Home and Garden Helpful Tips

Antique and vintage items can be used to enhance the garden and other outdoor spaces, even pools and ponds. Japanese fisherman’s floats, small garden sculptures and metal pieces can become focal points and can add whimsy and flair.
–Jane Walter and Paula Tanis, A Vintage Deale
Antique clocks should be cleaned and serviced every seven years. Newer clocks need to be serviced even more frequently. By having your clock serviced on a regular basis, you will prevent damage and avoid expensive repairs.
–Rick and Doris Graham, Maryland Clock Company
Lighten up your rooms outdoor as well as in. A new colorful indoor/outdoor area rug by Dash and Albert is a great way to add character to your outdoor space. 
–Alexandra Small, Maryland Paint & Decorating
Brighten your home for spring and summer with brilliant, color-saturated, handcrafted Italian tableware. From the Riccardo Marzi line, table settings, unique dining sets and baking dishes in both solid colors and patterns add decorative beauty to your home as well as verve to your table.
–Teresa Schrodel, Medart Galleries
Bury your banana peels under your rose bushes; roses love the potassium. No need to dig down and bury them deep. You can just wipe away a little dirt and leaves, throw down the peel, then cover it back up with the dirt you’ve pushed aside.
Use your coffee grounds to feed your plants, especially nitrogen-loving ones like camellias, hydrangeas and roses. Not only will you have healthier plants. you’ll also save money on fertilizer.
Coffee grounds or aluminum powder sprinkled on the roots of hydrangeas will turn the flowers blue.
–John Krause, John Krause Construction & Landscaping
Buy what you like. What others find stylish should not matter. When you look at the items in your home, they should give you joy beyond measure.
–Reza Akbari, Silk Road Antiques
Chart your life’s passages on your walls. Maps help you remember favorite places and set your sights on new horizons. 
Anything you want to mark your passage through life, including maps, can be framed or mounted to fit your decor.
–Elizabeth Ramirez, Wimsey Cove Framing & Art
Choose a real estate broker who has the local information, key contacts and first-hand knowledge of the people and places that make our county special. In today’s market, you need every advantage. Having an experienced, proven professional on your side of the transaction is to your best advantage.
–David Wright, The Wright Team, Champion Realty
The cold weather from last winter could mean damage to the plumbing inside or outside of your home. Spring is an ideal time to perform annual checks on well water, check valves, hose bibs, pier lines and more. Additionally, well owners should test their water annually, at a minimum, for bacteria, nitrates and other contaminants. More frequent testing is recommended if there is a change in the taste, odor or appearance of the water. Well tests are important part of monitoring the performance of water treatment equipment.
–Tracey Wells, Hague Quality Water of Maryland
Consider what you are planning to store in your shed when determining what size you need. 
Any outdoor structure needs a proper foundation. I recommend gravel because it provides both drainage and support. 
Sheds can be attractive and add to the curb appeal of your property if you take the time to consider color, design and location. Look for styles that complement your home.
Ready-made and custom-built sheds can be delivered directly to your yard. Building on site is another option, especially if you don’t have enough clearance for a shed to be delivered to your potential site.
Don’t let the cost of a high quality shed deter you. Financing is available, and we will work with your budget. 
–Annette Wallace: Beiler’s Structures
Create your own oasis. As the pool enjoyment season fast approaches, the pool-building season gains momentum.
Beat the Maryland heat and humidity with a custom made in-ground concrete pool for homeowners who want a vacation site in their own backyard. Call us now before the heat and humidity of Maryland’s summer of 2018 is upon us.
–Kip Seyferith, Catalina Pools
Frequently, people assume a leaning tree is either dangerous or dying and must be removed. That’s not always the case. Before removing a tree, call in a Tree Risk Assessment Qualified (TRAQ) expert.
–Steven Graham, Independent Tree Care
Heighten your creativity by indulging your senses. A home should be more than just visually appealing. Look for accessories that add texture and fragrance to your surroundings.
–Pamela Whitlow, The Magnolia Shoppe
If your house looks like you don’t take pride in it, others will value it accordingly. Keep your home and yard fresh, clean and uncluttered, especially if you plan to sell. Many buyers are moving because they have outgrown their current living space. So the appearance of an open and inviting space is very important because it allows buyers to imagine themselves in “their” potential space — not yours.
–Jan Marshall, Schwartz Realty
In hanging framed art, especially watercolors and paper prints, avoid direct sunlight. Use ultraviolet protecting glass to preserve the color pigments in your paper art. Oil paintings do well in the same temperature and humidity levels as humans. Some indirect sunlight does not harm oils. Where you hang art can either preserve or hasten deterioration. Moderation and stability in both humidity and temperature are good. Avoid extreme fluctuations, such as in attics or basements which can damage your artwork. 
–Cynthia McBride, Benfield Gallery
It’s spring! There are things to do and people to think of and buy for this season.
When shopping for friends and family, you want to focus on a couple of things for gift giving: Usefulness, surprise-ability and quality.
When giving a gift, it should be something they will enjoy over and over again. 
–Liz Sochor, The Green Phoenix 2
Make money as you clean out the house. Established in 2009, Second Wind offers an ever-changing inventory of furniture, decorating accessories, housewares, tools, garden décor, costume jewelry, books and collectibles. Our standards are high for consignments. Every item in our inventory is carefully selected and displayed with complimentary pieces to spark your creativity.
  At Second Wind, consigning is easy. Just call for an appointment to drop off your items. We’ll do the rest! At the end of each month, we settle all our accounts and mail out checks. We’ll go over the details when you sign your contract. It’s a great way to clean out the house and make some money to invest in new pieces for your home.
–Teri Leisersohn, Second Wind Consignments
Planting a small edibles container garden is easy and rewarding. Choose some herbs, veggies and berries for an easy hassle-free edible garden. Add in a few dianthus, lavenders and nasturtiums for edible color.
–Heather Carr, Willow Oak Flower & Herb Farm
Properly frame those diplomas, certificates, family treasures and photographs, or they will eventually discolor and fade and have to be restored. 
Graduations, weddings and reunions: All those celebrations are coming up. To keep your memories preserved forever, frame it right the first time!
–Barbara Wilson, Side Street Framers
Sorry grandma! Vinegar and water — Windex, too — are a death sentence to modern windows. Double-pane windows are sealed with plastic or rubber gaskets. The high acidity of these products attack those gaskets, causing the seals to fail and foggy moisture to accumulate between the panes.
Crystal-clear windows bring the beauty of your world inside your home, making it a place to re-energize to tackle the rest of the world.
–Charlie Olson, Malibu Window Cleaning
Spring is finally here. When the weather starts to get nice, it’s time to bust open those windows, let the fresh air in and say goodbye to anything winter. Before you try tackling patio furniture, wall washing or window jambs, lets focus on inside to get the stale out.
While putting away your winter comforters, take a vacuum hose attachment to the mattress in all of the crevasses and sides to really clean it out. Then, sanitize with a spritz of disinfectant spray. Get ready to wash your pillows, shams and throw pillows. Be sure to check the tag on drying process, as many are hang dry or tumble low.
This is a good time to freshen up your washer. Disinfect it with distilled white vinegar and baking soda to keep it fresh and high-functioning. Run the machine with hot water, then add the cleaning agents, and let it sit for 30 to 60 minutes. Afterwards, restart your machine and let the water drain. It’ll be like new. 
–Lucia Tucker, Cleaning Maid Easy
Stop by the market not only to shop but also to ask any questions you have about growing or making things. We are a producer-only market, which means we grow or make what we sell.
–Deana Tice, Anne Arundel County Farmers Market
A successful home landscape or garden can mean different things for different people. For some, it may be a low-maintenance yet high-impact DIY project. For others, it may be to outsource the wholesale reinvention of their home landscape to better reflect their aesthetic preferences, environmental ethos or outdoor lifestyle. Each person’s definition of success as well as their home landscape is unique. 
Homestead Gardens’ Garden Coach program acknowledges this and is designed to consult with each individual client to provide landscape solutions based on their unique needs, preferences and budget. The Garden Coach experience will pair you with a horticulturist or landscape designer from Homestead Gardens who will provide one-on-one attention either in-store or at your home. In either case you will receive our undivided attention to address your immediate landscape concerns as well as input on options you may not have considered. 
–Rachel Edler, Homestead Gardens
Thinking of making a move? Remember, less is more when preparing your home for sale. Photography is a key selling tool, and the cluttered look does not sell. Preparing a home correctly helps in achieving the highest and best price for your home. 
Buying a home? Hire a professional to walk you through the entire transaction, to keep you on track with the least amount of anxiety and to ensure a sound financial investment for the future.
–Jeanne Sears, Realtor, Coldwell Banker 
Think transformation this season. For example, take a vintage buffet, strip the top and paint the base to create a whole new piece. The special part is that it still retains the character and charm of another time, yet it has become much more current. If you like the ideas of transformation but not doing it yourself, come see us.
–Patty Geiger, GypsyFaire
This might be the perfect time to refinance and take cash out for home improvements, landscaping, patios and porches or even paying off debt. You also may consider purchasing and financing a ‘move up’ or ‘move down’ property.
–Karen Guess, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp.
Vegetable gardening is a great family project, and it can be a lot of fun. Love pizza? Plant a pizza garden: tomatoes, garlic, basil and oregano. Add cilantro and you’ve got Mexican. Short on space? Most vegetables and herbs can be grown in containers. Use quality potting soil, place in full sun and fertilize regularly. Fruit is easy to grow, too. Summer isn’t summer without melons, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, peaches and cherries.
–Bri Tomlinson, ­Greenstreet Gardens
When selling your home, to get the highest and best value, you may need to do some things to enhance the value, such as spruce up the front door, clean up the landscaping, declutter and paint. Small things create value.
–Carol Cook, Realtor, A Real Estate Advantage
When washing windows we use a mild concentrated soap, a lambs’ wool wand, a squeegee and a lint-free cloth to detail the edges and corners of each window pane. We clean the sills and frames with a separate damp cloth we have for that purpose. Our team of professionals can wash all your windows, in and out, in just a few hours.
–Bill Mitchell, Dr. Glass Window Washing
When you’re feeling like it’s tomato planting time, try this test. Work the soil. Take off your socks and shoes and walk through the earth to see how it feels to your feet. If the soil is too cold for your feet, it’s too cold for your tomatoes. Mid-May is about the right time. I challenge you to try each of our 80 varieties of tomatoes.
–Betty Knapp, Loch Less Farm

Home & Garden Directory

Anne Arundel County Farmers Market

Regional farmers market featuring plants, seedlings, greens, baked goods, eggs, mushrooms, in-season veggies and fruits. Saturday market opens March 31. Closed Easter Sunday; open all other Sundays 10am-1pm all year. 

275 Harry S. Truman Pkwy., Annapolis; 410-349-0317; Facebook: Anne Arundel Co. Farmers Market

Art Things

The Annapolis area’s go-to place for creative project problem solving for over 50 years. Whether it’s mounting a poster, touching up a picture frame, addressing important invitations or completing a mural for the kid’s room, the friendly staff at Art Things will work with you to find the right product to realize your creative expression.

Check out the amazing inventory of fabric paints, paint pens, gold leaf, stenciling and screen-printing supplies, glues, varnishes, pens, pencils, paints, pastels and handmade papers from all over the world.

There’s also an amazing kids department, a great selection of uncommon greeting cards and a superb collection of journals and calligraphy pens — plus fun and arty gifts and laugh-worthy novelties in the Department of Silly.

Open seven days a week with plenty of free parking.

2 Annapolis St., Annapolis; 410-268-3520; ­www.ArtThingsInc.com

The Bayfront Vintage

The Bayfront Vintage Home Gallery is a beautiful new store located in the heart of Edgewater in the Southriver Shopping Center. It offers new and refurbished furniture artwork, unique gifts and stamped jewelry from local artists. Find a full line of affordable American-made Dixie Belle Mineral Chalk Paint. We also offer creative DIY classes. Call the store, drop by or find events posted on Facebook.

133 Mitchells Chance Rd., Edgewater; 443-775-5154, www.facebook.com/thebayfrontvintagehomegallery/

Beiler’s Structures

Builders and sellers of outdoor products including storage sheds, gazebos, wood and vinyl play sets, outdoor furniture and Amish sheds manufactured in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

18811 Central Ave., Upper Marlboro; 301-218-1165; www.beilersstructures.com

Belair Engineering

Belair Engineering is a woman-owned and -managed air conditioning, heating, standby generator, gas fireplace and plumbing contractor. We’re celebrating our 54th year of providing exceptional repair service and replacement installation for your air conditioner and heat-pump cooling systems at great prices. All of our technicians are drug-screened and mom-approved. We also provide a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee for your added piece of mind.

888-8BELAIR (823-5247); www.BelAirEngineering.com

Benfield Gallery

Benfield Gallery is Severna Park’s art gallery, hosting four to six new art exhibitions each year featuring original artwork. In addition to showing fine art, pottery, fine crafts and quality giclee prints, Benfield  Gallery also provides custom framing for artists and the public. Creative design ideas and excellent customer service are the norm. Restoration services are available for paintings, photographs, sculpture and antique frames. Art appraisals are often requested for estates, insurance coverage or just to know.

Owner Cynthia McBride started Benfield Gallery in 1983, now celebrating 35 years in Severna Park.

485 Jumpers Hole Rd., Severna Park; 410-544-2299; www.benfieldgallery.com

Catalina Pool Builders

Catalina is your alternative to franchise pool companies and cookie-cutter pool designs. We provide one-on-one personalized service from the initial project consultation to the completion of your pool.

Catalina also renovates older pools, making them look like new.

Whether it’s a new pool or an older one brought up to date, homeowners will get a beautiful space to relax or play. Designs are custom-made for each yard and homeowner, ensuring that the pool will be enjoyed for years and years.

836 Ritchie Highway, Severna Park; 410-647-7665; www.catalinapoolbuilders.com

Cleaning Maid Easy Inc.

Top-to-bottom home, rental and commercial cleaning, including windows, dish washing and laundry, to your specifications, with free estimates.

5851 Deale Churchton Rd., Deale; 410-867-7773; www.CmeOfMD.com

Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate

I am celebrating my 42nd year as a full-time award-winning Realtor, servicing Anne Arundel and Montgomery counties and D.C. For you, my seller or buyer, on your most important transaction, I provide the timely personal attention you deserve. My clients are mostly past customers or referrals from those I have worked with in the past.

Jeanne Sears, Realtor, 301-275-6764

My area of expertise is satisfying the borrower by providing different options and being there one-on-one. I believe a borrower is an important individual with who we can develop a relationship.

I have worked in mortgage banking for more than 30 years, and I look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

Karen Guess, Senior Loan Officer, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp, Annapolis, 301-520-9454, 


Carol Cook, Realtor, A Real Estate Advantage

Realtor Carol Cook specializes in selling and buying residential properties, including new homes and land and lots for development. She provides clients with referrals to mortgage and title companies, and she offers property management services. For each ­transaction, she donates $100 to each of the following charities: Wounded Warriors, Calvert County Humane Society and Charlotte Hall Veterans Home. 

Realtor Carol Cook of A Real Estate Advantage

1759 Horace Ward Rd., Owings; 301-706-7553

Cutting Edge Landscape

In business for over 25 years, Cutting Edge Landscape Co. offers all types of landscaping services, small to large. We are a family-owned and -operated business. An owner does your estimate and oversees your project. 

We will landscape your entire yard and keep it up with our weekly maintenance program. By entire, we mean —

Hardscapes: Patios and walkways, pool decks

Structures: Decks, sheds, pergolas and fences and retaining walls

Plantings: Trees, shrubs, flowerbeds and mulching

  Maintenance: Lawn cutting on weekly and biweekly basis. Landscape maintenance monthly or seasonal.

We also specialize in drainage solutions and erosion control.

957 Central Ave. E, Edgewater; 410-956-6540; ­www.cuttingedgelandscapingnursery.com

Dr. Glass Window Washing

ME Inc. is the parent company for Dr. Glass window washing and The Minimalist Gardener. Our window-cleaning business also provides power washing and gutter cleaning service. We recently added Minimalist Gardening and Woodland Management services

Bill, Teresa, George, Joe, Dale, Tom, Dimitri, Donna, John and Erdal make up our professional team of service providers. We take pride in and stand behind our work 100 percent. We understand that professional means excellent quality, reliability and prompt customer service at a fair price. Our many repeat customers and referrals testify to our commitment to these principles. 

920 Barnegat Ln., Annapolis; 410-626-0782; 703-628-0927; [email protected]; [email protected]

Essex Bank

Right around the corner is the best little bank in Annapolis, and it just may be the bank you need for your home, your business, your boat — you name it.

Essex Bank’s innovative office is located at the corner of West Street and Chinquapin Round Road in Annapolis.

With offices from Rockville across Maryland to the Bay, Essex Bank hits the sweet spot between small community banks and big impersonal institutions. What distinguishes Essex Bank from competitors is a sense of person-to-person responsiveness, whether the customer is a family or individual, a small business or a large corporation or municipality — each of which are currently Essex Bank customers.

Flexibility is also a value you will find at Essex Bank, especially small-business owners who typically are ignored by large banks when it comes to funding needs.

Yet Essex Bank has the conveniences of a large bank, with online and mobile banking, including bill pay, mobile check deposit, person-to-person payments and even extended customer service hours where you can speak live to a real Essex Bank employee up to 11pm on weeknights.

Bay-area Essex Bank locations include Annapolis, Arnold, Bowie, Crofton and more; 800-443-5524; www.essexbank.com.

Green Phoenix 2

This fair-trade store supports both artists from faraway places and local artisans by ensuring they receive fair compensation for their creations. Owner Liz Sochor and her staff are dedicated, friendly and glad to share the stories of our artists and their crafts, all chosen for uniqueness and excellence. Indulge yourself and find well-priced gifts for friends and family.

Take a quick trip around the world, support local and faraway artisans and come home with a souvenir for yourself.

141 Main St., Annapolis; 410-626-0739; www.thegreenphoenix2.com

Greenstreet Gardens

In the 17 years since purchasing the farm and greenhouses, Ray and Stacy have grown Greenstreet Growers, Inc. into a dynamic and ever-expanding company. Our retail stores offer a diverse assortment of annuals, foliage, shrubs, trees and houseplants along with all the tools you will need to complete your garden. In all our retail stores also resides a unique gift shop home to a sundry collection of local goods and products. Now included in the Greenstreet family is a professional landscaping division serving residential and commercial customers in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC. Despite our robust expansion, we are still a family farm where on any given day, you will find three generations of Greenstreets hard at work, growing towards the future. 

391 W. Bay Front Rd., Lothian; 410-867-9500; www.GreenstreetGardens.com


At GypsyFaire we are always excited to see the transformation of a piece that we find while out and about treasure hunting. We have a 5,000-square-foot warehouse with multiple vendors. Our showroom is filled with vintage, upcycled, salvaged and reproduction furniture as well as home decor and garden items, clothing and much more.

Open with new treasures the first weekend of each month

1306 Mt. Zion Marlboro Rd., Lothian; www.GypsyFaire.com

Hague Quality Water of Maryland

A family owned business for 25 years, Hague Quality Water of Maryland delivers innovative water treatment and full-service plumbing with superior service. We have solutions for virtually any water problem, including water softening, water filtration, reverse osmosis, well pumps, water heater repair or replacement and installing plumbing fixtures. Our award-winning service is available to businesses and residents throughout all of Anne Arundel County and the Eastern Shore. Call Hague to schedule a free plumbing estimate or free water analysis for a refreshing solution to your water and plumbing needs.

814 East College Pky., Annapolis; 410-757-2992; www.HagueWaterofMD.com

Homestead Gardens

More than a garden center, Homestead Gardens is a lifestyle center. You find not only an endless assortment of trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials to beautify your garden but also everything you need for outdoor living — from relaxing to playing, grilling and dining, entertaining and beyond — including a full-service Landscape Design | Build Division. From the foundation to the finishing touch, Homestead Gardens can help turn your yard into an extension of your home.

743 W. Central Ave., Davidsonville; 410-798-5000; & 

522 Ritchie Hwy, Severna Park; 410-384-7966; www.homesteadgardens.com

Independent Tree Care

Dedicated to saving trees, Steven Graham of Independent Tree Care, LLC is a Maryland-Licensed Tree Expert and an International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist. In addition to assessing trees, he offers pruning and planting services. When deemed necessary, he will also remove trees.

202-351-8293; [email protected]

John Krause Construction & Landscaping

John Krause is a lifelong resident of Maryland with more than 30 years’ experience. As well as building exceptional custom homes, Kraus is a home-remodeling and improvement contractor for roofing, siding, replacement windows, decks, kitchens, baths, basements, sunrooms, additions and landscaping. 

John Krause Construction, Inc. is an unparalleled team of professionals dedicated custom home design and building. We offer superlative custom building and remodeling improvement, tailored to your needs, wants and dreams. We are passionate about our client relationships and this is reflected in all that we do. From the in-house design process, interior and exterior customization and artisanal craftsmanship to the professional management and accurate fixed pricing, our aim is your total satisfaction with your new home, architectural restoration or home remodeling project.

Serving Southern Maryland, Annapolis, Anne Arundel County, Calvert, Charles, Prince Georges and St. Mary’s counties.

11519 H G Trueman Rd., Lusby; 443-404-5284; www.johnkrauseconstruction.com

Loch Less Farm

Loch Less Farm is a plant nursery run by a trained professional who grows tens of thousands of culinary and ornamental plants from seeds, both heirloom and hybrid. If you want it, we’ve likely got it, from over 80 varieties of tomatoes to a half dozen varieties of basil to caladium for either shade or sun. We’re called Loch Less because our prices are way less. Follow the Lessie sign off Rt. 260 at Horace Ward Road.

8233 Pushaw Station Rd.; Owings; 410-257-7012

The Magnolia Shoppe

We make shopping a personal and enjoyable experience. We aim to fulfill your home décor and gift-buying needs with sounds to soothe, samples to taste, fragrances to remember, textures to comfort and colors to entice. Our mission is to offer stylish and affordable home furnishings and accessories for everyday enjoyment and seasonal celebrations. Our services include gift certificates, lay-away, gift-wrapping and a gift registry.

2 W. Friendship Rd., Friendship; 410-257-7510; ­[email protected]

Malibu Window Cleaning

Malibu has been serving Annapolis residents and businesses for over five years. We hope you’ll be our next customer. Our commercial properties include the U.S. Naval Academy, St Mary’s Catholic School, the Maryland Inns and Pyramid Builders. 

7 Old Riverview Ave., Annapolis; 410-263-1910; www.Annapoliswindowcleaning.com

Maryland Clock Company

With over 50 years of experience and customers nation wide, Maryland Clock Company is recognized as the leader in antique clock repair. Conveniently located in Davidsonville, we clean and repair modern and antique clocks of every variety. We offer free in-shop estimates and all our work is guaranteed for one year. 

1251 W Central Ave., Davidsonville; 410-798-6380; www.Marylandclockco.com

Maryland Paint & Decorating

Maryland Paint & Decorating is a customer-service-oriented dealer in paint, wallpaper, window treatments and accessories. We offer both in-store and in-home color consultations, along with hourly design services with our interior designer, Alexandra Small, Allied ASID. We are happy to order samples and have them sent directly to your home. 

209 Chinquapin Round Rd., Annapolis; 410-280-2225; www.mdpaint.com

Medart Galleries

Medart Galleries creates treasured heirlooms you will cherish for years to come. We can turn your wedding photos and invitations into pieces of art for your home with our custom frames and matting services.

We pride ourselves on using only the highest quality materials for your framing needs. We can frame your art with ornate hand water-gilded gold frames or simple metal frames. Whatever you dream up, we can create.

Shop our gallery collection of fused-glass artwork, Italian tableware and hand-crafted pottery.

10735 Town Center Blvd., Dunkirk; 301-855-4515; www.medartgalleries.com

Schwartz Realty Inc.

Schwartz Realty has been serving Southern Anne Arundel County for over 65 years. Our reputation and excellent service to the community have kept us the No. 1 real estate company year after year. We’ve been voted the Best of the Bay for five consecutive years.

         We promise professional, personal and knowledgeable guidance as you go through the process of buying or selling your home. In addition to getting the highest quality guidance and expertise regarding the local real estate market, you are also working with a local family-owned business with agents who are here to answer any questions you have. We are part of the community and take great pride in the service we provide.

5801 Deale-Churchton Rd., Deale; 410-867-9700; 301-261-9700; www.schwartzrealty.com

Second Wind Consignments

Voted Best Consignment Shop by Bay Weekly readers for the past six years, Second Wind gives consigners confidence that your treasures are in good hands and your account will be handled in an accurate and professional manner. With great merchandise and a friendly staff, Second Wind will top your list of favorite shopping destinations.

661 Deale Rd., Deale; 410-867-0480; ­www.secondwindconsignments.com

The Shops at Ogden’s Commons

Calvert County’s newest destination of choice for savvy home décor shoppers looking for unique and vintage items inspired by the region’s coastal, farming and industrial heritage. Open the second weekend of each month: Friday 3-7pm, Saturday 9 to 5, Sunday 10 to 3. 

2990 Parkers Creek Rd., Port Republic; 443-532-5981; Facebook: The Shops at Ogden’s Commons

Side Street Frames & Gift Gallery

A unique store restoring photos and transferring film and video memories to DVDs, plus selling custom frames, art, furniture, home decor, gifts, jewelry, signs and antiques. 

558 Ritchie Hwy., Severna Park; 410-544-9050; www.sidestreetframers.com

Silk Road Antiques

Silk Road Antiques sells high quality antique furniture, rugs and home accessories. Also offered are appraisals, gift certificates and free delivery within a five-mile radius. Looking for something specific? Owner Reza Akbari can assist in you locating that special item. 

97 Mayo Rd., Edgewater; 410-919-2080

SMECO Southern Maryland Energy Cooperative

SMECO is a customer-owned electric cooperative providing electricity to over 160,000 services in Calvert County and southern Maryland.

888-440-3311; www.smeco.coop

Tara’s Gifts & Parties of Distinction

This spring, Tara’s Gifts in historic West Annapolis has blossomed out with new lines of purses, scarves and jewelry for ladies and girls. Small evening bags and even smaller ones for just a credit card and license are intricately decorated with spring blooms.

Select a delicate scarf to match your bag, weave it into the strap or gleaming hardware and step out in style.

In the children’s room, you will find sweet little lambs for baby to cuddle in soft pink and white fur and a new seasonal room glitters with Christmas sparkle or other festive regalia for each holiday. The tea parties that were so well known are gone, but the same flair still reigns in this room for every season.

10 Annapolis St.; Annapolis; 410-295-5157; ­www.tarasgifts.com

A Vintage Deale

A group of well-established vintage and antique dealers have moved from Annapolis to Deale to better showcase vintage items as current home furnishings, lighting and accent pieces with European flair. Spring is in the air so stop by for fresh idea.

655 Deale Rd., Deale; 443-203-6157; www.facebook.com/avintagedeale

Willow Oak Flower & Herb Farm

A family business in our 37th year, we are a little different than the normal garden center. We are a sustainable farm in the Severn River Land Trust, so it will always remain a farm. We farm in a responsible manner. You can explore our gardens to get ideas and inspiration. We love visitors and helping people find beauty in their backyards.

We also offer classes and events to help you learn the best techniques and tips for all aspects of gardening. This year we have a new garden pavilion for classes and events and more flower-arranging classes. You can cut from our fields and create beautiful arrangements with a little guidance from us.

8109 Telegraph Rd., Severn; 410-551-2237; ­www.willowoakherbs.com

Wimsey Cove Framing & Art

Wimsey Cove Framing & Art is a full service frame shop, offering high-quality conservation framing for artwork, memorabilia, diplomas and certificates. Owner and framing designer Elizabeth Ramirez is an artist with 22 years experience in the business. Our service is personal and turn-around fast. See us at our new location in the Annapolis Design District.

209 Chinquapin Round Rd., Annapolis; 

410-956-7278; www.marylandframing.com

David Wright, The Wright Team, 

Champion Realty

Dave Wright brings an impressive resume to your search for home: Associate broker with Champion Realty, president of the local Association of Realtors in 2006 and co-owner of real estate company Manis & Wright Realty from 1989 to 1994. Working with wife Laury as a realty team, Wright can help you sell or find your dream home. 

711 Bestgate Rd., Annapolis; 410-353-1040; www.thewrightteamhomesofannapolis.com