Loving Books

Dear Bay Weekly:

I jumped right into your SummerReading Guide [July 1]. For MalcolmGladwell, under Documentaries CanRead Like Novels, I’d pick Outliersover your choice, The Tipping Point.The life list is a great idea. I wrote upmy list the same night I read yours.

–Jenny Cook, Durham, NC

Loved Love a River

Dear Bay Weekly:

I loved your editorial Love a River in the June 24 issue of Bay Weekly. It’s absolutely beautiful!

I’ve been reading Ageless Body, Timeless Mind by Deepak Chopra, and when I came across the passage:

“Humans are not trapped in time, squeezed into the volume of a body and the span of a lifetime. We are voyagers on the infinite river of life,” I just had to send it to you.

I always enjoy reading Bay Weekly, and I’m so grateful to you for printing my article on Darfur in Bay Reflections a few years ago.

–Sylvia Oliva, Annapolis

When Little Boats Go Bad

Dear Bay Weekly:-

The GREEN, TOO, show at Annmarie Garden opens July 16 with a reception. Thanks so much for helping me track down abandoned boats by running my letter!

My piece, When Little Boats Go Bad, is a mixed-media collage with one large piece (30 by 40 inches) and two smaller side pieces (12 by 12 and 11 by 14 inches). In addition, Annmarie Garden will provide a podium with a notebook for visitors to tell about abandoned boats in their area, and I will continue to photograph and document these boats.

GREEN, TOO, was designed as the second part of the GREEN exhibit, as an installation that invites visitors to immerse themselves in the environment. For that reason I decided to make my section interactive with a chance for continuing interest and follow-up to this problem of abandoned boats throughout our region.

—Beverly Jackson, St. Mary’s County