Filling Dr. Bear’s Closet

It’s a big job making sure Dr. Bear’s closet at Children’s Hospital National Medical Center in Washington, D.C., is never bare.  
    For the children, it’s a closet as crucial as the closets that hold bandages and medicine.
    Dr. Bear’s Closet stocks toys and games for children with a special request or who have a special day, like a birthday, coming up.
    Often, a toy from the closet helps a child who’s having a rough day.
    It takes a village — several hundred organizations and individuals — to keep the closet full.
    Each month, one of Century 21 New Millennium’s 16 offices is a part of that village, organizing donations to Children’s National Medical Center. In April, the Dunkirk office hopes to add 75 bears to the closet.
    Ten dollars buys a 12-inch bear for a child at Children’s Hospital. To help stock the closet, send a check payable to Century 21 New Millennium: 301-855-5900.