How Does this Yogi Work Out His Kinks?

A Bay Weekly conversation with Roberto Davis

      The envy of yoga class, Roberto Davis, 65, not only torques himself into positions other bodies could only manage with the aid of a rack. He also holds them longer with no more apparent tension than if he were leaning up against a streetlight. Even his yoga teacher, Satyam, marvels at his flexibility. 

      Yet a couple of months ago, Davis, of Owings, was cutting class, homebound and wincing with a pinched nerve. Acupuncture, he tells us, relieved his pain and gave him back his groove. 

Bay Weekly Is this your first time to try acupuncture?

Roberto Davis It is. A few years ago when I had a pinched nerve in the same place, in the left side of neck, I sought conventional treatment. In the end, it was fine but I also took a lot of pain medicine. 

      This time a fellow yoga student told me that he had also tried other treatments for a pinched nerve, but that acupuncture was the only thing that worked for him. 

      That opened my eyes. I thought, maybe it is time to try something different.

      I think you have to have a positive attitude with any treatment and think it will work. Be positive about it being good for you.

Bay Weekly From there, how did you find your acupuncturist?

Roberto Davis We began to do research online, and I saw an ad in Bay Weekly for an acupuncturist. 

      Meadow Hill Wellness accepts my health insurance, so I made an appointment. The staff was wonderful on the phone. Very professional and friendly. They even called my health insurance to make sure I was covered.

     Before beginning, I talked it over with my doctor and he recommended I try it.

Bay Weekly Is it expensive?

Roberto Davis The first visit is a little more because of the deductible. Then with my Blue Cross Blue Shield, I pay only $11.88 a visit.

Bay Weekly Do the needles hurt?

Roberto Davis No, I feel nothing from the needles. Sometimes one or two hurt a bit due to sensitive spots or if the energy there is different. But that only lasts five or 10 seconds and then is gone. 

      The needles change each time. Since my problem is on my left side, they always do the left. But they also do the right, as well as my ankles and wrists. They place them all over my whole body, mostly on my back.

Bay Weekly How would you describe the experience?

Roberto Davis I find it very relaxing. You’re there alone. They lower the lights, and when you’re in there you’re thinking about the treatment and how good it feels. They play nice music, and the place smells wonderful.

Bay Weekly How do you feel after?

Roberto Davis I feel very relaxed more than anything. It’s nice taking that time for myself.

Bay Weekly How often do you go?

Roberto Davis I’ve been going for about two months. I get six treatments on a biweekly basis. 

Bay Weekly Is it really working? 

Roberto Davis I feel better. Almost normal. I continue to exercise at home with light weights. I also continued doing yoga, which helps me in so many ways and might also help with my pinched nerve.