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Scientists are piecing together the clues of our ancient history, Fossils ...

Nancy Mikesell and her son Brian Mikesell came to the Anne Arundel County Public Library in Deale to talk about fossils.

"Fossils are important because they connect us with our past, teaching us what was before, what our legacy is and what our heritage was," Nancy said.

A large crowd of parents with kids came to listen and do activities on fossils. Ooh's and ahh's came from the room as Nancy and Brian held up snail shells, shark's teeth and whale backbones. There were even crocodile teeth and mastodon teeth. Nancy says that most of these things can be found on Chesapeake Bay beaches at low tide.

Nancy allowed kids to handle the objects as long as they didn't run away with them. Then the children made their own fossils out of play dough and molds. Brian was generous enough to hand out small shark's teeth to the children. Then cries of "Look what they gave us, Mom," could be heard throughout the building.

Kids walked out of the library ready to start a new hobby, combing the beach for hidden treasures. One lucky kid may even find a treasure like Nancy's, an eight-foot rib bone of a whale.

How do you find shark's teeth? It's easy. When I'm looking for sharks teeth I pick one small spot on the beach and look. If there is nothing on top of the sand, then lightly brush your hand over the top. Shark's teeth are all most always black with age. If you can't find shark's teeth, don't be discouraged because there are also a lot of neat shells and stones on the beach. Good luck!

- by Junior Reporter, Ariel Brumbaugh

A Fossil Hunt

 	h	r	f	o	s	s	i	l	k	f	
	i	i	s	w	b	o	n	e	d	e	
	s	b	h	h	f	p	r	a	b	n
	t	r	e	a	s	u	r	e	g	x
	o	t	l	l	h	a	j	k	a	q
	r	o	l	e	a	c	n	s	k	s
	y	o	s	x	r	z	l	d	i	y
	m	t	z	c	k	f	m	i	h	v
	o	h	u	n	t	l	h	g	n	c

Find the words below horizontally, vertically and diagonally:

 fossil  tooth  bone  dig
 sand  shells  history  shark
 whale  treasure  hunt  rib

Kids' Calendar

B-I-N-G-O Fri. Sept. 17 (6-7:30pm) - B-4, N-12, O-23. Listen to numbers and fill your bingo card. Prizes for everyone. Sponsored by Calvert Co. Parks and Recreation Central Div. Ages 6-11. Mt. Hope Community Center. rsvp: 410/257-6770.

Corduroy Cuddle Sat. Sept. 18 (11am) - Say hello to your favorite storybook character. Bear hug the lovable, huggable teddy bear, Corduroy. Ages 2-4. Zany Brainy, Annapolis Harbour Center: 410/266-1447.

Tasty Treats Sat. Sept. 18 (2-4pm) - Taste your way around Flag Ponds. Find out what other creatures eat for tasty treats. Battle Creek Cypress Swamp, Port Republic: 410/535-5327.

Get A Clue Sept. 18 &19 (2pm) - Come along on an adventure with your favorite dog, Blue. Celebrate the arrival of the newest Blue's Clues video. Ages 2-4. Zany Brainy, Annapolis Harbour Ctr.: 410/266-1447.

Night Bike Sat. Sept. 18 (7pm) - Join Ranger Brian along the trails at Kinder Farm Park. Pass park wildlife along the way. Wear helmets. Kinder Farm Park, Millersville. rsvp: 410/222-6115.

Keep Healthy Sun. Sept. 19 (1-5pm) - Make sure you are in tip-top shape. Head to Annapolis Jaycees Children's Health Expo for child safety seat checks, dental, vision, hearing screenings and the AA County Sheriff's Dept. ID-a-Kid program. Petting zoo, face painting and prizes add to the fun. Radisson, 210 Holiday Ct., Annapolis: 410/626-0731.

Radical Rodents Sun. Sept. 19 (2-4pm) - Don't run and don't hide! Learn the who's who of rodents and why they are so important. Battle Creek Cypress Swamp, Port Republic: 410/535-5327.

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