If Only He’d Been a Terp

Dear Bay Weekly:

Thanks for Ron Stein’s July 8 exclusive about Nolan Smith [ http://www.bayweekly.com/year10/issue_27/lead_1.html ] , the local basketball star at Duke University. Being a Maryland fan, I admit it was kind of hard reading about the success of someone who could have been a Terp if our recruiting was up to par. But Terps fans have gotten used to that.

I really liked how the story began, reliving the final moments of the Duke-Butler NCAA final this year, which was one of the best endings to a college hoops season ever. 

I’m old enough to remember his father (Derek), another great Southern Maryland player who got away. I came away with a better appreciation of the drive and determination it takes young people to make it to the big time, as Nolan Smith has done. Some readers probably snickered when he said he wanted to be an actor some day. But I’m thinking that it’s not only possible, it’s probable! (After a pro career.)

Thanks again for a good summer read.

–B. Roberts, Crofton