From CSA to Table, with Help

Dear Bay Weekly:

A while back I read an article written by Amy Russell regarding Community Supported Agriculture. She had mentioned something about a specific website that offered a searchable ingredient list for common CSA foods. I would like to know the address.

–Nicole Reed: [email protected]

Russell’s reply: The website is It lets you enter the ingredients you have at home and generates a list of recipes you can use. You can enter as many or as few ingredients as you want. At first I used it for my CSA items when I needed new recipe ideas, but now I use it all the time so that I’m not constantly running out for one more thing.

Editor’s note: Russell concludes her journey to fresh food and cooking skills in this week’s paper. Her earlier articles were Eat Your Veggies [March 18,] and I’m Learning to Cook, One Box at a Time [June 10,]