Volume 14, Issue 47 ~ November 23 - November 29, 2006

Letters to the Editor

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Seeking Southern Maryland Stuffed Ham

Dear Bay Weekly:

I found an old letter to the editor on a search of Yahoo about shipping stuffed ham. At that time, you knew of two places where you could buy stuffed ham, but neither would ship. Do you know if that has changed? I have an aunt in Texas that I’d love to send it to for Christmas. And my family and I are flying to Atlanta for Christmas this year, which will result in the first year of not having my dad’s stuffed ham for Christmas! I’m trying to find how to easily have it shipped.

— Tricia Hamilton, Hughesville

Editor’s reply: So Maryland So Good (www.somarylandsogood.com), the source on Southern Maryland farm products, warns that shipping is unlikely because Southern Maryland stuffed ham is a perishable commodity. Just in case, however, inquire of two of the region’s best stuffers David McKay at McKay’s Grocery headquarters: 301:373-5848; Jackie or Virginia Tennyson at Chaptico Market: 301-884-3308.

Challenging Burton on USS Development

Dear Bay Weekly:

I look forward to the weekly edition of your paper. It brings a much-needed local perspective to our region and the issues we face. But the recent column by Bill Burton presented a case for which I find no logic.

Bill Burton writes about the “the last American Independents” in the Oct. 26 issue of Bay Weekly [Vol. xiv, No. 43]. He opines that “farmers labor to make ends meet while real estate developers beat on their doors offering outlandish prices for their spread.”

His column attempts to demonstrate that the livelihood of farmers and fishermen is being made tenuous by the fact that someone would offer an “outlandish” price for their property. Most of the column is devoted to recitation of how hard it is for an owner-operator to survive as a farmer or fisherman. Then in summary he states that these businesses are under attack by the “USS Development” because someone has offered them a price for their property that “would bring them enough to retire comfortably.”

I agree that “making a go of it” as a family-run farm or charter fisherman is a hard but rewarding life. I would also agree with the good writer that the economic challenges he has enumerated are daunting obstacles to surviving in those endeavors. But I fail to see why he concludes that they are a result of someone offering to buy their property. If a businessman, (be he a farmer or fisherman) concludes that he no longer wishes to carry on the family business, why would Burton begrudge him the opportunity to receive that “outlandish” price and “retire comfortably?”

—George Rathlev, Annapolis

Safe Boating Builds Good Trails

Dear Bay Weekly:

The Friends of Anne Arundel County Trails thank you for publishing our six Maryland safe boating courses this year for our classes. Two hundred thirty-nine boater students registered, 204 passed the course and were certified. We raised $5,875 from the $25 registration fee to be spent on improvements to the county trails.

Thanks again and we can use your help in 2007!

—Edgar H. Parker: Friends Boating Safety Coordinator

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