Celebrate the Earth Day Journey

Dear Bay Weekly:
    Join us in celebrating Earth Day on Friday, April 22, from 4 to 8pm. You’ll meet an oyster rancher, paddle a kayak, spin wool, listen to music and a nature reading and drink some slack wine.
    At the 7:30pm closing ceremony at sunset, we’ll gather on a spot overlooking the St. Mary’s River, and I’ll read The Journey, a reflection that begins …
    When the sun sets on my river, and the wings of gulls turn to white gold …
    Bring your families and picnic dinner to Woodlawn Farm at 16040 Wynne Rd. in Ridge to celebrate Mother Earth.
    If you can’t make the event and would like to read The Journey, plus the other 59 reflections in Invitation to Wonder: A Journey through the Seasons, it’s available in print and Kindle editions at www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0984517847/elizabetayrescen

–Elizabeth Ayres, Ridge (301-872-5175)

Editor’s note: Invitation to Wonder was the subject of Janice Booth’s April 7 article, which you can read at http://bayweekly.com/articles/books/article/recommitting-restoration.