Be Kind to Animals Week

Be Kind to Animals Week is May 1-7, and it’s the perfect time to encourage the young animal lovers in your life to put their compassion into action. Relating to animals’ feelings helps kids develop empathy and grow into responsible, caring citizens.
    There are countless ways to encourage kids to show kindness to their furry friends. You could take them along while you walk your dog (or get permission to walk a neighbor’s lonely chained dog) and remind them that dogs need to exercise, breathe fresh air and sniff every day.    Many animal shelters offer volunteer opportunities for children that range from collecting blankets and dog and cat toys at their schools to hands-on interaction with homeless animals. Or you could simply show kids how to spend daily kitty quality time playing with, brushing, and bonding with their feline companions.
    For more ideas, check out 50 Awesome Ways Kids Can Help Animals: Fun and Easy Ways to Be a Kind Kid by Ingrid Newkirk and visit

–Lindsay Pollard-Post, for The PETA Foundation