Are You Registered?

Memorial Day reminds us of one way to serve our country.
    Election Day offers each of us another way.
    To vote, you don’t have to don a uniform, swear an oath or go in harm’s way.
    You do have to register, and for that time is short.
    June 3 is the last day to register — or change your registration — to vote in June 24’s Primary Election.
    Choice is widest in primaries, when entering a race requires not much more than conviction that you’ve got the right ideas and right stuff to make government work. Instead of rank and file donkeys and elephants, you’ll find animals of all stripes on the ballot in Primary Elections. It costs between $10 and $50 to file as a candidate in most races, plus as much determination, energy and money as you’re willing to put in your campaign.
    Candidates come in many stripes, but voters are welcome in only two. You’ve got to be a Democrat or a Republican to vote in Maryland Primary contests.
    Independents, Greens, Libertarians and Constitutionalists have to wait until November’s general election. Or shift species to donkey or elephant — at least provisionally.
    Register online at Or pick up an application at your library, post office and many other county and state offices. Applications must be returned or postmarked by June 3.

Learn about the candidates at, sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Maryland.