Baby, It’s Hot Out There

By Kathy Knotts

It’s not just hot, it’s downright steamy right now in the mid-Atlantic. We are in the middle of our first true heat wave, which is generally defined as more than five days in a row that exceeds our average max temps by nine degrees (F). After seeing record temps in Texas and Europe, it’s now our turn. (Does anyone even remember those below-average temperatures last month or are they now a fever dream?)

The soaring temps taxed the power grid in Texas, which is still being affected by triple-digit heat and drought conditions. My colleague, Meg Viviano, is heading to the Midwest this week and reports that the forecast is full of three-digit numbers. Across the pond, France has been in crisis due to the unprecedented heat there, with the press calling it a “brutal heat dome” that is now shifting into Central Europe. Many Europeans don’t have air conditioning, making it a dangerous situation.

While we have had no shortage of rain here in Chesapeake Country, we are still looking at temps in the 90s with a chance to hit 100 over the next seven days.

Our timing for a Beat the Heat issue couldn’t have been better. We are all looking for ways to cool down and chill out. So we went on a hunt for the most obvious first option: swimming pools.

Unless you are a member of a neighborhood pool or marina, there are slim pickings here in Chesapeake Country. There are just a handful of public pools around and we expect them to be packed over the weekend. Judy Colbert gives us a small roundup of where to go and what to expect if you need a splash zone. In 2022, you can rent a pool just like you can rent a vacation home ( How times have changed.

Growing up in the Deep South, I absolutely hated the heat of summer (and still do). When we weren’t being dropped off at the local Elks Club pool, we were begging to go to a friend’s house because they had a pool. In my eyes, anyone who had an in-ground pool lived at the height of luxury. Those kids didn’t know how good they had it! Those were also the days for laying in a lawn chair with a sprinkler going round and round, watering kids rather than plants.

Climate scientists say we better get used to this weather pattern, as heat waves will become more common. It may be a good time to think about using solar energy to power our air conditioning? Just take a page out of Jared Littman’s book. Littman owns K&B True Value in Annapolis and just installed a new solar roof. He’s saving dollars and helping the planet keep its cool. Susan Nolan tells you more in her story.

Migrating north seems to be a smart option in times like this. Until then, I will have all my fans on high and continue on my mission to become besties with a pool owner, or at least a boat owner. Let me know where you like to chill out? Email [email protected].