Calvert Wants Your Old Clothes

Clean out your closets and support the Calvert County D.A.R.E. program in one fell swoop. Nine new donation boxes bring Calvert’s textile recycling locations to 16, making it easier for citizens and earning more money for the county.
    “Instead of these resources being landfilled, the profitable and recyclable textiles are sold on the market for reuse by others or for fibers,” explains Calvert County Recycling Coordinator Bill Teter.
    Mid-Atlantic Textile Company, the county’s textile recycling contractor, donated $900 for the nine new containers to the Calvert County Drug Abuse Resistance Education program.
    Virtually any type of fabric is accepted.
    “Almost anything that’s a textile is welcome: shoes, clothing, bedsheets, drapes, even scraps or remnants from sewing projects. We will take those. It just has to be clean,” Teter says.
    Look for the new textile recycling containers outside these places: Calvert Pines Senior Center, Cove Point Park, Dunkirk District Park, the Edward T. Hall Aquatic Center, Hallowing Point Park, Harriet Brown Community Center, Calvert Library’s Fairview and Southern Branches and Southern Community Center,
    Find a full list of acceptable textiles or locations for the 16 county-sponsored textile-recycling containers: