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Continued ... Star is Lost ... Part Two


Continued From Last Week's 3 Chapters ...


When we left last week, Ariel, Eric, Emelia, Max (a now-talking dog), Princess Sun and Rainbow were searching for Star. An alien had just told them that he left with the storm.

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Chapter 4

Out to Outerspace!

"They said, 'He went left with a storm!'" said Ariel.

They floated for awhile.

"I'm hungry," complained Eric, a little while after. "I want Annies," he said.

"I brought a little," said Emelia.Max, Emelia, Ariel, Eric

"I don't want Annies," said Ariel.

"Here's some turkey then," suggested Emelia.

After they ate, they floated some more. Then Eric said, "I don't like being quiet. Please pass the butter."

"Why?" asked Ariel.

"Don't you know, if you throw butter at a storm -- whatever is with the storm will fall out?"

"No!" said everybody but Eric.

"Well, it works!" yelled Eric.

"Look!" said Princess Sun, "It's Star!"

Then Emelia yelled, "Get the butter!"

Emelia, Ariel and Eric started throwing the butter. "Smack, woosh, smack, woosh!"

"I hit it," yelled Eric.

Star fell "plump" right in Emelia's arms.

"Let's go home, I'm tired," mumbled Star, still half asleep.

"We better go home," said Ariel. "Bill will be looking for Max."

"He sure will," said Max.

"Yea!" screamed Emelia. "I want some hot chocolate!"

Chapter 5book cover

Home at Last!

"They sailed through the sea!" read Ariel.

"We're here!" interrupted Emelia.

Ariel, Emelia, Eric and Max jumped off.

"One, two, three, that's all," counted Princess Sun.

"What about me?" corrected Max.

"Four," said Rainbow.

So they went home and stopped at Bill's.

"Hello old pal!" said Bill.

Then Emelia remembered. Max could still talk!

"Rauph!" barked Max.

Emelia looked up. Star winked.

"Bye!" Ariel said.

"Phew!" Ariel pretended to be frightened.

"I have to go home!" said Eric.

"All right!" Ariel said.

Emelia burst into the door.

"Hi Mom!"

"Can I have some hot chocolate?"

"Ok," said Mom.

"Me, too," said Ariel.

They both laughed.

The End!

Emelia's Tips on Writing Your Own Story

by Ariel Brumbaugh, Junior Reporter & Big Sister


Q What was the easiest part of the story?

A The easiest part was writing the story.


Q What was the hardest part?

A Thinking up the story.


Q What tips can you give?

A Put an image in your mind and make up your story as you go along.


Q How to get started?

A It's easiest if you make up one story per week. Start with small stories and get bigger each week until you have a book.


Q How did you get started?

A In first grade, I started writing small stories every day, and in second grade, I wrote two big stories. One was Star Is Lost.

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