaries. Any of the Save the Bay programs I fully support. If the Chesapeake Bay Foundation sponsored legislation, I would certainly endorse it.

Joseph Vallario, Democrat

69-year-old resident of Suitland. Delegate since 1975. Chair, Judiciary Committee for 13 years. Past president, Prince George’s County Criminal Trial Lawyers Association. Endorsed by Maryland League of Conservation Voters and Progressive Maryland.

No response.

House of Delegates: District 27B

vote for one of two

David Hale, Republican


42-year-old resident of Owings. President Calvert County Board of Commissioners, on which he’s served since 1998. Chair, Tri-County Council of Southern Maryland. Information technology consultant and owner of David Hale Associates Inc., small business providing consulting services to the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation focusing on implementing modern law-enforcement and counter-terrorism technologies.

No response.

Sue Kullen, Democrat


46-year-old resident of Port Republic. Delegate, appointed in 2004 to vacated seat; vice-chair, Southern Maryland Delegation. Consultant, Planning Innovations; owner, The Cottages of Governors Run. Endorsed by National Rifle Association, Maryland League of Conservation Voters, Maryland State and the District of Columbia AFL-CIO, SEIU United Healthcare Workers, Maryland State Teachers Association, Maryland Nurses Association, Maryland Farm Bureau, Clean Water Action, Calvert County Farm Bureau. Blue Crab Candidate.

1. I’ve lived in a small cottage near the Chesapeake Bay for 23 years and visit daily. I watch herons in their morning routine visit our rock jetty; I watch the bald eagles cruise overhead; and I look for fossil sharks teeth that have washed from the Calvert Cliffs. I watch the watermen in boats catch a diminished numbers of crabs and scant oysters. I see increasing algal blooms and hear of depleting oxygen. I hear the cry of the Bay.

2. Calvert County is such a special place. We are surrounded by water; we have preserved plenty of open space; we have some active farming and we have some watermen left. I will work vigorously to improve the water quality in the Patuxent River and the Chesapeake Bay. It represents our health and our economy. I will work with farmers and watermen to make sure that they remain a viable part of our economy as we all benefit from this. I will work collaboratively with community groups to establish hiker-biker paths and connected greenways in the county for healthy living and healthy tourism. This is our way of life, and it will be our legacy as a county.

3. Last session I worked with environmentalists and was the lead sponsor in passing the Patuxent River Bill (HB 1588). An amended version of the bill passed, but in its original form it would have served as a model for the rest of the state to use to clean up the rivers and the Bay.

I will redouble my efforts to get our original bill passed. We need to set tough limits on nitrogen and phosphorus despite increasing populations. The cost of development should be just that; it should not be a permanent, irreversible cost to the environment. Failure is not an option.

State Senate: District 29

vote for one of two

Thomas McKay, Republican


56-year-old resident of Hollywood. First term commissioner and president of the St. Mary’s County Board of County Commissioners. General Manager of McKay’s Food and Drug Company, a family business,(1985) rising to CEO (1999). President of Woodburn’s Gourmet Market, Solomons.

Delegate to the Republican National Convention; member, Governor’s Critical Areas Commission for the Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays; Maryland Association of Counties Legislative Committee; Food Advisory Council; Legislative Advisory Council to the Maryland Retailers Association.

1. As a member of the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area’s Commission, a significant amount of my time each week is spent on issues relative to protecting the Bay and its tributaries from the impact of growth, and assuring removal of nitrogen and phosphates from the Bay. I also keep in contact with the local waterman’s associations in Calvert and St. Mary’s counties.

2. Protecting our communities from runaway growth while providing for a balance of managed growth, preservation, and supporting infrastructure is critical to a better quality of life for all Marylanders. Tough decisions need to be made to assure our economy and jobs can continue to grow without impacting our environment.

3. First, assure that the monies from the Bay Restoration Fund are used as intended and not spent supporting bureaucracy. Rebuilding wastewater treatment plants and providing funds for cover crops is only part of the solution. We must provide for better enforcement of current regulations, including more manpower and more frequent inspections of construction sites to assure adherence to soil conservation requirements. We must also find ways to create retrofit stormwater management plans for areas that were developed prior to today’s standards and have the greatest impact on our Bay.

Roy Dyson, Democrat


58-year-old resident of Great Mills. State senator since 1994. Former U.S. congressman and first person in a century to be elected from St. Mary’s County (1981-1991). Elected Maryland delegate at 25.

Senate chair of the Joint Committee on Chesapeake and Costal Bays Critical Areas; member, Maryland Environmental Trust.

1. I consistently participate in former senator and legendary environmental activist Bernie Fowler’s wade-in, which draws attention to the problems facing the Patuxent River’s clarity and health and ultimately the Chesapeake Bay and its watershed. Per Sen. Fowler’s request, I submitted the Bernie Fowler bill (Senate Bill 379), which required upgrades to enhance nutrient removal at specified wastewater treatment plants in the Patuxent River watershed. This bill ultimately was gutted slightly by developers, but it drew attention to this important matter. I intend to re-introduce this bill with my House colleague Sue Kullen in its original form next year.

2. I will continue to do what I have been privileged to do since I was first elected to public office in 1974. My constituent service has been tremendously effective, and I have always fought for those in need and will continue to do so. I cannot be bought, and my word is my word. I love working for my constituents, which is why I love serving them in the Maryland Senate. I have always listened to my constituents and always will.

3. I have a strong environmental record and will continue to fight for the health of the Chesapeake Bay as in my work with Sen. Fowler and other environmental activists. I co-sponsored this year’s strong Healthy Air Act and was a leading fighter of the administration’s attempts to sell pristine waterfront state land to a well-connected Baltimore developer at rock-bottom prices.

House of Delegates: District 29C

vote for one of two

Anthony O’Donnell, Republican

45-year-old resident of Lusby. Delegates (since 1995) and minority whip. Member, Appropriations Committee (2004-present). Served in U.S. Navy from 1979-87. Former supervisor, Instrument Modifications Unit, Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant.

1. Occasionally I have the opportunity to go fishing on the Bay. Also, my family will sometimes use our community beach, and we even get some crabbing in once in a while. As a policy maker, I also keep abreast of the health of the Bay and its tributaries. I was a strong supporter of the Chesapeake Bay Restoration Act to clean up dozens of wastewater treatment plants pumping harmful nutrients into our Bay.

2. We have many needs in our communities. They run the gamut from education, adequate health care, transportation, recreational facilities, public safety and homeland security, to name just a few. I work daily on all of these issues.

I have made it a priority to ensure our children are safe from sexual predators. I have been the lead sponsor and advocate for Jessica’s Law in Maryland. This law would require mandatory sentences for sexual predators. With Governor Ehrlich’s help this past legislative session, I was instrumental in passing a law to clamp down on child sexual predators. We still have more work to do to pass a full-force Jessica’s Law in Maryland, and I am absolutely committed to do so.

3. I will continue to support funding for programs such as the Chesapeake Bay Restoration Act, Program Open Space and control measures like cover crop programs. I will also continue to support the viability of agriculture in Maryland and land preservation to slow the loss of the state’s farmlands to development. I also strongly believe aquaculture of oysters and other shellfish offers opportunity to clean the Bay and provide a source of income to our farmers and watermen at the same time. I also advocate using additional nuclear power to generate electricity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Norma Powers, Democrat


67-year-old resident of Dowell. Retired supervisor of human resources, Department of the Navy; adjunct professor, University of Maryland. Past president, St. Mary’s Developmental Center Board; member, Sierra Club Executive Committee; League of Women Voters; Audubon Society; National Wildlife Federation. Endorsed by Maryland State Teachers Association.

1. I’m a sailor and enjoy the Bay for recreation purposes. I also live on a tributary of the Bay. I’m a member of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and receive their information on the health of our Bay. I’m a neighbor of the Chesapeake Biological Lab in Solomons. I’ve met with the lab directors and learned first hand the state of our Bay. I attend informational meetings about our Bay, including the State of the River Summit at the Calvert Marine Museum. I meet informally with staff of the Calvert Marine Museum about various matters.

2. I will work hard to provide health coverage for our citizens who currently do not have health coverage. I will support Sen. Roy Dyson’s plan to study the traffic in Southern Maryland, particularly the expansion of the Thomas Johnson Bridge. I will work to get a light rail system extended to Southern Maryland so people have an alternate means of transportation and lighten the traffic on our roads, which in turn will decrease pollution from autos. I will preserve our open spaces for our citizens. I will also work to provide more police protection to keep crime at a low rate.

3. I will make sure that the Bay Restoration Fund is used for the purpose intended, i.e., to improve the wastewater treatment rather than to increase the discharge of our current sewage plants. The result of this misuse has promoted development in our critical areas that we should be protecting, such as Crisfield. I will push for renewable energy sources so we can stop burning more coal to produce the electricity we need. We must clean up the Patuxent River, which in turn will contribute to cleaning the Bay. We must encourage environmentally friendly use of lawn-care products as well.

State Senate: District 30

vote for one of two

Herb McMillan, Republican


48-year-old Annapolitan. Elected to House of Delegates in 2002. Elected to Annapolis City Council in 1997; ran unsuccessfully for Annapolis mayor in 2001.

American Airlines pilot. Served as EC-130 aircraft and mission commander during the Cold War (1998). U.S Naval Academy graduate and former director of admissions for the Western U.S. and leadership instructor at the Naval Academy (until 1991).

1. I enjoy fishing with my sons at Thomas Point and the Naval Academy seawall. I’m a member of the South River Federation, and I participate in projects to improve the health of the Bay, like planting white cedar in critical areas to reduce runoff.

2. I will continue to vote and advocate for full funding of Program Open Space, because appropriate stewardship of our land is inextricably linked to the quality of our water. I will support initiatives like tax credits to help our farmers better manage nutrient runoff; support and fund stronger stormwater management policies to reduce nutrient runoff; and support tax credits for hybrid vehicles that improve air quality and use less fuel.

3. The Chesapeake Bay Restoration Fund, the Healthy Air Act, brownfields restoration, tougher critical area and stormwater management laws are all significant initiatives that I have supported over the last four years. They will have a very positive impact on our quality of life. However, I believe that one of our most pressing quality of life issues is overdevelopment. If elected to the Senate, I will continue to push for stronger state oversight in this area. We can no longer permit the use of annexation loopholes to circumvent adequacy of facility laws. The impact on our schools, and traffic, is unacceptably hurting our quality of life.

John Astle, Democrat


63-year-old resident of Annapolis. Third-term senator; vice-chairman of the Finance Committee; member, Maryland Military Installation Strategic Planning Council and the Legislative Policy Committee. Chaired the Anne Arundel County delegation to the Maryland House of Delegates for five years. Previous vice-chair of both the Capital Budget Subcommittee and the Appropriations Subcommittee on Law Enforcement and Transportation (seven years).

Served in U.S. Marine Corps, 1966-1975; helicopter pilot, flying combat in Vietnam and for the President. Received the Legion of Merit, two Purple Hearts, the Meritorious Service Medal, 31 air medals and the Presidential Service Badge. Retired as a colonel from the Marine Corps Reserves in 1996.

No response.

District 30: House of Delegates

vote for three of seven

Ron Elfenbein, Republican


32-year-old Annapolitan. Physician; in medical school, served for a month on the Navajo Indian Reservation in New Mexico. Member, U.S. Secret Service Emergency Services Response Team.

1. As an avid sailor, windsurfer, kayaker, SCUBA diver, swimmer and seafood lover, I spend a lot of time in and around the Chesapeake Bay. I feel quite strongly about the need to protect and defend this national treasure. I once heard a very profound and meaningful ancient Native American quote, which sums up my views on the environment completely: “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

2. I will improve the quality of life by fighting to limit uncontrolled growth, traffic and sprawl. I will lead and support smart growth and adequate facilities legislation. I will fight to improve our environment, healthcare, schools and education, and will fight to lower our tax burden.

3. The Bay had the largest dead zone in history last year, and it continues to get worse. In medicine, if a treatment does not work as expected, we try something else. We have done enough studies; it is time for results! I propose we look to areas that had been in similar situations: Boston Harbor, England, Scotland, Alaska’s bay areas, Washington State (the list goes on) and learn from their successes and failures; we do not need to reinvent the wheel.

I am a staunch conservationist and sustainability is the key. I am excited by the progress being made on the Corsica River and believe that that project can serve as a model for other waterways.

Oysters are key to the Bay’s health, and we need to bring back the oyster population. There are a number of excellent oyster reclamation programs, and we need to push them through tax and financial incentives.

We need to bring all parties together, both private and public sector, in order to achieve an overarching environmental plan to maintain sustainability.

Ron George, Republican


53-year-old resident of Arnold. Jeweler and Main Street Annapolis small business owner. Director, Springhill Center for Family Development. Received the 2005 Ronald Reagan Award from the Annapolis Republican Central Committee.

1. I grew up on the shores of the Herring Bay. I swam and played in these waters that people now are too afraid to wade into. This hurts me deeply. I am involved with Oyster King One and their efforts to bring back the oysters. I closely study reports of the dead zone, nitrogen levels, success of grasses and oyster productions.

2. I will cut waste by holding government spending accountable: that every dollar goes where promised, that there is no waste and that it gets results. We should not reward failure. This will improve education by making sure the money gets to teachers and students instead of being lost in a general fund and used for pork.

It will improve the environment by using less for the endless studies and more for the environment.

I will propose a Health Insurance Exchange that makes health care portable and more affordable. I will defend small business owners and locals from big box stores. I will vote to end the death tax. And I will push for passage of Jessica’s Law with mandatory sentencing.

3. I will make sure the items passed in Gov. Ehrlich’s Chesapeake Bay Restoration Act become implemented and not bogged down by bureaucracy, such as the upgrading of our sewage treatment plants. I will push for the planting of our great oaks and maples that have slowly disappeared from our landscape; these are necessary to cool the earth. I will push for less reliance on fossil fuels; in the north part of the county this air makes its way down our shoreline. I will push for cleaner jet fuels at our airport. I will push for Pennsylvania’s assistance in not polluting and causing silt in the Susquehanna River. I will encourage off-season crop covers that help farmers and prevent runoff.

Andy Smarick, Republican


30-year-old resident of Arnold. Ran unsuccessfully for state Senate in 2002. Former senior legislative assistant to Congressman Wayne Gilchrest. Co-founder KIPP Harbor Academy in Annapolis, a charter school that provides a rigorous education to prepare low-income students for college. Founder, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.

1. I’ve lived within a few miles of the Bay or one of its tributaries for nearly my entire life. Growing up, I spent countless summer days at Sandy Point State Park. As an aide to members of the state legislature and Congressman Wayne Gilchrest, I’ve worked on some of the most important issues to have faced the Bay in recent times, such as Site 104, the rebuilding of barrier islands and dredging at the Port of Baltimore.

2. I’m wholly committed to making sure all kids have access to great schools, and I’m passionate about protecting open space, reducing traffic and sprawl and restoring the health of the Bay and its tributaries. I’m also dedicated to reining in government taxing and spending, so families can keep more of their hard-earned money.

3. We need to get serious, very quickly, about protecting land in the Bay’s watershed. We also have to reduce agricultural runoff, rebuild wetlands and restore the oyster population. Finally, Maryland should be a national leader in renewable energy sources. I’m eager to lead on these issues and find new ways to get results.

Michael Busch, Democrat


59-year-old Annapolitan. Delegate for 19 years; Speaker of the House since 2003. Legislator of the Year, Annapolis and Anne Arundel County Chamber of Commerce. League of Conservation Voters 100 percenter and endorsed candidate. Also endorsed by the Maryland Chapter of the Sierra Club.

Works as assistant to the director of Anne Arundel County Department of Recreation and Parks; former football player; teacher and coach at St. Mary’s High School, Annapolis.

1. There is nothing that compares to being out on the Bay when it comes to improving your appreciation for this great natural resource. Recently, I was lucky to have the opportunity to accompany a team from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation on an oyster restoration trip aboard the Patricia Campbell. In addition, I take periodic trips with the local riverkeepers and participate in Bay planting and clean-up days.

2. As a resident of Anne Arundel County for 48 years, the father of two daughters in the Annapolis public school system and a homeowner, I know that every vote I make affects my family and me just as it does my neighbors and my constituents. I want voters to be confident that on every issue I act with integrity and with their interests foremost in my mind.

If given the opportunity to represent District 30 for another term, I will continue to promote a strong public education system, both K-12 and higher education; improve access to affordable, quality health care for working families; and champion initiatives that promise a healthier Chesapeake Bay and the preservation of open spaces.

3. It is incredibly important for the state to develop a long-term oyster restoration plan to help preserve the native oyster for generations to come and to obtain the filtration benefit that oysters bring to the Bay. This will be part of my legislative agenda for the 2007 session, along with other initiatives to help Maryland reach the goals established in the multi-state Chesapeake Bay 2000 Agreement.

Virginia Clagett, Democrat

63-year-old resident of West River. Lawmaker for 30 years: delegate since 1995; Anne Arundel County councilwoman for five terms. Helped create Jug Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. League of Conservation Voters 100 percenter and endorsed candidate. Also endorsed by the Maryland Chapter of the Sierra Club.

1. I live on the Rhode River in Southern Anne Arundel County. The Chesapeake Bay is my constant and loyal neighbor. I am touched always by the winds and tides and the health of our waters. The wonderful wildlife and aquatic creatures are with me and my family daily as reminders of our Maryland treasure.

2. I have represented the people and communities of Southern Anne Arundel County for 32 years. If elected, I will continue to champion the environment, support our teachers and quality education, as well as continue my strong record of constituent services.

3. My philosophy has always been: If you serve the land, you can save the water. I will continue to advocate for full funding of Program Open Space and Rural Legacy to save our lands and promote profitable, sustainable farms and fragile watersheds. I will push to re-institute Maryland’s Smart Growth Agency to stop the ravages of sprawl.

I will co-sponsor, again, the Clean Car bill to fight air pollution that contributes to degradation of our waters. My leadership position on the Environmental Matters Committee and on subcommittees that address future growth and agricultural stewardship put me in a strong position to move forward on an agenda to save our land, water and air.

Barbara Samorajczyk, Democrat


60-year-old resident of Annapolis Roads. Anne Arundel County Councilwoman since 1998. Former general counsel of an international recycling services company. Pioneered legislation to protect bogs. Served on the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area Commission. Blue Crab Candidate; endorsed by League of Conservation Voters and Maryland Chapter of the Sierra Club.

1. I live on the Severn River, so the Bay touches my life every day. I also work with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Critical Area Commission, Sierra Club, Severn River and South River Federations, the Riverkeepers, Waterway Alliance and other organizations.

2. • Excellence in Education: The number one indicator of the quality of life of a community is the quality of its public schools. I will work to ensure that Thornton is fully funded.

• Restore the Chesapeake Bay: Our quality of life and economic vitality are linked to the health of the Bay. See comments below.

• Expand access to healthcare: Soaring treatment and prescription costs are squeezing our seniors, working families and small businesses.

• Put an emphasis on prevention: If we improve overall health and the quality of life of all people, we will reduce chronic disease, which will reduce costs in the long run.

• Address the shortage of doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers.

• Increase educational capacity to meet long-term needs.

• Provide an adequate reimbursement for Medicare & Medicaid services.

• Reduce costs by increasing purchasing power: Create public/private partnerships that use tax incentives, pooling and portability to expand affordability of health care coverage.

• Get uninsured out of emergency rooms for routine/non urgent medical care by expanding the availability of alternative community health resources.

3. • Implement tax reforms to promote sustainable agriculture.

• Require measurable and enforceable standards for stormwater permits for point source discharge into the Bay.

• Reduce sprawl by reinstating the Office of Smart Growth.

• Pursue regional solutions with adjoining states.

• Require that cars meet the same emission standards adopted in California.

David Whitney, Constitution Party


48-year-old resident of Pasadena. Pastor of Cornerstone Evangelical Free Church. Actively opposes abortion and any redefinition of marriage. Graduated from Rutgers University as a Henry Rutgers Honors Scholar with Honors in history. Member of the Institute on the Constitution, where he serves as senior instructor, Liberty Forum Magazine editor and radio show host.

1. I am blessed to live in a neighborhood with great beaches on the Magothy and the Chesapeake. My family spends time together on those beaches enjoying the beauty of Creation. I also enjoy sailing the Bay on a friend’s boat. A couple of years ago, I participated in a circumnavigation of the Delmarva starting in the Magothy sailing north through the C&D, down the Delaware into the Atlantic and back into the Bay at Cape Charles. It was a magnificent experience of life on the Bay.

2. The most important function of civil government is to secure the God-given rights of We the People. We are over taxed and over regulated by state and federal government. I will fight to reduce the reach (through over regulation) and take (by excessive taxation) of our state government on We the People.

I am: Pro-Tax Cuts: Maryland has the seventh highest total tax burden in the United States. I propose cutting taxes beginning with a 10 percent cut in property tax.

Pro-Constitution, so I will restrict government to the terms of our contract with it, the Maryland State Constitution.

Pro-2nd Amendment and will work to Repeal all laws violating the Second Amendment.

Pro-Marriage and will fight to preserve marriage as God ordained it, only one man and one woman.

Pro-Life and will protect the most innocent lives at every stage of development.

3. Restoring the Bay by government mandate has proved a failure. Our district’s incumbents have been in power for 20 years supposedly working to save the Bay. Why then is it in worse condition then ever? Government isn’t the solution to saving the Bay it is the problem. Get government off the backs of individual land owner; then private organizations can do their job far more effectively and for less money.

State Senate: District 31

vote for one of two

Bryan Simonaire, Republican


43-year-old resident of Pasadena. Systems engineer in computer science industry. Founder of Heroes at Home and Simonaire Santas, supporting local families and abused children. Elected to Republican Board of Governors. Endorsed by Maryland Right to Life.

No response.

Walter Shandrowsky, Democrat


58-year-old resident of Pasadena. District 31 delegate from 1979-1982. Retired manufacturer’s representative. Past president of the Riviera Beach Volunteer Fire Department; Vietnam War helicopter pilot.

No response.

House of Delegates, District 31

vote for three of six

Don Dwyer, Republican


48-year-old resident of Glen Burnie. Delegate since 2003; deputy minority whip. Executive director, Institute on the Constitution. Director, American College for Cultural Studies. Extreme social conservative, labored much of his term to define marriage in law or by Constitutional amendment. Gun Owners of America 2006 Legislator of the Year.

1. My parents’ home is located on Cornfield Creek off of the Magothy River. As result, I swim, fish and crab in that area regularly. I truly love the Bay and its tributaries. I have enjoyed the Bay since being a young boy full of curiosity.

2. I will continue to defend the rights and protections of all citizens as specifically outlined in the Maryland Constitution under the Declaration of Rights and I will adhere to the role of government as specified in the U.S. Constitution.

3. I will support any legislation that is constitutionally sound and I will work to see that we give more than lip service to restoring to the quality of life on and around Chesapeake Bay.

Chesapeake Bay is a true treasure. We should not forget the days when aquatic life flourished in our waterways; nor should we forget how fragile the ecosystem is.

Maryland should resist any attempt by the federal government to take possession of Chesapeake Bay. This is Maryland’s treasure, and it should remain so.

Nicholaus Kipke, Republican


27-year old resident of Pasadena. Managing partner of an independent factory representative firm. Advocate for the autism community. Endorsed by the Maryland Farm Bureau.

1. I attend environmental education workshops so that I can stay up to date on the progress of Bay restoration efforts. I am a member of the Coastal Conservation Association and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. Additionally, I have participated in several projects, including adopting oyster spat, reforestation and planting marsh grasses. Most notably, I worked with a local land owner to protect land that was adjacent to a bog on Grays Creek; this land is now preserved forever in an environmental land trust. 

2. My seeking elected office is rooted in a lifelong commitment to community service. I am focused on the mainstream issues that affect day-to-day life, not just the hot button issues that make headlines. The issues that are most important to me are the cost of living in Anne Arundel County, education, public safety and the environment. I will make sound policy more important than political partisanship.

3. The state’s sewage treatment plants are one of the major polluters of the Bay that we can control. As delegate, I will support funding effective upgrades to these treatment centers, which is estimated to reduce nitrogen and phosphorus pollution by 20 percent. These upgrades are costly, but I believe the up-front costs are inexpensive when you realize the enormous impact and positive long term effects this will have on the health of the Bay. Additionally, I support Project Open Space, which is our most equitable and sustainable defense against sprawl.

Steve Schuh, Republican


46-year-old resident of Pasadena. Managing member of Schuh Advisory LLC, an investment banking, financial advisory and direct investments firm. Board member, Chesapeake Arts Center; treasurer, American Red Cross of Central Maryland.

1. I have lived most of my life in the Chesapeake Bay watershed and feel closely connected to the Bay. My family enjoys fishing, sailing and swimming in the Bay.

2. I will work to reduce the burden of taxation on Maryland families, and I have pledged never to support tax increases. I will support traditional American values, including respect for life, traditional marriage, private property rights and Second Amendment rights. I will fight illegal immigration, and I will not support continuation of the current practice of granting the benefits of citizenship to those who choose to come here illegally.

I will support significant reform of Maryland’s educational system, including restoring discipline and respect in the classroom, increasing academic standards, ending social promotion and breaking up Maryland’s unusually large high schools into smaller, neighborhood schools.

I will support legislation that will improve the health of Chesapeake Bay and the quality of air in the region. Finally, I will support the creation of a system of universal, private health insurance that will reduce the cost of health care and assure that every Marylander has health insurance.

3. The Chesapeake Bay currently ranks only 27 on the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s 100-point scale. The Bay is a sick body of water. I will support legislation that reduces stormwater runoff and that upgrades aging sewage treatment plants. I will also support action to reduce the backlog of 125 damaged waterways in need of restoration.

With respect to land-use issues, I support stronger enforcement of the Critical Areas Law and concepts of Smart Growth that will limit sprawl. Finally, with respect to air quality, I support the Healthy Air Act to reduce coal power plant emissions and better compliance with the federal Clean Air Act.

Joan Cadden, Democrat

65-year-old resident of Brooklyn Park and cosmetology business owner. Delegate since 1991; member of the Appropriations Committee. Chair, Public Safety and Administration subcommittee; Legislator of the Year: State Department of Education, 1998 and 2002. Endorsed by Maryland League of Conservation Voters and the Maryland Chapter of the Sierra Club.

1. I work diligently with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources on the Waterway Restoration Program. I serve on the Joint Committee on Critical Areas and on the Anne Arundel County Bogs Committee. As a member of the House Appropriations Committee, I work to protect the Boat Excise Tax to assure it is only used for Waterway Improvements.

2. I will continue my support of the implementation of proper dredges and retrofit programs. I will continue to work to assure the Department of Agriculture implements appropriate stormwater management practices on farms and new developments.

3. I will continue to support and develop programs that preserve and protect estuaries and tributaries of the Bay. I support the implementation of proper dredge and retrofit programs to provide for watershed protection and a clean and healthy Chesapeake Bay.

Thomas Fleckenstein, Democrat

35-year-old resident of Pasadena. Ran unsuccessfully in District 31 in 1998 and 2002. Lawyer; former Anne Arundel County prosecutor for seven years. Vice chairman, Maryland State Board of Elections. Endorsed by the League of Conservation Voters and the Sierra Club.

1. To keep in touch with Chesapeake Bay, my family and I spend a lot of time in local parks. My children are particularly fond of the beach and waterfront in Downs Park in Pasadena. We visit Annapolis frequently, and try to boat with friends as much as possible. I read as many news accounts regarding environmental issues as possible, and I learn about the state of the Bay from friends and colleagues involved in conservation efforts.

2. If elected, I will make constituent services and education improvement without partisan rancor a priority to best represent my district. I will work hard to revitalize existing older neighborhoods on District 31 while controlling growth in a community oriented, smart-growth manner.

3. To restore the Bay and treat our air, land and water sustainability, I support measures to protect working farmland, establish regional land-use plans, enforce existing regulations and laws and require measurable and enforceable water quality improvements. I also support cleaner and alternative energy sources and innovative conservation solutions. I believe the state should participate fully with neighboring states in environmental compacts and mutually beneficial actions.

Craig Reynolds, Democrat


57-year-old resident of Severna Park. Former teacher at Glen Burnie and Old Mill High Schools; assistant principal at Meade, Northeast and Severna Park High Schools. Endorsed by the Maryland Chapter of the Sierra Club.

1. I am a long-time member of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, and I have attended one of their three-day workshops at the Grace Noonan Center in Dorchester County. I am a former conservation director for a Boy Scout camp on the Eastern Shore. I am a strong environmental advocate, and I always keep abreast of new environmental legislation. I support the efforts of local environmental groups such as the Magothy River Association. I am also a supporter of our county watershed restoration efforts.

2. Wise growth and development is the most relevant issue facing our voters. As a resident of our county for the past 32 years, I have watched our growth spiral with great alarm. Although economic growth is an absolute necessity, so is the wisdom to properly manage that growth. The impact of development must balance our ability to provide and maintain adequate roadways and public transportation. Residential development must also consider the bulging size of our classrooms and the detrimental effect that unbridled growth has on our fragile environment.

We must also provide adequate housing and make strides to improve our healthcare needs and affordability. Moreover, quality educational opportunities must be provided for all children, and I fully support a dedicated fund for the needs that were outlined in the Thornton Commission Report.

3. The state must take a stronger stand in funding restoration projects. Project Open Space needs greater support, and our adequate facilities laws must be firmly enforced. Last year, the state legislature passed the Healthy Air Act and the Agricultural Stewardship Act. Both are positive steps in cleaning up our waterways and air. Both need to be fully supported and strictly enforced.

I believe in the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s Four Point Plan to save the Bay: We must —

• implement tax reform that rewards farmers for agricultural stewardship.

• establish land-use decision-making authority and ensure compliance.

• require measurable and enforceable water quality in stormwater permits.

• create a dedicated environmental fund to sustain long-term funding for water quality improvements.

State Senate: District 33

vote for one of two

Janet Greenip, Republican


59-year-old resident of Crofton and lawmaker for 12 years. Elected senator in 2003; member, Education, Health & Environmental Affairs Committee. Delegate, 1995 to 2003; member of House Ways & Means Committee. Member, Women Legislators of Maryland since 1995. Founder, Greater Crofton Republican Women (president 1977-80, 1985-89). Endorsed by National Federation of Independent Business, Maryland Chamber Political Action Committee, Maryland Farm Bureau and Maryland Right to Life.

1. Our family has been sailing on the Bay for about 25 years. As we cruise the Bay, we observe environmental safeguards like always pumping out our holding tank, picking up moorings, when possible, and following DNR and Coast Guard regulations for maintaining and safely operating our equipment.

In addition, I have participated in planting Bay grasses and a project to repopulate the Bay with turtles.

2. Quality of life can mean many things to many people. For a hint at what I would do, look at what I have done. For example, I brought the State Highway Administration together with Department of Natural Resources on a road flooding problem on Rt. 450, which resulted in SHA reshaping the solution to take into account the ebb and flow caused by the tide. That area of Rt. 450 has not flooded since, pleasing the citizens who drive that way.

Education, public safety, protecting our voting laws and our farms from government encroachment are all issues I have dealt with over the past 12 years of my service in the legislature.

Locally, the influx of people at Fort Meade will put a heavy burden on the infrastructure of the area, actually the whole county. We need to make sure that the roads, schools and sewer systems are adequate.

3. I try to conserve energy and prevent pollution, as an individual. I drive a Prius, which at 51 mpg is much better than the SUV driven by my opponent.

Professionally, I shepherded the Bay Restoration Fund Bill through the legislature, although I feel it could have been crafted better to exempt people who have septic systems. The municipal sewage treatment plants are the biggest polluters. I will continue to monitor the situation to make sure these funds are used wisely so all sewage treatment plants are brought up to acceptable standards as quickly as possible.

The oyster-farming concept shows great promise, and I intend to encourage it.

(An aside: Most of our dirty air is coming from outside Maryland. We can create zero air pollution in Maryland and still not meet federal standards.)

Scott Hymes, Democrat


43-year-old resident of Herald Harbor; Executive director of Severn Riverkeeper Program (on leave of absence). Founder and president of Crownsville Conservancy; vice president, Herald Harbor Citizens Association.

Avid musician; owner and president of Alliance Entertainment; started his first band at 13. With Radio City, plays several community fundraisers including: the American Red Cross, American Cancer Society, American Heart Association and the Anne Arundel Fire Fighter’s Emerald Society.

1. Growing up along the shores of the Chesapeake has given me a deep sense of commitment to restore the Bay to its former glory. Each morning as I look out onto the Severn, I am reminded of how fortunate we are to have such an important environmental and economical resource. I spearheaded the effort to form the Severn Riverkeeper Program.

I also founded the Crownsville Conservancy to help save the forested lands and open spaces. Through innovative design, we have completed a state-of-art stormwater management system that not only reduces pollution but also saves taxpayers money. My leadership efforts to restore the Severn River demonstrate the type of hands-on dedication that it will take to save the Bay.

2. We enjoy a high quality of life in District 33. However, if we do not reverse the alarming trend of unbridled development, we are at tremendous risk of losing this gift. As senator, I will support and help pass legislation that holds polluters accountable, directs growth into areas with existing infrastructure, where it has community support, and protects open space and forested lands. Sprawl development is overcrowding our schools, congesting our streets and destroying our communities.

3. Unlike my opponent, I will work together with my fellow delegates and all levels of government to reassure citizens that we are listening to their concerns, addressing their problems and improving their quality of life. Unfortunately, partisan fighting and a narrow-minded, extremely conservative agenda have alienated our current senator from her colleagues, and it has compromised her ability to achieve results and bring home resources for our district. She has failed to pass any bond bills last year and has only passed four bills in 12 years as a legislator. This is unacceptable for our families. I will bring back effective, common-sense, bipartisan leadership to District 33.

House of Delegates: District 33A

Vote for two of four

Tony McConkey, Republican


42-year-old resident of Severna Park and real estate agent. Delegate since 2003; member of Environmental Matters Committee. Republican Central Committee member,1995-2002. Endorsed by Maryland Right to Life, National Federation of Independent Business and Maryland Farm Bureau.

No response.

James King, Republican


31-year-old resident of Gambrills. Owner of Kaufman’s Tavern, Rockfish Raw Bar and Grill and Sherwood Forest Market. Maryland Restaurateur of the Year Finalist.

No response.

Paul Rudolph, Democrat

74-year-old resident of Severna Park. Retired Westinghouse engineer. Member Anne Arundel County Board of Education for 10 years.

1. First of all, I read a lot, starting with Bay Weekly, other newspapers, applicable books and magazines. I regularly attend lectures and seminars. Keeping myself informed is what I do.

2. Improving the quality of life, and maintaining it for our children, is my primary issue. I will clean up the Bay, control sprawl, alleviate congestion, keep the state green and increase open spaces with public access. I will mitigate the cost of electric power, provide affordable health care, provide opportunities for people to lift themselves out of poverty, provide a quality and balanced education for all students.

3. I have a master’s degree in physical oceanography and will be the most qualified delegate to deal with the Bay’s recovery. I will assure that existing anti-pollution legislation is enforced and teeth put into the legislation if required. I will introduce new legislation as needed.

Patricia Weathersbee, Democrat

54-year-old resident of Crownsville. Owner of Classic Designs Country Store and professional addiction counselor. Alcohol and Drug Advisor for the state Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists, recommending laws and writing regulations for counseling professionals. President: Board of Directors, Hope House.

No response.

House of Delegates: District 33B

vote for one of two

Bob Costa, Republican

48-year-old resident of Deale. Firefighter. Delegate since 2003. Member, Health and Government Operations; former deputy minority whip (2003-2005). Outstanding Legislative Leadership Award, ARC of Maryland and Maryland Association of Community Services, 2005. Founder, South County Republican Dinner Club.

1. I am an avid recreational fisherman and spend a lot of time during the year on the Bay with my two sons, fishing, boating and camping. I also have attended seminars sponsored by the Alliance for Sustainable Communities. I have on occasion gone out with charter boat captains and witnessed the impact of current fisheries and listened to the stories of our watermen and the impact of regulation on their careers.

2. In my first term, I have already sponsored significant legislation to allow the standing of our communities in development issues as a voice for all communities. I have fought for and secured funding for capitol construction for Tracey’s Elementary and Lothian Elementary Schools, which are under construction now. I secured funding for the expansion of our soccer and ball fields at Tracey’s School during the construction phase. As for our public safety, I have many funded road projects underway to improve the safety of intersections along the South County roadways, such as traffic circles and intersections at Rt. 214 and Rt. 424. As a long-time resident in South County, I know we have been treated far too long as the stepchild of Anne Arundel County, and finally we have some recognition.

3. We need to take politicians out of the decision-making and [listen to] scientists on what exact steps are needed step by step to improve and sustain our Chesapeake Bay. Hundreds of millions of dollars are going to be needed just to meet the requirements of the Clean Air Act by 2010. I believe a private and public partnership needs to be developed to assist in the science of sustainability as well as the funding of sustainability. The Chesapeake Bay Foundation and the state need to work together in fundraising and enforcing of current regulations and future plans to ensure the oxygen levels and stormwater runoff issues are managed and planned appropriately.

Mike Shay, Democrat


56-year-old resident of Churchton. Project manager for WRYR, a low-frequency FM radio station owned and operated by SACReD, or South County Citizens for Responsible Development. Founding member of the Southern Anne Arundel Chamber of Commerce. Fought with SACReD to save Franklin Point when large-scale development threatened the wetland area. Blue Crab Candidate; endorsed by the Sierra Club and the Maryland League of Conservation Voters.

1. I try to spend as much time as I can on the Bay in my skipjack. Working on the boat at Discovery Village, I have talked with other sailors, oyster restoration experts from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and watermen who work out of the creek. These people are my friends and colleagues and keep me on the front line of the Bay experience. Sailing on the Bay, one gets a true appreciation for its majesty. Sometimes, its beauty even obscures the fact that it’s actually deeply impaired, and needs a lot of work to be brought back to health.

2. I have spent the past 15 years working to preserve our quality of life in South County, helping to protect our vital wetlands from developers and public officials who tried to pave them. I have also worked hard to protect our local businesses by fighting inappropriate, big box development and promoting projects that give our community the services that it needs. I intend to continue that effort in Annapolis once elected.

3. I look forward to helping the state work closely with the next county administration to implement the Critical Area Laws and Smart Growth policy as they were intended, so our vital wetlands are protected, and future growth occurs in the areas with the infrastructure to accommodate it. I would also like to see the state work with counties to address the huge backlog of outstanding stormwater infrastructure upgrades. I intend to lobby for an increase in Program Open Space funding and ensure that it is not raided for General Fund expenditures under my watch. I will also work with the Maryland Department of the Environment to assure that greater consideration is given to the state of our aquifers in permitting development projects than has been done in the past.

Anne Arundel County Executive

vote for one of two

John Leopold, Republican


63-year-old resident of Pasadena. 30-year state legislator in Maryland and Hawaii. First Republican elected to House from District 31; elected to his fifth term in 2002; member, Appropriations Committee. National Republican Legislators Association Legislator of the Year, 2005.

Defeated four other candidates in the Republican primary.

1. From my girlfriend’s waterfront home, I enjoy watching resident and migrant waterfowl and wading birds. I have seen eagles, herons, red-tailed hawks and young foxes on the beach, one carrying a mallard in its mouth. I am aware of the effects of rainwater runoff as it flows into the creek from storm drains. I appreciate the beauty of the water at sunset. I enjoy canoeing, especially in early mornings with the mist rising from placid water. I also enjoy seeing others enjoying boating activities.

2. I hope to improve citizens’ quality of life by:

1. Restructuring county government to provide essential services at less cost while creating public-private and state-county funding partnerships to solve problems within existing resources and without increasing taxes.

2. Implementing the property tax relief that I initiated in the legislature for seniors on fixed incomes.

3. Creating a 311 telephone system to ensure departmental responsiveness to constituent concerns.

4. Working closely with the school board and superintendent to encourage academic excellence in our public schools while insisting on strict accountability of monies spent.

3. I hope to be a responsible steward of our natural resources by:

1. Continuing efforts to secure reimbursement of Waterway Improvement Fund monies to unclog a backlog of needed dredging projects.

2. Strictly enforcing our sediment control, noise and critical area laws with adequate enforcement personnel and realistic sanctions.

3. Seeking regional smart growth partnerships to implement legislation I sponsored in 2003.

4. Obtaining County Council support for a state-county funding partnership to meet our stormwater management needs.

5. Strongly supporting our reforestation and small creek and estuary restoration programs.

George Johnson, Democrat


52-year-old resident of Glen Burnie. Anne Arundel County sheriff for 12 years; county police officer for 22 years. President of the Maryland Sheriffs’ Association. Blue Crab Candidate; also endorsed by the Sierra Club. Defeated a former Annapolis mayor in Democratic primary.

1. I enjoy fishing and boating with friends and family. I’ve also has an opportunity to tour many of our waterways and tributaries with local advocacy groups to learn about the problems we are facing with pollution from stormwater runoff and erosion. 

2. My plan has always been to protect our communities from sprawl and over-development. The first thing I will do to meet this plan is get communities involved. The biggest issue facing our county is growth. I realize that we can’t stop all growth, but we can do a better job of making sure our communities have a voice so that any future growth reflects the character of our communities rather than changes the character of our communities.

3. My first priority will be to protect the over 500 miles of coastline, the Chesapeake Bay and our tributaries that all contribute uniquely to our quality of life here in Anne Arundel County. That starts with funding priority stormwater runoff projects in the county budget. We can also gain additional funding from our state and federal partners, but only if we show the leadership to help ourselves first by establishing a dedicated fund to fight pollution from stormwater runoff.

Anne Arundel County Council: District 1

vote for one of two

John Edward Lindner, Republican


46-year-old resident of Linthicum; Lawyer specializing in health care and financial services in Anne Arundel County.

1. Like a lot of Marylanders, I enjoy fishing and crabbing on the Bay. I am very aware of the threat the Bay is faced with and realize we must do everything in our power to ensure that Chesapeake Bay continues to be the incredible natural resource that we can all enjoy for centuries to come. 

2. The biggest challenge we face is the explosion of growth in our area. As councilman, I would work to ensure that we maintain adequate buffers and open space to ensure that the quality of life we all enjoy will continue in the face of this growth. I would also work to ensure that our tax dollars are spent wisely and efficiently to serve the citizens. We need to upgrade our educational and public-safety systems to ensure we provide a quality education to our children and ensure that our law enforcement personnel are staffed and paid appropriately.

3. I attended the riverkeepers’ seminar on the Clean Water Act, and it’s obvious we have a huge problem that requires immediate action. The experts there proposed, and I would support, a comprehensive study of all the watersheds in the county to develop a common-sense approach to the problem. I’m not talking about a 10-year study; it must be done quickly and correctly so we can begin to correct this problem before it’s too late. We need a reasoned approach to the overall threat faced by the Bay, and I would certainly support the funding required to develop those solutions and put them in place.

Daryl Jones, Democrat

42-year-old resident of Severn. Criminal defense attorney and tavern owner of Dotson’s Live. Running to be the second African American elected to County Council. Platform includes construction of state’s first park for people with disabilities.

No response.

Anne Arundel County Council: District 2

Ed Middlebrooks, Republican


Anne Arundel County Council: District 3

Ron Dillon, Republican


Anne Arundel County Council: District 4

vote for one of two

Sid Saab, Republican


35-year-old resident of Crownsville. Small business owner; former aviation mechanic. Member Greater Odenton Improvement Association, Maryland Farm Bureau.

No response.

Jamie Benoit, Democrat

34-year-old resident of Piney Orchard. Attorney. Former platoon leader in the Army XIIIth Airborne Corps and the 3D Infantry Division. Assisted the victims of Hurricane Isabel in gaining relief from the National Flood Insurance Program. Endorsed as a Blue Crab Candidate.

No response.

Anne Arundel County Council: District 5

vote for one of two

Cathleen Vitale, Republican


42-year-old resident of Severna Park. Senior member of the law firm of Henault & Sysko, specializing in family and civil litigation. Appointed to County Council in February of 2000; re-elected in 2002. Elected to Anne Arundel County Republican State Central Committee in 1994. Chair (since 1998) of County Republican Party; secretary (since 1999) Maryland Republican Party.

1. The best way to keep in touch with the Bay is by using it and appreciating it as the precious resource that it is. Growing up, the Bay was my family vacation. We would spend much of our time, sailing, swimming and vacationing on the Bay and its tributaries. I realized at an early age what a treasure it is and as a parent, have shared this passion with my son. We participate in clean-up programs, shoreline restoration projects along the Magothy and Severn River and, as was the tradition of my family, we simply spend time enjoying it.

2. Ensure funding is available for infrastructure, retrofitting outdated well and septic systems and educating the public on programs to help fund these upgrades.

• Utilize state open space and agricultural preservation funds to purchase large parcels of environmentally sensitive land as well as appropriate sites for park and recreation activity

• Add enforcement officers to the inspections and zoning office, along with staff attorneys to cite, enforce and litigate if necessary, critical area violations.

• Enact legislation that provides tax incentives for using best management practices on private residences and businesses to address stormwater runoff.

3. As a member of the State Critical Area Commission, I will continue to vote in favor of the Bay and our environment and against inappropriate development. I sat on the panel that rejected the proposal and recommended the refusal of any growth allocation along the Little Blackwater in Cambridge.

• Modify legislation to increase the percentage of stormwater runoff that must be handled on site for renovation and revitalization projects.

• Insist on the utilization of our Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, which calls for the creation of new trail and pedestrian travel paths throughout our county.

A.J. ‘Tito’ Baca, Democrat


36-year-old resident of Arnold. Associate professor in Health Sciences and vice chair of Academic Assembly, Montgomery College at Takoma Park; adjunct professor: Health and Physical Education, Anne Arundel Community College; Adjunct instructor: Wellness through Fitness, College of Notre Dame of Maryland. Blue Crab Candidate. Supports countywide ban on smoking in bars and restaurants.

1. I am a member of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and Chesapeake Outdoor Group and also teach environmental health. I sponsor field trips with my students from Montgomery College to tour the Foundation’s [environmentally friendly] Merrill Building and take water samples throughout the city twice per year through the Foundation and EPA. We talk about the impact of stormwater runoff and pet waste on the health of the Bay. I am also a Blue Crab Candidate.

2. As indicated on my web site and as you will see by some of my endorsements, I will support the Waterway Restoration Utility as a way of raising funds to protect and restore our waterways.

3. Specifically, I will:

• Make variances an exception and not the rule.

• Hold developers financially accountable for violations.

• Ensure that development is environmentally friendly and strategic.

• Make developers responsible for infrastructure improvements that are necessary as a result of the development.

• Look for redevelopment options as opposed to new development.

• Enforce laws already on the books and work with the attorney general’s office to fine those who pollute the Bay or the air.

• Work to preserve open space and historic property.

Anne Arundel County Council: District 6

vote for one of two

Rene Swafford, Republican


53-year-old resident of Annapolis. Practicing attorney. Member of ARC of Anne Arundel County, the Annapolis Rotary Club and Mt. Calvary Methodist church in Arnold.

No response.

Josh Cohen, Democrat


33-year-old resident of Eastport. Parole and probation agent for the state. Elected to the Annapolis City Council in 2001 and 2005; chair, Finance Committee. Past chairman of the Annapolis Democratic Central Committee. Blue Crab Candidate; endorsed by the Maryland Chapter Sierra Club.

1. Kayaking and hiking (and of course eating crabs and rockfish and other Bay seafood).

2. Work to bridge the gap between the county and the city to establish better ongoing dialogue and cooperation;

• Develop a long-term regional framework for development and transportation, concentrating development in already-developed areas, ensuring that facilities are in place to handle the development and protecting the character of the suburban and rural areas of the county.

• Help restore the Chesapeake Bay and our creeks and waterways.

• Strengthen our public schools by offering our teachers competitive compensation, offering incentives for veteran teachers to teach at underperforming schools and supporting proven strategies for excellence such as the International Baccalaureate and AVID programs.

• Enhance police and emergency response service throughout the Annapolis and Crownsville areas.

3. Promote smart growth policies and reduce sprawl.

• Reduce air pollution by enhancing transit and bicycle routes and encouraging transit-oriented development.

• Establish a Watershed Restoration Fund to restore our damaged and eroded creeks and waterways.

• Strengthen grading control standards to reduce construction runoff during major rainstorms.

• Fund purchase of low-emissions vehicles for the county fleet.

• Enhance funding for purchase of agricultural and conservation easements.

• Update building codes to encourage more green buildings and minimize stormwater discharge.

Anne Arundel County Council: District 7

vote for one of three

Edward Reilly, Republican


56-year-old resident of Crofton. Owner of Reilly Insurance Agency. County councilman since 2002; chairman since 2005.

1. Over the past four years, I have kept in touch with the Bay in several ways. First, I have taken a tour with Riverkeeper Drew Koslow on the South River to see and feel the water from his perspective. From monitoring the water, to building oyster reefs and spotting violations, people like Drew know rivers like few of us.

I have been given overviews by environmental activist John Flood on shore-restoration projects to learn about wave action, vegetation and shoreline protection techniques.

Once a year I go out on a rockfish trip to bring home a trophy to the dinner table. When you listen to the commercial fisherman, you get a perspective of fish quantity and quality issues that you don’t get standing on the shoreline.

I have walked the beds of our county streams and seen first-hand the problems that uncontrolled and aging stormwater systems have done to our county. And finally, I attend all the technical meetings I can about stormwater, TDMLs and development to learn how to prevent problems from getting to the water.

2. I will continue the process of including citizens in the decisions we make as government. When laws are created, they need to reflect the visions and ideals of the people I represent. I will continue to encourage agricultural preservation. There will be an expectation that developers must adhere to the highest standards of stormwater techniques, grading procedures and traffic-impact mitigation available. We must keep South County rural.

3. I will continue to promote such legislation as the Right to Farm Bill, the Rockhold Creek Farm Purchase, the Scenic Roads Bill and the Waterman’s Bill. These were designed to protect the heritage of South County. I will advocate for a dedicated revenue stream to help restore the streambeds of our county to reduce pollution and runoff.

Eric Lipsetts, Democrat


54-year-old resident of Harwood. In private law practice, specializing in civil litigation. Former operations officer for the Center for Disease Control, coordinating a children’s survey in Sri Lanka; previous consultant to the Pan American Health Organization; former executive director of the Rappahannock EMS Council, coordinating the emergency medical responses of nine rescue squads. Master’s degree in health planning from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, and a law degree from Georgetown.

1. I love Chesapeake Bay. I was born, raised, worked and live in Maryland. The Bay — with its rockfish and perch, crabs, oysters, clams and recreational capacity — gives this state its character. I monitor its health through the media and have been distressed to learn of the lack of progress in getting it back to a healthy condition.

2. I will ensure that development — whether in Deale, Lothian, Harwood, Edgewater, Mayo or Crofton, or anywhere in between — proceeds in accordance with the people’s wishes, rather that big corporate interests. On my web site I set forth a specific set of proposals, and I invite all to see what I propose, www.ericfor7.com.

3. As I set forth on my web site, I will institute a program to control stormwater and reduce the nutrients that are causing dead zones. I will also ensure that our area develops in such a manner that pollution is eased, land is responsibly developed and buildings are constructed in such a manner that they contribute to the environment, rather than harm it.

Robb Tufts, Green Party


32-year-old resident of Churchton. Program analyst. Managed unsuccessful 2001 campaign of George Law, Green Party candidate for Anne Arundel County for County Council. Co-chair on the Green Party at the National Coordinated Campaign Committee. Spent evenings as a marching percussion instructor at Towson University, with Tectonics indoor marching percussion ensemble, and also with Walkersville High School marching band.

1. I volunteer with watershed groups like the South River Federation, Spa Creek Conservancy and Chesapeake Ecology Center. Also, when I’m not campaigning, I swim, kayak, and sail in the Chesapeake Bay and its rivers.

2. I am committed to passing the inclusionary zoning bill to bring more affordable housing to Anne Arundel County; reducing air pollution by supporting public transit for Anne Arundel; managing our stormwater runoff and cleaning up our watershed through the Watershed Restoration Fund; and fighting for limited, responsible development throughout the county with big-box legislation and by increasing impact fees for new developments.

3. I support the Watershed Restoration Fund, which will provide a dedicated funding source for managing our stormwater runoff and repairing the damage stormwater runoff has done to our streams, creeks and rivers.

Calvert County Board of Commissioners

vote for five of 11

Jerry Clark, Republican

53-year-old resident of Lusby. Former Democrat, elected to the Calvert Board of Commissioners as a Republican in 2002. Owns retail and real estate businesses. Former president, vice president and treasurer of Solomons Business Association. Past treasurer, Calvert County Chamber of Commerce.

No response.

Linda Kelly, Republican

63-year-old resident of Owings, seeking fourth term as commissioner. (president 1998-2000; vice president 2000-’04). Former federal employee (29 years). Helped create the Calvert County Market and Waterman’s Wharf. Advocate for animal welfare.

No response.

Susan Shaw, Republican


58-year-old resident of Huntingtown; elected commissioner in 2002. Switched to Republican Party following a failed run for a commissioner seat in 1998. Self-employed as Susan Ellsworth Shaw, L.C.S.W.-C, B.C.D., a private psychotherapy and mental health consulting firm.

1. I am on or near the Bay as often as I can be. I study environmental information regarding the Bay. I develop relationships with watermen, marine scientists, charterboat captains, marina owners, fishing enthusiasts, clean-water activists and organizations and recreational users to make sure that I am keeping up with the pulse of the Bay.

2. I will continue to control residential growth to promote adequate ground water and soil conservation, decreasing runoff and nutrient loading. I support the Calvert County Comprehensive Plan and the annual study of the Solomons/Mill Creek Harbor as a basis for policy-making. I support environmental scientist and watershed planner positions in Calvert County Government.

Teaching swimming is critical. Accordingly, I will strive to build and complete the approved indoor aquatic center in Prince Frederick. I voted to upgrade the library branches. Careful spending of tax dollars and reduction in traffic congestion are priorities. Quality of life is a driving force for me, with more information available at www.ImChoosingSusan.com

3. Virtually every decision I make is filtered through the lens of sustainability. I voted against increasing the minimum lot size, which contributes to sprawl (4 to 1; Shaw against). I voted against phasing out transferable development rights (TDRs) for sensitive lands (4 to 1; Shaw against). I vote for using TDRs to retire small lots in older communities rather than encourage environmentally detrimental building on those lots (4 to 1; Kelley against). I support a watershed planner in Calvert and using the Chesapeake Bay Restoration Fund to retrofit failing septic systems in the Solomons/Mill Creek watershed with nitrogen removing systems (5 to 0). I support strict adherence to the critical area laws, even when politically charged (Tiki Bar in Solomons). I support environmental education to teach current and future generations how to sustain our beautiful ecosystem.

Mike Benton, Republican


39-year-old Calvert County resident. Owner of real estate and home improvement companies. Chair, Southern Maryland Economic Development Commission; member, Economic Development Authority; Natural Resource Advisory Committee. Calvert County Chamber of Commerce Member of the Year.

1. As a resident of Calvert County, growing up in North Beach, I’ve spent my life on the Bay, fishing in the Bay, crabbing in the Bay, enjoying the Bay. I want my daughter, her daughter and many more generations to be able to enjoy the Bay.

2. Calvert County needs leadership from its commissioners. I believe we need leaders who are proactive — not reactive — in working for Calvert County. I believe we need to continue our slow-growth initiatives and we need to do a better job of managing our town centers and avoiding strip malls. I also have plans to improve communication with citizens by scheduling commissioners meetings and public hearings at more advantageous times, and holding quarterly town hall meetings.

3. The most important thing I can do as a county commissioner is to work hard with our state representatives to continue our local efforts to preserve and protect the Bay; But even more importantly, to work with our neighboring states to eliminate their pollution of the Bay.

Cal Steuart, Republican

67-year-old resident of Huntingtown. Owner of a Dunkirk title company. Ran unsuccessfully as a Democrat for judge of the Orphan’s Court in 2002.

No response.

Mark Frazer, Democrat

65-year-old mayor of North Beach since 1998. Dentist. Former commissioner, elected in 1986 and 1994 as a Republican; vice president for four years. Past president of the Maryland Municipal League.

1. I keep in touch with the Bay by living with it daily. As mayor of North Beach I protect it, through stormwater management, water and sewer improvements and sensible building regulations. I celebrate it, with Bayfest. I share it, providing public access through boardwalk, beach and fishing pier. I advocate for it, and above all, I respect it. I have seen its power in storms, I know its value to the economy and I simply enjoy it, for its recreation, its beauty and the wonder of creation that it is.

2. I have spent two decades, as county commissioner and mayor, working to improve the quality of life for Calvert County and its people. I was on the first Board of Commissioners to implement the visionary 1984 Comprehensive Plan, which set the path for all land preservation and growth management that have followed. I was the decisive vote on adoption of the first Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance. I have fully funded education, revitalized North Beach, supported transportation improvements, preserved open space, brought healthcare to the Beaches, improved recreation opportunities, attracted businesses, added jobs and workforce housing, strengthened volunteer fire and rescue and listened and responded to our citizens. If I am elected, I will continue to do so.

3. Providing transportation improvements that reduce congestion will help protect our air quality. Major sewer treatment upgrades that Chesapeake and North Beach are beginning will help the Bay. I will vigorously support the Calvert County Comprehensive Plan’s growth limits, use the connections I have made throughout the state and in Annapolis, as president of the Maryland Municipal League, to advocate strongly for programs to improve the health of the Bay and Patuxent and keep us on track to achieve our land preservation goals of 40,000 acres, which doubled in my second commissioner term.

Dixie Miller, Democrat


55-year-old resident of Solomons. President of Dixie Miller Presents, an educational consulting firm. Ran unsuccessfully for county commissioner as a Republican in 1990. Board trustee, Calvert Memorial Hospital.

1. I believe each one of us is responsible for cleaning up the Patuxent River and Chesapeake Bay. I attend educational programs throughout the year to keep myself informed regarding the condition of the Bay and river. I would encourage everyone to view the movie Preacher for the Patuxent, The Life and Times of Bernie Fowler. I would like for this movie to be offered as a course by the College of Southern Maryland and other educational institutions to educate children, young adults and older adults about the importance of preserving our natural resources.

2. My top priorities are the issues that affect our daily lives and the future of our county. The education and safety of our children, whether it be in school or after school, is critical. I will work to preserve our open space, our farmland and our quality of life by keeping growth at a sustainable level, thus preserving the rural character of our communities.

3. I look forward to working with former Sen. Bernie Fowler and our elected officials at the state and federal levels to preserve and protect two of our most valuable natural resources, the Patuxent River and Chesapeake Bay. It is incumbent upon each one of us to be vigilant and to do our part in taking care of our waterways. Sen. Fowler’s goal is to restore the river to the clarity and purity of the 1950s, and that is my goal as well.

Wilson Parran, Democrat

56-year-old resident of Huntingtown. Commissioner since 2002; vice president, 2002. President of Winspeed Technologies. Active in civic groups including Calvert County Board of Education; president, Maryland Association of Boards of Education.

1. I recognize the importance of the Bay to our economy, from recreation to jobs and other areas. Annually I enjoy the Leadership Maryland Alumni Fishing Excursion on the Bay. I also enjoy the crabs and other seafood supplied by the Bay. In addition, I review the studies and research regarding the condition of the Bay and the actions required to improve it.

2. People remain in our county or move here because of the quality of life. I will continue to:

• Manage residential growth.

• Preserve our rural landscape.

• Develop solutions to our traffic issues such as the Prince Frederick Loop Road and the Southern Connector Road.

• Explore additional workforce housing solutions.

• Maintain our quality education system.

• Attract environmentally friendly businesses.

• Grow our commercial tax base to lessen the tax burden on home owners.

• Support our volunteer fire and rescue organizations as well as effective law enforcement to ensure the public’s safety.

All of those initiatives contribute to the quality of life.

3. I will support initiatives to clean up the Bay. Clearly in Calvert County, all streams eventually lead to the Bay. Over the last four years, I supported the revisions to the zoning ordinances that included:

• Strengthening the stream buffer regulations to apply to all perennial and intermittent streams;

• Prohibiting development of new residential development on steep slopes;

• Reducing the forest clearing exemption for certain projects (thus protecting more forestland).

• Establishing clearing limits and impervious surface limits on lots in communities without approved storm-water management plans.

I supported full funding of the land- preservation programs as well as the watershed planner grant position to conduct environmental education and outreach with special emphasis on watersheds. I will continue to support the necessary changes to zoning that will protect our environment and strengthen the land-preservation program.

E. Lloyd Robertson, Democrat

65-year-old resident of Huntingtown. ?Retired public education planner for Calvert County.

1. Follow articles and legislation that directly relates to Chesapeake Bay watershed.

• Follow the work of the Chesapeake Bay Critical Areas Commission.

• Regularly confer with an individual involved in research/work related to water quality.

2. Reduce possible commuter time.

• Create more recreational opportunities, both directed and self-directed, closer to neighborhoods.

• Promote parks and other historic sites in Calvert County.

• Promote volunteerism.

3. Raise awareness of our citizens to work to protect our natural resources.

• Promote more environmentally friendly ways citizens can maintain lawns/property.

• Promote public transportation

• Promote Green Building concepts, geothermal programs by offering incentives.

Barbara Stinnett, Democrat

71-year-old resident of Owings. Former two-term county commissioner with 20 years legislative experience. Legislative aide to state Sen. Roy Dyson. Has run bookkeeping/accounting service for 35 years. Active in American Legion Auxiliary, Calvert County Citizens Advisory Board. Received Ducks Unlimited Conservation Award.

1. We all keep in touch with the Bay as we go about our daily tasks, throw away trash, water our lawns, clean out the garage and a bevy of everyday normal housekeeping duties. The elected officials and planners, and businesses and advocates, such as Sen. Bernie Fowler, have devoted years to learning about the Bay and have attempted to inform citizens of our serious problems with the waterways. We need to demonstrate commitment and listen and support his efforts.

My role is to respect our waterways, to be vigilant and to reduce pollutants that we have a distinct control over, such as fertilizers, garden and weed-control poisons and insecticides. I have reduced my use of these and have made every effort to advise and educate my family — especially my grandchildren — about the need to save our Bay and its tributaries. This is a small start, but if we all work at it, we can make a difference.

Additionally, I read all the materials that I can find to learn what is being done and how I can do better. If elected, I will continue to respect and enforce environmental regulations.

2. As an advocate for improved quality of life, I will continue to support the regulations and promote education on the history of the Bay to the citizens through schools, neighborhoods and community activists to bring about recognition of the beauty of our great county attributes.

Sen. Dyson introduced legislation to have more rigid inspections of the oil pipelines that pose a serious threat to our waterways. We need to support legislators who support our environment, and we need to know there are no quick fixes; there will be a cost to the fix.

3. I would like to see the funding for agricultural and aquacultural classrooms in our schools. These educate the children, our future, about the ecology and its relationship to the circle of life in our earth. The waters of our Chesapeake Bay bring millions of dollars into our country’s economy both as recreational attraction and as a source of seafoods. I’d like to see regulations regarding nitrogen removal in our waste treatment plants and the inclusion of other states in the requirement for cleaning up the Bay. We all have a responsibility.

John Douglas Parran, Independent

54-year-old resident of St. Leonard. Employed in family transportation business. Elected to Board of Commissioners in 1998 as a Republican after losing in 1994. Ran unsuccessfully for commissioner in 2002 and Congress in 1996. Recently published a photography book, This is Calvert County.

1. I visit the Bay and spend time there. I enjoy eating Maryland blue crabs from the Bay. I visit with my friend who collects shark’s teeth from the shoreline. I love living near the Bay.

2. I will work to control residential growth, which affects all of our most serious problems: traffic, over-crowding at schools, pollution of the air and water, cost of government. I will also find solutions to highway safety problems and find more ways to help youth and our elderly citizens.

3. Participate and support Bay clean-up efforts. Support recommendations from environmental experts in ways to conserve and protect our waterways from pollution, and lobby state officials to support such measures.

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