Apollo 18

In space no one can hear you scream, which is too bad for the astronauts of Apollo 18, since they spend a half the movie shrieking.
    The film is purportedly pieced together from found footage of Apollo 18, a secret mission to the moon that caused the government to close the Apollo program for good. It shows three astronauts on a secret Defense Department mission to set up an audio device to spy on the USSR. Instead, they are attacked by an unimaginable evil.
    Space crabs.
    Technically they’re an aggressive alien life form that hasn’t been identified. Basically the creatures are the face-huggers from the Alien franchise, rendered in cheap CGI effects. Copying of better movies aside, these creepy crabs are on a mission to kill the space invaders on their planet.
    The plot is a confusing mishmash of government conspiracy theories and space-horror clichés. You’d like to think that trained astronauts wouldn’t wander into dark caverns on the moon alone and with no light source. That must be part of the training, right?
    Insistence that the footage is real is carried so far that the actors are not credited. If NASA actually set up no less than 30 cameras to record every angle of this secret moon mission, the real adventure would be chronicling the filmmakers’ stealing what amounts to hundreds of reels of footage from the Department of Defense.

Disappointing Horror • PG-13 • 88 mins.