Russell Got It Right (Except the White Hair)

Dear Bay Weekly:

I think Amy Russell’s article on me [“A Time to Reap, A Time to Sow”: May 13] turned out very nicely! Or at least, I did after I got over my shock at seeing all that white hair in the cover photo.

And the timing was certainly perfect. I had a very successful open house this past weekend — parking even got to be a problem — and most of the customers said they’d come because they saw the article. Bay Weekly is definitely influential in the community!

Thanks to Amy for all her work, 

–Mary-Stuart Sierra, Lower Marlboro Nursery

Oyster Shell Comes First

Dear Bay Weekly:

In my eagerness to thank your staff at the Calvert Green Expo, I realized that I may not have thanked you directly for your terrific story, “Which Came First: The Oyster or the Shell?” (April 29) on the critical role of shells in oyster restoration programs. I’m impressed by how well you not only reflected what I told you, but how well you characterized the situation. Your story not only gave the Southern Maryland Oyster Cultivation Society a welcome boost but also educated people around the area about the critical need for more shell.

I plan on taking a few copies of your publication to the Oyster Advisory Commission meeting this Wednesday on the Eastern Shore to share with folks who might not have seen it.

Thanks again for your support.

–Len Zuza, Lusby: President, SMOCS

How to Fly Maryland’s Flag

Dear Bay Weekly:

I am looking at the May 13-19 issue of Bay Weekly and wondering who is in distress. With the Maryland flag upside down on the cover of Bay Weekly, I hope this is not a signal of the demise of the paper. What’s up?

–Spencer J. Leech III, by email-

Editor’s reply: Happily it’s not Bay Weekly in distress. Whatever’s up is up with Pick Up America. Few of the crew are Marylanders. They may not know that the Calvert gold goes up.

Bay Weekly’s Tom Wisner Bibliography

Dear Bay Weekly:

I was searching for Bay Weekly articles about Tom Wisner after his death but did not see any via my search online. I did see your stories in February and March.

Did you publish an obit or story about his memorial service in April?

Can I access them online?

You may remember that Tom lived with us at Woodburn Hill Farm in St. Mary’s County for about five years, from 1995 to early 2001.

–Frank L. Fox, Mechanicsville

Editor’s reply

I had forgotten Tom’s time with you. It’s a story I’d like to hear.

Bay Weekly’s last story about Tom was my Letter from the Editor on April 8, Farewell Tom Wisner (

Other stories on Tom in the last year: 

March 4: “Tom Wisner’s Name Lives On”: King’s Landing Environmental Education Center takes poet’s name (

February 25: “Follow on the Water”: Tom Wisner’s last album is inspired and nourished by friendships around Chesapeake Bay (

Jan. 21: Tom’s last concert: “Tom Wisner in Story and Song”: Four musicians play tribute to the Bay bard and his love of the Chesapeake (