An Inside Glimpse of Thomas Point Lighthouse History

Great August 4 article on the Bay’s beacons and guardians for safety. The city of Annapolis holds title to the Thomas Point Light. When I was mayor, I was fortunate to sign the special papers for transfer from the federal government to the city with the Secretary of the Interior in a ceremony at City Dock.
    Saving the lighthouse by the city was controversial with the Council, several opining it would cost us money. I visited Rose Island Light in Newport, Rhode Island, owned by that city. In 30 years, they had not spent any money. Management was under a non-profit that raised funds for its upkeep.
    We used the same model. The city holds title to protect the lighthouse. A consortium of Bay lighthouse volunteers, including the Annapolis Maritime Museum, are the keepers of the light. I feel privileged to have been a part of this transaction and to have my name on the deed. Thought you would be interested in the rest of the story on Thomas Point Light, a real Bay icon.

–Ellen Moyer, Eastport

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