Home Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts

     Now and then, every home gets to the point at which a quick tidy-up here and there just isn’t cutting it anymore. You take a look around, notice all of the surfaces that have gone untouched for far too long, then sigh as you pick a day dedicated to cleaning from top to bottom.

     Lifestyle and parenting blogger Ari Adams of Love, Peace and Tiny Feet shares her top rules to add simplicity and structure to the task.


     Make a plan. Clear your schedule and know exactly how much time you are going to have. Then prioritize. What projects need the most attention? What are the tasks that need to be tackled to get that project done? Make a checklist and stick to it. The more organized and detailed you are going into it, the less distracted you will become. Plus, you’ll benefit from the confidence boost you get from putting a big check across an item on your to-do list.

     Get comfortable. Choose clothing that is comfortable and functional for a day of hard work. Put on your favorite music and get settled. You’re not going anywhere today, so you may as well enjoy it.

     Use the right product for the job. When you’re armed with the proper cleaning tools, chores get done faster. Choose products that do the hard work for you.      For example, using Mean Green, a cleaner that’s both all-purpose and heavy duty, means you can use one product on all kinds of messes, whether it’s a sticky spill in the microwave or mold on the patio furniture.


     Take unnecessary breaks. Stick to your schedule. Maintaining motivation is key, and it will become more difficult with every minute you stop to relax.

     Distract yourself. Plan scheduled breaks but avoid other temptations. If your phone is the root of most of your unwanted breaks, leave it in another room. While some enjoy the television for background noise, others may find themselves getting pulled in for a binge session. If that’s you, leave the television off.