Destination: Fun

Live music by the water at Anchored Inn in Deale.

By Meg Walburn Viviano 

“It’s a nice place to live and work,” my husband said, diplomatically, of the Midwest town where he grew up. “It’s not a destination.” 

How lucky are we in Chesapeake Country—a good place to live and work and also a destination people dream of when the weather gets warm? The region’s water activities, connections to nature, fresh seafood and ambience all make it very enticing to people from land-locked areas. 

As for us, we get to enjoy these perks daily if we want to—they’re right in our backyard. But if I’m being honest, I could do a better job of taking advantage of our waterfront locales. I’ve noticed that I usually do more Bay-centric activities when I’m entertaining out-of-town friends than I otherwise would: Ride a water taxi! Pick crabs at a table by the water!  

When I ignore our glorious Bay, it’s usually because I’m doing the laundry, or taking the kids to soccer, or picking up endless LEGOs. The pandemic restrictions in place last summer also put a damper on our ability to freely meander through small towns, or eat and drink at our favorite dockside restaurants. But that’s even more reason to explore these destinations now. 

Beginning with this issue, CBM Bay Weekly will hone in on the best spots in Chesapeake Country where you can make a weekend of it. We’re taking you to different waterfront towns in the area—by boat or by car—and taking a page from our sister publication Chesapeake Bay Magazine

You can look for our Weekends on the Water section in issues throughout the summer, and we kick it off in Deale, a sweet town with primo fishing. Whether it’s the place you call home or a place you’ve always meant to check out (but aren’t quite sure where it is on the map), we’ve got you covered. 

The Grammy-nominated country rock band Brothers Osborne grew up in Deale. It’s known as a convenient spot for Washington, D.C., types to vacation and keep their boats—a weekender could easily reach several desirable spots on the mid-Chesapeake if they left from Herring Bay. 

Deale’s resort marinas, festive dock bars, and cute shops will have you in vacation mode in no time, and our roundup of spots to eat, drink, boat, and relax will make you glad to live here on the Bay. 

I have been to my husband’s hometown in the Midwest, and he’s right: it’s a good place to live and work. The people are nice, and the ballfields are green. But there’s no Bay anywhere to be found—no local blue crabs or sunsets on the water, no water taxi to whisk you away. 

Wisely, my husband decided years ago to make Maryland his home, so we can enjoy a weekend on the water anytime. Get me to Deale, please!